Halloween Housefic, ha ha ha!!!

Oh, and thanks to [livejournal.com profile] buttfacemakani (who is simply one of the best HP artists EVAR, go check out her site), I also found this highly entertaining flash movie: Lost Rhapsody

Sadly, my beloved Amazing Race has jumped the shark with the Family Edition, which so far has spent all its time spoilers ho ). If it weren't for the Gaghans (whose "rugrats" Carissa and Billy won me over the first week) I'd have given up two weeks ago. As it is, I'm about to go after the Fighting Paolos with a spork.

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Jan. 7th, 2005 02:32 pm
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Firstly, this report about the voice casting of Marvin in the HHGTTG movie as mentioned on TLC made me squee. SQUEE!!! How perfect is that? *drawls* "Look at me, brain the size of a planet..."

Secondly, after watching this week's Lost, I have figured out why Jack bores me and why the idea of Jack/Kate makes me want to take a very long nap and wake up when it's all over. Cut for spoilers... )

I'm not voting for Kate/Sawyer, but I will at least say that those two have each other's number. They may not know all the details about each other's pasts, but they know how to take each other as they are, for good or ill. And they don't take each other too seriously, either. Jack, on the other hand, appears to be bent on badgering Kate into being a different person, one more like himself, a nice straightforward girl he can approve of -- and yeah, maybe that'll be a good thing in the end, but given how messed up Jack himself appears to be in his own way, I'm really not convinced. Not to mention that no matter how many scenes they have together, Jack and Kate still have all the chemistry of a wet-nap as far as I'm concerned. (Not that the Sawyer/Kate scenes did anything for me in this episode either -- they seemed pretty forced. But there's been genuine sparkage there in the past.)

On another and mostly unrelated note, but since I'm rambling here I might as well -- I don't get why people complain about Evangeline Lilly not being a good actress. Is it because she's beautiful and slim, people automatically assume she can't really act and was only chosen for her looks? Sure, I wouldn't hand her the Oscar or anything, but she's never ruined a scene for me by being wooden or visibly out of character. She's not quite on the level of Jennifer Garner, who can make all but the most horrifically badly written lines or scenes interesting and convincing, but really, I think she does just fine. And she has great hysterics, which always impresses me. The way she freaked out in the Pilot or when Jack was trying to revive Charlie -- I found both those scenes completely convincing.

As for Alias, I can't say anything about it because I haven't watched it yet. But I did watch this week's Amazing Race and was appropriately disgusted. More spoilers... )

Note to self: Make some more icons, and not of That Guy either.
Got a couple of new icons, thanks to a bit of playing with a digital camera borrowed from work.

My new default icon is tribute to the fact that one of the main reasons I'm not inclined toward writing Hermione fic is because I was Hermione for most of my childhood. And I've still got the frizzy brown hair and the book obsession and the tendency to lapse into insufferable pedantry, so -- even now, writing about her would be too much like self-insertion. But I do like her.

The other two icons are of my kids -- one of them I'm using on this post and the other will show up soon, I'm sure. They were just too cute not to brag about -- the kids, I mean, not the icons. Although I did try. :)

New TAR4 tonight! Who will be Philiminated... next? (Actually, I'm betting it's a non-elimination round. They've got to get through two more of the things, and there are only four teams left, so...)
The misguided individual who posted The Potions Master's Apprentice as their own story has been banned from FF.net. Took them a few days to get around to dealing with the abuse reports, but they came through...

And on a completely unrelated note, the TAR4 premiere aired last night. I [heart] The Amazing Race -- it's the only "reality" show worth watching, IMO. The race-around-the-world format keeps things fresh and lively, and thanks to the myriad things that can go wrong when travelling, there are always interesting new twists. If you like to watch people scheming, snarking, and whining at each other, well, there's some of that too -- the rigors of the race and the demands of the various tasks are guaranteed to bring out the best and the worst in everyone. And then there's all that gorgeous scenery...

If you've never seen the show, give it a try. Thursday nights on CBS. (Or CTV, if you're in Canada.)

A few more TAR thoughts )

In any case, I've decided I need to make a Phil (the host) icon. Phil and his eyebrow are too cool.


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