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You are neither a subdued loner nor a jovial chatterbox. You enjoy time with others but also time alone. You are generally calm and composed, reacting moderately well to situations that most people would describe as stressful. A desire for tradition does not prevent you from trying new things. Your thinking is neither simple nor complex. To others you appear to be a well-educated person but not an intellectual. You have some concern with others' needs, and are generally pleasant, sympathetic, and cooperative. You set clear goals and pursue them with determination. People regard you as reliable and hard-working.

Hm, wonder where the "desire for tradition" came from? But otherwise, pretty accurate, I think.


May. 3rd, 2006 08:06 am
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Gacked from [ profile] risti:

I'm 70% LiveJournal!

Veteran status.
The majority of the LJ community could learn from you.

The LiveJournal Quiz

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This looks disturbingly like I have no life.

In other quiz news, my life is rated PG-13 and I am 60% famous. Right then.


Apr. 25th, 2006 10:10 am
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Which Biblical Villain Are You? )

Hey! Silly Internet personality tests are not supposed to be convicting.

*skulks off in shame*

Ha ha!

Mar. 16th, 2006 08:05 pm
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I solemnly swear that I answered all the questions on this quiz with complete honesty, or at least picked the answers I honestly thought were closest to the truth of the matter:

What Kind of Snapeist Are You? )

Also, while I wouldn't be surprised if [ profile] pauraque came up with the notion of sorting Snapeists into denominations on the Jewish model independently, I did propose this very idea on the Snapefans Yahoo!Group back on July 1, 2001. (Boy, am I old.)
First, one that I took on my own and scored a frightening 110% on -- I did miss a few songs along the way, but I made up for those losses by getting most of the obscure (and therefore higher-scored) answers plus a couple of bonus questions.

80's Music Test )

Now for the really fun lyrics quiz, and as Dora the Explorer would say, "We need your help!" Created as part of this year's MIT Mystery Hunt by the perennially clever and witty [ profile] callyperry, it's a quiz called "Denial". And since it was designed to be solved by a group, I'm asking my f-list to help me out.

Here's how it works... )

So... anyone on my f-list care to comment with your guesses?

ETA: Got another one! )


Nov. 17th, 2005 06:12 pm
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Courtesy of Patrick, a couple of cute little diversions:

Play with Tiggy! )

I always did want a hedgehog.

What obsolete skill are you? )

10 print "ph33r my mad programming skillz!";
20 goto 10
Although to be fair, none of the other results really fit me either, since I am a wimp.

Gacked from [ profile] taiamu:

Is anybody out there not having a good time? )
...and Robin McKinley, too.

Gacked from [ profile] kalquessa:

Which Punctuation Mark Are You? )

w00t! *feels the punctuation love*
I'm a Ravenclaw INTJ )

The result's true enough, though actually the "and others" part doesn't so much apply. I enjoy challenging myself (in some areas, anyway -- in others I'm lazy as a pet coon) and organizing things for myself, yes; but I really don't enjoy setting standards of achievement for or trying to organize other people. It's one of the main reasons I've never wanted to be a schoolteacher, in spite of a host of other personality traits that would ordinarily make me a shoo-in for the job...

(no subject)

Oct. 11th, 2005 01:13 pm
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Gacked from [ profile] stmarysalice --

I took the 'Guess That Friend' test... )

This is what comes of keeping my friendslist for journals I actually have the time and inclination to read on a regular basis -- I actually do know who posts what. I understand the fear of drama that leads people to keep unread journals on their f-list and making a special filter for the journals they actually read, but since I made my friending/defriending policy clear in my User Info, I don't tend to worry about that too much...
Which Firefly Character Are You? )

My husband has seen a few eps of Firefly but I've never got around to it myself. And now my whole f-list is abuzz about it, and I'm actually thinking of seeing Serenity if I get the chance... but right now I'm just trying to figure out when I'm going to find the time to see last night's House and Amazing Race episodes without shortchanging myself on my much-needed sleep. Yawn.
Read The Hallowed Hunt last night, couldn't put it down, loved it. At first I was disappointed that Bujold wouldn't be writing any more Vorkosiverse stories and resented that she'd got caught up with this new series (which was ironic, seeing as I normally much prefer fantasy to SF), and I didn't really enjoy The Curse of Chalion that much when it first came out. But I really enjoyed Paladin of Souls and I think this one has to be my favorite of the series yet. Also, a story in which a minor spoiler ) may be a Bujold first, although I had to wonder a little about further minor spoilage related to the first )

Since I have pretty much given up on this season's Canadian Idol in despair, as there is not one single contestant in the Top Ten (now eight, I guess) that I care about enough to back, let alone vote for, I decided last night to give Rock Star: INXS a chance. *shudders* Never again. Sure, most of the contestants are poised and professional on stage (more than can be said for the Idol franchise), and the live band is definitely a nice touch. But the skank factor is just way too much for me. And Brooke Burke and especially Dave Navarro make me want to run weeping into the arms of Ben Mulroney, which is a very frightening thing indeed.

Aw, the Tenth Doctor is so cute in his spiffy new outfit. Stop pouting and get over it, Billie (who looks oddly pastede on yay in these pics, especially the last one).

Is it Christmas yet?

Massive congratulations to [ profile] james_bow, who has just landed a publishing contract with Canadian publisher The Dundurn Group for his YA novel Rosemary and Time. Way to go, James!

And finally... some cold-related TMI )

ETA another silly meme result: That wand thingmy )


Apr. 25th, 2005 06:42 pm
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Which Incarnation of the Doctor Are You? )

Which is a good cheap excuse to trot out this scene, the only time I ever actually wrote anything with that particular Doctor:

From 'Incarnations' (1999) )

Ha! I kill me!

And now I'm getting all nostalgic. Sigh.

(no subject)

Dec. 11th, 2004 02:45 pm
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Gacked from [ profile] cesario:
You scored as Lawful Good. A lawful good person acts as a good person is expected or required to act. They are dedicated to upholding both what is right and what is set down in law.


Lawful Good


Neutral Good


Lawful Neutral


Chaotic Good


True Neutral


Chaotic Neutral


Lawful Evil


Neutral Evil


Chaotic Evil


What is your Alignment?
created with

Sigh. I kind of liked the idea of being chaotic, or at least quixotic in my "goodness". But I am boring and conventional, obviously. :)
Which LOST Character Am I? )

And speaking of LOST... I finally managed to see "Confidence Man". Spoilers ho! )

I'm thinking that Watership Down really is a great book to have connected with the show, even apart from any character similarities. It's about being forced out of your comfort zone, not knowing where you're going or what you'll find; it's about the most basic issues of survival and the search for a home; there are dark places and strange new things, and every character has something different and important to contribute before they all find the security and safety they're looking for. Kinda nifty, really. I almost want to read the book again to see what other similarities I might notice.
Gacked from [ profile] sabrinanymph:

I'm a Ravenclaw NTJ -- no surprise there )

In other news, I am back from my week's holiday, which was very nice and involved eating way too much good food cooked by other people. The kids had a blast -- they didn't want to leave. However, I got no editing done on my novel, though I thought about it wistfully numerous times. Sigh.

Also, I seem to be coming down with some sort of bug. My legs ache from the hips down, my head hurts, and my tummy is upset. [/whine]

I have lots of things I want to post here and on the blog, but first I have three chapters of other people's fiction to beta, plus a daunting pile of backlogged e-mails and a graphic design project for a client. And feeling better would be nice, too.


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