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May. 8th, 2007 10:58 pm
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Lost: The Brig )

Doctor Who: The Lazarus Effect )

Heroes: The Hard Part )

I could say more, but I must go to bed.
Well, that was thoroughly unpleasant. Spoilers )

On a positive note, if I skip House and Lost until the end of April, I'll have more time to write! And I can still watch New Who S3 on Sunday nights! Yay!
A few months ago, baby Paul dropped my oldest son Nicholas's (old, inactive, but still good for playing games) cell phone in the toilet, where it sat submerged for at least a minute before I discovered it and fished it out. We had little hope of its recovery, especially after all the initial tests failed --but after a few weeks had gone by, Nicholas tried it on a whim and amazingly, it worked.

Today I was pulling wet clothes out of the washer after a load and what do I find in the very back of the machine? Nicholas's cell phone.

I strongly suspect it is not going to recover this time (especially after going through the spin cycle, which in a front-loader is about the equivalent of an F5 tornado), but if I'm wrong I'll be sure to give you all the name of the manufacturer so you can go out and buy a own submergible, washable, indestructible cell phone of your very own.


Also, a brief comment on this week's Lost: Yawn, and ew. Spoilers )

It's too bad that the present-day plot movement and character development continue to suffer while we sit through redundant and pointless flashbacks (last week's fab Desmond episode being one of the rare exceptions to that rule). I loved the flashbacks in the beginning, but right now Lost seems to be staggering under the weight of its own formula. Alas.
1. Yes, I am alive. I CANNOT WRITE COHERENT PROSE AND I WANT TO DIE, but I am alive.

2. I had a fabulous time at the SCBWI-MI Fall Conference last weekend. Nice drive, gorgeous grounds, enjoyable (and practical!) speakers, delicious food, helpful critiques, and I finally got to meet Cheryl Klein. We geeked out over HP and yammered at each other so long that the conference staff started to worry that I was holding poor Ms. Klein hostage while I regaled her with the entire plot of my novel, or something equally horrific. Fortunately another staffer who actually knew the score set the story straight before they felt obliged to march over and remove me bodily from the con suite.

Also, my 3-minute reading from Knife was a big hit at the Open Mic night. People kept asking me about it all weekend and saying they'd love to read more. Yay! (I read the pond scene, for those who know what I'm talking about.) I also got to talk to a lovely agent-type person who responded to my post-conference query within twelve hours and told me to send her the full ms. when I'm done the revisions. Which would be really nice EXCEPT I CANNOT REVISE FOR TOFFEE.

3. Oh, Heroes, I think I love you. I love your hokey dialogue and your breathy, earnest voiceovers and your improbably pretty cast (except for Greg Grunberg, who is neither pretty nor improbable, bless him). Oh, and your brain-eating** cliffhangers, too.

4. Also, I have seen the Lost premiere and FISH BISCUITS ARE LOVE. Even if the bears are smarter. (Sometimes it doesn't take much, admittedly.)


* For [ profile] lizbee and [ profile] cesario, a brief sample of our conversation:

CHERYL: So how's RUSS-L been doing?
ME: *mirthless, hysteria-tinged laughter*

** This may or may not be a pun.
Fandom turns up in the oddest places. The Thinklings blog has a LOST thread, and I was too weak to resist, so I read the comments and laughed until my sides hurt. Now you must share my pain. Courtesy of a commenter named De:

"Jack [Shephard] is on the short list of folks I would follow into Mordor"

Well, I’m not sure you would have made it "into Mordor". My guess is between his frantic yelling on the fringes of the Emin Muil (bringing every orc in the district down on him) and his cocky, dismissive ways with Sam and Gollum, the half-life of the Fellowship of the Ring would have been about 20 minutes.


"He also said that he would follow Jack Bauer not only into Mordor but straight up to Sauron, because Jack would probably torture him."

Jack Bauer would have killed Sauron with his thighs.

Then he would have melted the ring by staring at it.


LOST Finale

May. 25th, 2006 10:45 pm
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I can't take this anymore.

spoiler )

TV Ketchup

May. 9th, 2006 09:07 pm
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Major spoilers lurk beneath the cuts, so proceed at your own risk...

Lost: Two for the Road )

House: Euphoria I & II )

Doctor Who: The Girl in the Fireplace )

And now to bustle about tidying the house and making school lunches and all those other things I can only get done when the kids are in bed. Sigh.
Note: If you are a fellow LOST fan and prefer not to read negative reviews of shows you love, you may wish to skip this entry.

What, did the entire usual writing staff go on holiday?

I wasn't surprised by anything this week. I saw all the plot developments coming five minutes before they happened, up to and including the ending. There were only a couple of funny lines (one of which was said by Charlie, the other one by Jack for pity's sake) and I actually ended up liking Rose and Bernard less now that I know more about them. Also, what happened to S1 Rose, the one who had strong Christian faith and believed in miracles? I guess spoiler )

Fortunately, the show is usually dead awesome, and there have been some really good eps leading up to this one, so I'm not tempted to give up on it or anything. But man, I want that hour back.
*has just finished watching the episode one minute ago, is still trying to pick jaw up off the ground*


(Except for Doctor Who, but that goes without saying. Or should, anyway.)

Spoilery observations )

Have I said enough times that I love this show? I love this show. Especially now that Locke has shaved again, because I'm shallow like that, but that ugly stubble was really getting to me.
Fandom meme gacked from [ profile] yahtzee63:

Name a character or pairing! Watch me ramble on about it!

Simple, no?
And I am so, so sorry...

...except for the part where I'm totally not. Because this was an opportunity not to be missed.

I will have actual commentary on recent episodes of LOST, and probably some HOUSE ramblings too, soon.
...except that Paul is now five months old, so last month's icon had to be retired, and when I looked through the newer pictures I came across a certain shot and realized that it just had to be done.

ETA: I don't have any excuse for this either, but as a Lost fan and a child of the MTV generation, all I can say is HEE!!! Thanks to [ profile] risti for the link.
The "country & western" genre and I have long occupied separate spheres, with the kindest feeling on my part being one of polite distaste. I like Blue Rodeo, but that's about as close as I willingly come to that particular style of music. So when I was flipping through radio stations the other day, I would ordinarily have breezed right past our local country station...

Except that they were playing this.

Guess what I've had running through my head incessantly for the past week and a half? And have been inflicting shamelessly on all my friends and relatives, so that they too may share my obsession pain?

I may have to buy the album. It's got nine out of nine five-star reviews on Amazon, how bad can it be?

* * *

But really all of this is a GIP, because I just made an icon out of one of the very few good bits of last week's LOST, and when I'd finished playing around with it it looked amusingly like the cover art for Kate and Sawyer's hit country single (oh, come on, you know they so would make one if either of them could sing, and if there weren't more immediate concerns like mysterious black horses, daddy issues, and self-righteous psycho doctors to worry about).

Unfortunately, with this one I've broken my general rule of not putting text on an icon unless it's legible, but JohannSparkling is pretty, so I don't really care if it's useless. (Which is also how I feel about Kate, come to think of it...)

*wanders off humming "You get a line, I'll get a pole / we'll go fishin' in the crawfish hole..."*
I shall begin with a very short and spoiler-free review, consisting solely of the words I actually said out loud after the screen went black:

"Holy cow."

"Holy... cow."



Considering that major developments on LOST are usually greated with a low whistle or occasionally a Hurley-style "Whoa," you can imagine that this one kind of blew my mind. It wasn't that Jack's final line came completely out of left field or anything -- in a way we've known it was coming for ages -- but just... hearing him say it was quite... something.

Some more spoilery observations )

However, Sun and Jin and Hurley were, as usual, a balm to the soul. And Locke, who so often gratifies me by being so sane and sensible when it comes to little things, even if he is a bit wacky about about some of the bigger ones... not to mention another spoiler ). Hee!

Is it next week yet?
Tags: this (S). Or this (18m).

So. cool.

But seriously, the wishlist thing? Link me to yours in comments, please. I'd like to see what I might be able to do for some of you who brighten my LJ days, even if it's just sharing some music love or hammering out a drabble or something.

Also, I think from now on LOST should just be the Locke and Eko hour. I would so watch that.
November seems to be a popular month... hope you have a wonderful day, [ profile] penwiper26!

Elsewhere, last week's episode of "House" has given me a slew of mad fic bunnies, and I have also had spoiler ) (otherwise known as "Crystalline Green" by Goldfrapp, apparently) running through my head for the last forty-eight hours... which would be all right if it had more than one riff, but it doesn't. Agh.

Last week's "Lost" did not give me bunnies of any kind, probably because spoilers )

So much Christmas baking, so little time. Sigh.
Halloween Housefic, ha ha ha!!!

Oh, and thanks to [ profile] buttfacemakani (who is simply one of the best HP artists EVAR, go check out her site), I also found this highly entertaining flash movie: Lost Rhapsody

Sadly, my beloved Amazing Race has jumped the shark with the Family Edition, which so far has spent all its time spoilers ho ). If it weren't for the Gaghans (whose "rugrats" Carissa and Billy won me over the first week) I'd have given up two weeks ago. As it is, I'm about to go after the Fighting Paolos with a spork.

Belated Stuff

Sep. 22nd, 2005 05:08 pm
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First, happy birthday to [ profile] avarill, an all-around splendid person and one of my oldest net.friends. Hope your day's been a good one, and that if you haven't had a chance to celebrate properly yet, you're able to do so soon!

And second, as promised, Liz )

Finally, I hope to get the chance to watch the Lost season premiere tonight, and so far I have remained unspoiled therefor, so it should be rather exciting and all that. Not to mention a much-needed break from present reality...
Five people have defriended me in the past three days. O_O Since I was in the hospital and/or lying flat on my back for all that time, I can only assume it was something I didn't say...

I want to do the Introduction Meme, but right now I get tired just thinking about it. Somebody poke me if I don't do it within the next week, though. 'Cos it's cool and I'm really enjoying reading everybody's responses.

How much did the season 2 premiere of House rock last night? Not only was the House snark out in full force (that "Daddy and Mommy" line House delivers to the Ducklings nearly had me on the floor) but there were so many wonderful character touches, and Hugh Laurie seems to have mad chemistry with every single other character on the show (how does he do that?). And they sure packed a lot into that hour, with the A-story (nifty twist on the usual "Ooh, I hope House saves this person" riff) and the B-story (you know what? I like Cameron. Weird as it may be to hear this from a card-carrying INTJ, I like her for just being so darned emotionally sincere, for caring about things and people so much even when caring makes no sense and may not even be what people want from her) plus cleverly bringing new viewers up to speed on all the important background details from last season, without ever making the recapping too obvious.

(Also, how glad am I that Sela Ward says the House-and-Stacy stuff is going to cause conflict and tension but is not going to cross the line? Because adultery = so not cool.)

Re the Canadian Idol finale (of which I have only seen a few clips, like most of the rest of the season in fact, but when did ignorance ever stop me from voicing an opinion?): Congratulations, Melissa. You deserved to win, so I didn't think you possibly could. Good on you for being manifestly woman-shaped, too, instead of some fashionable stick insect. Don't let them talk you into anorexia, k? You look perfectly healthy to me. As for Kalan, it was nice to see you again, and the "Run. Run for your lives!" response to Ben's "What advice would you give to these two Idol finalists" question was perfect, especially as I suspect that deep down you really meant it. However, would you please get Peter Frampton off your head? Seriously, I was never big on the Little Lord Fauntleroy curls, but the sheer hideousness of that shaggy mop you have now is scaring me.

Today as I was unsuccessfully trying to go to sleep for the 10,000th time since I gave birth (one of the many charming sideeffects of the two antibiotics I'm on is insomnia, so you can imagine how much fun that is for someone already operating on a serious sleep deficit) it occurred to me that whatever happens in S5 of Alias, all would be perfect if at the very end of the season, we see Jack, Irina, and Sydney (with optional baby) all walking off together as one free, happy family. Because it's been all about the SpyFam from the beginning, hasn't it? Everybody else -- Vaughn, Weiss, Marshall, Nadia, even Sloane -- are optional extras: the core of the show is Sydney's relationship with her parents, and that's always been by far the most compelling storyline Alias has got.

Also, can somebody tell me when Lost premieres? ETA: Never mind, I found out: September 21st. Agh! Not soon enough!

Hm, I wonder if taking an hour to compose a LiveJournal post counts as the "resting" my nurse friend insisted I ought to be doing at every available opportunity. Well, I'm sitting, aren't I? And I had two one-hour naps today, which is all that my body seems to want to let me take...


Jul. 6th, 2005 11:28 pm
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Thanks to a tip from [ profile] lizbee and the diligent re-encoding efforts of [ profile] voodoo_in_tx, I have just seen the new UK promo for Lost and am laughing so hard I can't breathe. Oh man, that's sheer brilliance. They must have had such fun making it. And now I need an icon of Mad!Conductor!Locke...


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