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Sep. 30th, 2005 07:10 pm
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Okay, I know I've been complaining since midway through S2 that I didn't really care that much for or about Vaughn after he stopped being a CIA desk jockey and turned into Super!SpyKen. I thought his character worked much better when Sydney was the brawn and he was the brains, so to speak, and I disliked the apparent lack of continuity with the Vaughn who seemed so out of his depth and shaken by having to kill someone in "The Box".

After S3 it got even worse, as I found that I couldn't really identify with Vaughn or relate to him the way I once had -- the whole Sydney's-dead-so-I'll-marry-Lauren thing, so rushed and poorly explained, just put me off. Plus, by then I'd decided Syd/Weiss would be so much cooler and generally healthier than Syd/Vaughn. I didn't watch much of S4, but none of the plot developments seemed likely to restore my interest in or sympathy with Vaughn's character -- it seemed to me that the more mysterious and dangerous and complex the writers tried to make him, the less truly human and interesting he became.

All that being said, however...

Spoilery Reaction to Alias 5x01 )

Anyway, good episode.
Five people have defriended me in the past three days. O_O Since I was in the hospital and/or lying flat on my back for all that time, I can only assume it was something I didn't say...

I want to do the Introduction Meme, but right now I get tired just thinking about it. Somebody poke me if I don't do it within the next week, though. 'Cos it's cool and I'm really enjoying reading everybody's responses.

How much did the season 2 premiere of House rock last night? Not only was the House snark out in full force (that "Daddy and Mommy" line House delivers to the Ducklings nearly had me on the floor) but there were so many wonderful character touches, and Hugh Laurie seems to have mad chemistry with every single other character on the show (how does he do that?). And they sure packed a lot into that hour, with the A-story (nifty twist on the usual "Ooh, I hope House saves this person" riff) and the B-story (you know what? I like Cameron. Weird as it may be to hear this from a card-carrying INTJ, I like her for just being so darned emotionally sincere, for caring about things and people so much even when caring makes no sense and may not even be what people want from her) plus cleverly bringing new viewers up to speed on all the important background details from last season, without ever making the recapping too obvious.

(Also, how glad am I that Sela Ward says the House-and-Stacy stuff is going to cause conflict and tension but is not going to cross the line? Because adultery = so not cool.)

Re the Canadian Idol finale (of which I have only seen a few clips, like most of the rest of the season in fact, but when did ignorance ever stop me from voicing an opinion?): Congratulations, Melissa. You deserved to win, so I didn't think you possibly could. Good on you for being manifestly woman-shaped, too, instead of some fashionable stick insect. Don't let them talk you into anorexia, k? You look perfectly healthy to me. As for Kalan, it was nice to see you again, and the "Run. Run for your lives!" response to Ben's "What advice would you give to these two Idol finalists" question was perfect, especially as I suspect that deep down you really meant it. However, would you please get Peter Frampton off your head? Seriously, I was never big on the Little Lord Fauntleroy curls, but the sheer hideousness of that shaggy mop you have now is scaring me.

Today as I was unsuccessfully trying to go to sleep for the 10,000th time since I gave birth (one of the many charming sideeffects of the two antibiotics I'm on is insomnia, so you can imagine how much fun that is for someone already operating on a serious sleep deficit) it occurred to me that whatever happens in S5 of Alias, all would be perfect if at the very end of the season, we see Jack, Irina, and Sydney (with optional baby) all walking off together as one free, happy family. Because it's been all about the SpyFam from the beginning, hasn't it? Everybody else -- Vaughn, Weiss, Marshall, Nadia, even Sloane -- are optional extras: the core of the show is Sydney's relationship with her parents, and that's always been by far the most compelling storyline Alias has got.

Also, can somebody tell me when Lost premieres? ETA: Never mind, I found out: September 21st. Agh! Not soon enough!

Hm, I wonder if taking an hour to compose a LiveJournal post counts as the "resting" my nurse friend insisted I ought to be doing at every available opportunity. Well, I'm sitting, aren't I? And I had two one-hour naps today, which is all that my body seems to want to let me take...


May. 21st, 2005 02:07 pm
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Between this week's episodes of Alias and Lost, I need a new monitor, or possibly a new brain. Even when All Is Not As It Seems (is it ever?) and the rest of the season has been such that I couldn't even bother tuning in, I have to say that Alias spoiler ).

Also, GIP! Because my Lost OTP have actually met each other at last, exchanged a few words, and even appeared in the same frame, so now I can go into the summer hiatus happy.

Dear Locke and Danielle: You are, liek, so meant 2 B. So pls get together and have lots of crazy babies real soon now, kthxbai.

Sad fan? Who, me?
It has occurred to me that a few of my flist may be a bit shellshocked by all the Doctor Who raving all of a sudden, and are wondering whether I've completely lost my mind and will ever talk about anything else. To which the answer is:


Erm, actually that's not quite true. Just expect the DW stuff to be dominant for quite some time to come, because I have loved this show since I was a kid, it was one of the first fandoms I ever wrote fic for (and probably the one in which I've written the most fic, word-count wise -- don't even get me started on the illustrations!), and as you know I'm loving the new series all to pieces.

However, for those of you who couldn't care less about the Who prattle, and are wondering if I will ever get back to the Good Stuff, a brief explanation of where I'm at with regard to my other fandoms:

HP: Waiting for Book VI, like everybody else. Don't feel like speculating any more, even about Snape, until I have the straight goods from JKR Herself.

Alias: Keeping vague tabs on plot goings-on by reading other people's LJs, as am not actually watching the show at present. Understandably somewhat discouraged in my Sweiss leanings at the moment, so not so inclined to write a sequel/second chapter to A Man of His Word the way I'd once thought I might. You never know, though, things could change. Especially if You-Know-Who shows up later in the season as promised (no, not Voldemort).

Lost: Love the show. Have great fun speculating about it. Have developed elaborate theory about the island that I keep meaning to expound upon some day, but haven't got around to it yet. Absolutely no desire to write fic, however. I find the show itself too satisfying, and I'm too interested in the answers that the writers and JJ have to offer, to maintain that feeling of "ooh, I simply must fill in this gap!" that usually inspires plot bunnies.

Sherlock Holmes: Read Locked Rooms and loved it. Looking forward to reading other people's reviews. Still running the RUSS-L list, mostly by approving new members and glancing at the day's digests to make sure nobody is killing each other. Of course, nobody ever is, so it's a pretty low-stress job being ListMom. When was the last time you heard of a mailing list that has run busily for ten years and has hundreds of members, with not one single flamewar in the entire course of its history? This is why I love my Bees. *blows kisses to the Bees* Oh, and I haven't forgot about Case of the Winning Woman, it just requires more research than I have time to do at the moment. (Plus, where does one even start to find out about the terms of Victorian life insurance policies?)

Star Trek: Never again. No, really. I can't see it happening. I just don't care any more.

X-Files: On the other hand, never say never. I still get nostalgic for Mulder and Scully from time to time...

Oops, and almost forgot, which shows where my brain is at:

Kalan Porter: Felt that the Time Had Come to move on. Resigned my quasi-moderatorial status at KP4GU, and my real moderatorial status over at the Red Hot Topic KP board. Occasionally poke my nose in to one board or another to see if there's any really big news, but otherwise, that's about it. Wish him well, though.
Oh yes, oh yes, YES! YES! YES! ... Er, and a casting spoiler )

Also, speaking of JJ Abrams, GIP! I don't usually like to use other people's icons unless they were made specifically for me and therefore are not likely to be spotted in a zillion other LJs, but I have no idea where I might go about finding this screencap to make my own version. Besides, I like the lighting and Josh Holloway brings teh pretty in a truly impressive way so... here it is. Thanks to [ profile] littleasianpixi and [ profile] foriconsake.
I haven't watched Alias this season since the second episode, having finally lost interest in the whole spy schtick, but the stuff you all were saying about this week's episode got me curious, so I decided to give it another try.

My reactions... )

Random Fandom

Jan. 7th, 2005 02:32 pm
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Firstly, this report about the voice casting of Marvin in the HHGTTG movie as mentioned on TLC made me squee. SQUEE!!! How perfect is that? *drawls* "Look at me, brain the size of a planet..."

Secondly, after watching this week's Lost, I have figured out why Jack bores me and why the idea of Jack/Kate makes me want to take a very long nap and wake up when it's all over. Cut for spoilers... )

I'm not voting for Kate/Sawyer, but I will at least say that those two have each other's number. They may not know all the details about each other's pasts, but they know how to take each other as they are, for good or ill. And they don't take each other too seriously, either. Jack, on the other hand, appears to be bent on badgering Kate into being a different person, one more like himself, a nice straightforward girl he can approve of -- and yeah, maybe that'll be a good thing in the end, but given how messed up Jack himself appears to be in his own way, I'm really not convinced. Not to mention that no matter how many scenes they have together, Jack and Kate still have all the chemistry of a wet-nap as far as I'm concerned. (Not that the Sawyer/Kate scenes did anything for me in this episode either -- they seemed pretty forced. But there's been genuine sparkage there in the past.)

On another and mostly unrelated note, but since I'm rambling here I might as well -- I don't get why people complain about Evangeline Lilly not being a good actress. Is it because she's beautiful and slim, people automatically assume she can't really act and was only chosen for her looks? Sure, I wouldn't hand her the Oscar or anything, but she's never ruined a scene for me by being wooden or visibly out of character. She's not quite on the level of Jennifer Garner, who can make all but the most horrifically badly written lines or scenes interesting and convincing, but really, I think she does just fine. And she has great hysterics, which always impresses me. The way she freaked out in the Pilot or when Jack was trying to revive Charlie -- I found both those scenes completely convincing.

As for Alias, I can't say anything about it because I haven't watched it yet. But I did watch this week's Amazing Race and was appropriately disgusted. More spoilers... )

Note to self: Make some more icons, and not of That Guy either.
After reading some of the spoilers on my flist, is it wrong that I have absolutely no desire to watch the season premiere of Alias? Is there any reason that I ought to change my mind on this point?


*goes off to download latest episode of Lost, for which I am blissfully spoiler-free*

Edited to add gratuitous off-topic avatars here under the cut )
The 2004 Alias Festival of Fic results are in, and wow! I'm astonished and thrilled. What You Never Knew You Wanted won awards for Outstanding Weiss Characterization (1st Place), Outstanding Syd/Weiss Romance (also 1st), and Outstanding Long Story (3rd)! I really did not expect this at all! Thanks so much to everyone who voted for me. And congratulations to all the other winners!

As for last weekend's trip to Convention Alley, I will soon have more -- lots more -- to report. Stay tuned to learn about the Worst Traffic Jam Ever, hear some shiny new HP theories and find out how my Snape presentation went. Also, find out why the new hot LJ interest is stalking* Steve Vander Ark (though if you were at CA, you'll know the answer to that already).
* By which I mean "stalking" in the nicest, purely virtual (and most legal) kind of way. Naturally. And I haven't actually got around to doing any of it yet. So it's more a sort of vague, theoretical stalking. But you get the idea.
Well, here it is, my entry in the Weiss Ficathon. Written for [ profile] aricadavidson, who asked for Action!Weiss, and Syd/Weiss friendship or romance. Now how could I refuse a request like that?

FIC: A Man of His Word )

Many thanks to [ profile] yahtzee63, [ profile] lizbee and [ profile] avarill, who were kind enough to beta this fic for me even though I left it until practically the last minute. You guys rock. Thanks also to [ profile] lydaclunas for in-process comments and encouragement.


Jun. 20th, 2004 01:54 pm
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First, these Alias/HP icons are sheer brilliance. And I agree with most of the House assignments, too... though Jack has decided Slytherin tendencies. Slytherclaw?

Second, GIP! If you are wondering what inspired this particular bit of weirdness, you can find the relevant comment, and my frivolous reply, here. I finally managed to get my own icon concept -- the one that was driving me nuts yesterday -- working, but I still welcome other people's takes on the same theme. And thanks to [ profile] penwiper26 for her lovely (and fast!) effort. Lisa, what characters/fandom did you want me to write that drabble for?

Just for the record, the illustration that appears on the icon is not mine, but was taken from a pencil sketch by Anneth Lagamo entitled "The Potions Master and the Protege". Although it was labelled as Snape/Hermione, [ profile] chresimos thought it looked amazingly like an illustration for chapter six of If We Survive, and I had to agree.

Now I'm off to run some errands...

ETA: Thanks to [ profile] sinick for reminding me of the artist's name and pointing me to her gallery so I could give her proper credit, here and in the icon keywords.


Jun. 7th, 2004 12:09 am
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I just went and had a peek at the Nominations for this year's Alias Festival of Fic, and I'm in there all over the place! Thanks to all the lovely, lovely folks who took the time and care to nominate "Consolation Prize" and "What You Never Knew You Wanted" for various honors. Your support is really heartwarming.

And now I really, really need to go to bed...
As regular readers of my LJ probably know by now, I am really not feeling at all fond of Syd or Vaughn as individuals right now, let alone together. Which is certainly not Alikona's fault. In fact, if anything could persuade me to care about this ship again, it would be fics like hers. She's a skilled author with a rich, evocative style, and her approach to the characters and their relationship is sympathetic without being sentimental or saccharine.

For my review I've chosen to focus on a single fic, the one that was most to my personal taste: a short piece called "Whitewash", which deals with Vaughn's thoughts and feelings as he looks at the house he and Lauren once shared together.

The short version of the review: It's good. Painful, but good.

Now for the long version... )
Just came up from watching the last ep of this season's 24.


No specifics, just general reaction stuff )

Which brings me to the thing I haven't commented on, the season finale of Alias:

Yahtzee, you might want to skip this )


ETA: Very minor 24 spoiler )
Besides, it was such fun last time, and I learned all kinds of things about the characters I hadn't known before. So, gacked most recently from [ profile] yahtzee63 (whose answers nearly made the apple I was eating come out my nose):

Ask any of the characters in any of my stories a question, whatever question you want, and they'll answer.
Gacked from [ profile] seemag:

Invent a memory of me and post it in the comments. It can be anything you want, so long as it's something that's never happened. Then, of course, post this to your journal and see what people would like to remember of you, only the universe failed to cooperate in making it happen so they had to make it up instead.

Hee! This should be good. And now, for some Alias wittering.

Blood Ties )

I haven't seen the preview for next week yet, but I hear good things, so maybe I'll go check it out...
OK, I have been reading spoilers for ages now, so I really did not expect to be particularly surprised or impressed by anything that happened this year, but after tonight's ep all I can say is...




I so need more SpyDaddy icons. Like, right now.


Mar. 19th, 2004 01:22 pm
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Because I was getting tired of my old Weiss icon, and plus, this screengrab from "Facade" was too much of teh preety to resist...
Not that [ profile] yahtzee63 didn't already write a smashing "After Six" drabble, but still Weiss refused to leave me alone until I wrote him at least a ficlet, so here it is.

ALIAS: 'Crazy', 1/1 )

Thanks once again to [ profile] amylud for being perceptive, helpful and just plain brilliant.


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