Just for some perspective here, I'm not really a big fan of the HP movies. I don't have anything against them, and I've taken the time to see every one in the theatre so far... but I just don't get all excited about them, or normally feel any great desire to watch them more than once.

However, I've just come back from seeing OotP, the movie adaptation of my least favorite book in the series, and...

...I loved it.

No, really. I think it's the best movie yet. In fact --

*glances around nervously, whispers behind hand*

I think it's actually better than the book.

*runs away from lynch mob*
[livejournal.com profile] kerravonsen, multifandom fic reader and critic extraordinaire, who has just got sucked into HP in spite of her best efforts and was kind enough to rec D&L on her recs site and associated mailing list. She also wrote some loverly reviews of my Whofics and X-Fics way back when, so we've known each other for a while and I'm very happy to see her on LJ.

It's worth checking out her journal to catch her first impressions of reading HP -- some interesting perspectives and insights there. As with her sum-up after reading OotP:

Each book so far makes the previous one seem almost trivial.

I hadn't thought of it that way before, but she's right.
I've given up (for the moment) on reading OotP aloud to my husband, since we are both rather busy, and started re-reading the book alone. I'm doing this primarily with an eye to catching any inconsistencies or considerations that relate to the revision of D&L, but it's interesting to see how many other little details I hadn't noticed before. I'm up to Chapter Sixteen and have collected quite a lot of these already, so in no particular order, here they are:

Dum de dum dum... )

I think that's all for the moment...
In the comments to my post of last month about the first chapter of OotP, in which I suggested that Harry was under the influence of Voldemort to varying degrees right from the first page of the story, my dauntless Brit-beta (and fine HP author in his own right) Alec Dossetor said this and really blew my mind. Follow-ups are here and here.

I think Alec may well be on to something. What do you think?
Not too many deep thoughts tonight, as I'm tired and my arm aches and I'd really like to go to bed, but --

Thoughts on Chapter 2 )

All in all an enjoyable chapter to read, with lots of emotion and a wide variety of voices. I had particular fun with Mrs. Figg. Unfortunately doing Uncle Vernon's lower register, especially when it involves bellowing, is extremely hard on the throat... *cough*
I read Books 1-4 aloud to my husband just a couple months after GoF came out -- he enjoys the stories but doesn't read for pleasure -- and tonight we finally started on OotP. I have great fun doing this, because it appeals to the buried actress in me: I try to do as professional-sounding and nuanced a reading as possible, including all the voices and accents. (It's probably a good thing I've never listened to the HP audios, as they'd only make me self-conscious, or else mess up my personal catalogue of character voices.)

An especially good thing about reading out loud is that it forces me to read and notice every word, which I wouldn't ordinarily do. Close reading also yields new questions and insights, and I hope to share those here on a semi-regular basis -- though I can't guarantee I'll cover every chapter. But I can make a start on it, at least:

Thoughts on Chapter One )

Comments, anyone?

Ooh, shiny!

Jul. 20th, 2003 07:32 am
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[livejournal.com profile] drmm has a cool theory about OotP.
Even though I am still trying to sort out my feelings about OotP, I am finding it very fic-inspirational. But in a different way from the previous books. The earlier ones made me want to write romance. This book makes me want to write genfic.

Next up: a conversation between Snape and Lupin.

*is stunned*

Jun. 21st, 2003 02:34 pm
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I have finished OotP. It is... well, I don't want to give anything away outside a cut-tag, but it's... different. Some of the differences I knew about from JKR's interviews, but some of them were... unexpected.

It's really good, I can say that. I have a couple of quibbles, but my first instinct is that it all hangs together well and that there isn't much, if any, unnecessary material (which is saying something, for a book this size).

And now to the cut tag, because I can't go on without giving a few things away...

Abandon hope all ye, etc. )

And now I hear screaming from upstairs so I must go. More later.
Thanks to lining up in front of our local children's bookstore at 11:30 last night (since I'd gone to bed at 9:40 and by 11:20 I still hadn't got to sleep), I ended up being only the third person to buy a copy of OotP in town. I would have been the second, except that I let a twelve-year-old girl dressed up as Hermione go ahead of me, because... well, if you'd seen her, you would have, too. (It was a great costume. And her hair was wonderfully bushy.)

Then I drove home, put the book on the kitchen table, and went straight to bed. Slept very poorly, thanks to the baby waking up and yelling intermittently for reasons which are still obscure. Dreamed about, of all things, The Hulk. (No, I haven't seen it. Wasn't even particularly planning to.)

And now I am writing this entry and listening to the kids chase each other around the house...

...when I could be starting OotP.


Excuse me.
I have just recalled one of the other shared elements I stupidly failed to write down when I was reading The Game of Kings: Dunnett, like JKR, makes reference to the twelve uses of dragon's blood.

Though in Dunnett's book, it's made clear that the term "dragon's blood" is a fanciful description for a considerably more mundane substance, and I suspect that "oven cleaner" was not one of the twelve uses she had in mind...

Mildly spoilerish thoughts about the Paxman interview with JKR )

Regarding tonight's release, I have a dilemma. If I go down as soon as the store opens to get my reserved copy of OotP, I'll have to stay up until midnight. And then once I get the book in my hands, I'm going to want to just take one little peek. And then I'll get no sleep at all and be fried and useless the next day. However, if I don't go down at midnight, I probably won't be able to sleep anyway. But I might surprise myself on that score, who knows, and then I could go down and pick the book up the next morning. Except I'm worried there'll be a huge lineup and it'll take me forever to get it, plus I'll want to spend the whole day reading it and my family will mope at me.

What to do, what to do...?


Apr. 9th, 2003 08:25 pm
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Go. Here. Now.

I was so afraid to read it at first. But now I'm glad I did.

PLEASE NOTE: The above-mentioned link is promotional material intended for the consumption of the general public. It contains only minor spoilers, such as will not diminish the experience of reading the book. Really. Honest. So go ahead and click.


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