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May. 8th, 2007 10:58 pm
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Lost: The Brig )

Doctor Who: The Lazarus Effect )

Heroes: The Hard Part )

I could say more, but I must go to bed.
Well, that was about 31 flavours of awesome. Let those who claimed that David Tennant lacks "gravitas" and was an unworthy successor to the role of the Doctor* be hereby silenced -- what an utterly wonderful performance. Forget the end of S2, I've got your tears right here, people.

Also, Martha is rapidly becoming my favorite companion ever. It's actually a little scary.

Anyway, I hereby take back all my former complaints about Russell T. Davies. At least until next week.

* Also, if Eccleston hadn't quit we would never have had the delight of watching him smack Milo Ventimiglia upside the head with a bo stick. I rest my case.

That is all.

P.S. End of April?! *whimpers*



Spoilers )

I really wish I had Hiro's powers so I could go forward in time to next week already.
I just thought of something in regard to Peter. Some spoilers for recent episodes, with speculation about the future )

My brain is all hurty now.


Feb. 20th, 2007 10:32 pm
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Because, like I said, Hana rocks. The other Heroes icon I just made is now on my previous post; we will not discuss how many screencaps of Peter I made or how very, very pretty they all are before settling on that one.
...but I cannot post a coherent review, because I am dead of the awesome.

Well, maybe just a LITTLE review -- with spoilers )

I think the measure of a really good episode is that as soon as you're finished you want to watch it again, and that's just how I feel about this one.
Okay, maybe I am giving myself too much credit here, because I have not actually checked any Heroes fan forums other than the TWoP one to be certain. But to the best of my knowledge, I was the first (and so far in my awareness the only) person to seriously suggest that Mr. Muggles is you know... ) I made this suggestion in the Sidekicks thread on TWoP on February 1st, as you can see right here.

Now look at this, from a February 16th, 2007 IGN interview with Jack Coleman who plays Mr. Bennet a.k.a. HRG: Ha ha! )

Admittedly, after seeing this past week's episode I'd already pretty much dropped my theory about Mr. Muggles being anything special. But to have come up with a theory so wacky that it actually made it to the attention of TPTB is a nice little propeller in my fandom beanie, I must say. If it's true.

*waits for someone to come along with a link to a post suggesting the same theory that predates my comment on TWoP, and therefore proves that I am not special after all*
[ profile] yahtzee63 remarked after seeing this week's Heroes ("Distractions") that "maybe I could love Hiro more if he actually crawled out of the TV screen and gave me money. That's about the only way." This is inarguably true.

After watching the same episode myself, I must add that by far my favorite two pairings on this show... )

Moving on to the new House ("Needle in a Haystack"), which I've also just seen -- definitely enjoyed this episode much more than last week's. Nice to see... ) Two thumbs up.
Want to hear my cracked-out Heroes theory?

It's about Mr. Muggles! )

In other news: spent two hours lying in bed. Couldn't sleep. Still feel like crud. Going to have a shower now.

(Only they got it slightly wrong and called it "Lake Ramsey", but since the guy saying it wasn't local, it's a reasonable mistake.)

I am in awe. I actually had to pause the episode and spend a few seconds babbling and pointing at the screen while my husband nodded and smiled tolerantly.

A few very slightly spoilery remarks about various cast members, and some wacky theorizing based on this week's episode )

Ramsey Lake. Dude. Between that reference and this and my own plans to use a close facsimile of the city in my own SF novel, it's like Sudbury is the new SF black.

Also, I have no HEROES icons. Why is this? *goes looking*
1. Yes, I am alive. I CANNOT WRITE COHERENT PROSE AND I WANT TO DIE, but I am alive.

2. I had a fabulous time at the SCBWI-MI Fall Conference last weekend. Nice drive, gorgeous grounds, enjoyable (and practical!) speakers, delicious food, helpful critiques, and I finally got to meet Cheryl Klein. We geeked out over HP and yammered at each other so long that the conference staff started to worry that I was holding poor Ms. Klein hostage while I regaled her with the entire plot of my novel, or something equally horrific. Fortunately another staffer who actually knew the score set the story straight before they felt obliged to march over and remove me bodily from the con suite.

Also, my 3-minute reading from Knife was a big hit at the Open Mic night. People kept asking me about it all weekend and saying they'd love to read more. Yay! (I read the pond scene, for those who know what I'm talking about.) I also got to talk to a lovely agent-type person who responded to my post-conference query within twelve hours and told me to send her the full ms. when I'm done the revisions. Which would be really nice EXCEPT I CANNOT REVISE FOR TOFFEE.

3. Oh, Heroes, I think I love you. I love your hokey dialogue and your breathy, earnest voiceovers and your improbably pretty cast (except for Greg Grunberg, who is neither pretty nor improbable, bless him). Oh, and your brain-eating** cliffhangers, too.

4. Also, I have seen the Lost premiere and FISH BISCUITS ARE LOVE. Even if the bears are smarter. (Sometimes it doesn't take much, admittedly.)


* For [ profile] lizbee and [ profile] cesario, a brief sample of our conversation:

CHERYL: So how's RUSS-L been doing?
ME: *mirthless, hysteria-tinged laughter*

** This may or may not be a pun.


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