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I promised a long time ago that I'd talk about why I love living in Canada, and I... totally never got around to it.

But today is Canada Day! The day when all the provinces decided to get together and become one happy family! And then they went out for butter tarts and poutine. Or something.

So I will celebrate by telling you why I love Canada.

Five reasons why being Canadian is pretty cool )

Okay, so maybe I'm not taking this list entirely seriously. But I have travelled to several different countries now, many of which I have found attractive and admirable in their own way and would be happy to return to as a visitor, but I have yet to go anywhere that made me feel sorry that I live in Canada. I love England, I am nigh fanatical in my passion for Wales, I enjoyed the year I spent going to school in New Jersey, and I thought Israel was amazing and would love to go back for another visit some day. But ultimately I am always glad to come home to my quiet, unassuming, fresh-scrubbed little (albeit very big, in terms of land mass) country.

And I think this video says it all, really. Warning: extreme catchiness ahead.

Brits have got the monarchy
The US has the money
But I know that you wanna be Canadian

The French have got the wine and cheese
Koalas chill with the Aussies
But I know that you wanna be Canadian

I am flying to the UK in three days and have a million things to do before I leave. So naturally I have spent most of the afternoon watching Doctor Who vids (I blame [ profile] drakyndra), reading London Underground trivia and looking at LOLcats.*

I think perhaps I should go and write for a while now.

* No, I am not putting a link on that one. If you don't know where the LOLcats are, you are probably reading this over the shoulder of somebody else who knows how to use a computer. that Dangerously Overinvested Readers like myself could hang out on author blogs and encourage them to write crackfic about their own characters.

(Seriously, though -- Sebastipole and Europe on the vinegar seas battling pirates and evil monsters and falling in love? WOULD BE AWESOME.)

ETA to justify this post's existence: A really smashing D.M. Cornish interview over at SFRevu.
I am thirty-eight years old, with a fairly diverse experience of national and ethnic cuisine and a love of fine restaurants and quality home cooking.

So why does Kraft Dinner still taste so good?
I heard on the radio that Canadian figure skater Jeffrey Buttle had won gold in the World Championships this year. I'd never seen the guy or even heard of him before -- I've been out of the skating (toe) loop for quite a few years now -- but I figured hey, this is what YouTube is all about, so I went and looked him up.

And not only does it turn out he skated his winning long program to music by a lifelong friend of my brother's, soundtrack composer Mychael Danna -- it also turns out he's the closest living resemblance I've yet seen to my male MC from Knife, Paul McCormick. (Yeah, I know I said that about Alex Pettyfer, but even though he's the right age, he's a little too pretty to be credible as anything but a model or an actor. Whereas Jeffrey, though about eight years too old for the part, looks more like a human being who might actually not have spent his entire life posing for pictures.)

Anyway, for my fellow skating fans, here's the long program:

Plus some rather nice stills )

Though unfortunately I don't have any stills of him large enough to make a good icon, so I'll just stick with The Prettyfer for now...
It occurs to me that I never posted about the eye-poppingly dreadful sign I saw outside a church here in town a few weeks ago:

Sunday at 11:00

Oh, yeah, I can see serious theologians lining up at the door for that one.


More recently I came across this one, outside a local farm:


And here I thought paintball was violent.


But my favorite hilarious sign incident happened at the end of this summer, when [ profile] avarill was visiting. We made a trip into Mennonite country to look at furniture and do some geocaching, and by the time we approached our destination, we were all hungry. At which point the following conversation took place:

HUSBAND: Look for somewhere we can stop. I can't believe there aren't any restaurants around here.

ME: [reading off a sign by the roadside] Tomatoes... sweet corn... quilts... schnoodle pups.

H.: Schnoodle pups! Those sound pretty tasty. I could go for one of those.

ME: ...

[ profile] avarill: ...

H.: What?

ME: Er, I think those are actually, y'know, puppies. Schnauzer, poodle... schnoodle.

H.: ...

ME and [ profile] avarill: *bust up laughing*

The sad thing is, they do sound like they ought to be some kind of tasty deep-fried treat.
My Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom is:
Remus Lupin kills Dobby whilst eating spaghetti alfredo
Get your Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom

Yeah, I find Dobby annoying. Though admittedly, not as annoying as Grawp.
In certain sectors of Doctor Who fandom there is a crack-brained theory with which I happen to agree completely that Spoilers for 'The Sound of Drums' )

But anyway, all this cracktastic theorizing has made me decide that what the fandom really needs is an awesomely bad vid of this ) set to Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney's "The Girl is Mine".

Thank you, I'll be here all week.

And on a more serious note, on my way to the SCBWI conference I figured out the plot of HP Book 7, or at least the most important bits Snape parts. I'm not kidding, either: I think I really did, in much the same way I figured out that Snape would *mumble Mumbledore* two days before Book 6 came out. But I'll save the details for a later post.
Gather round, my children, while I tell you a heartwarming Christmas tale of sibling rivalry and threats of violence.

This year my two oldest sons, aged six and four, were assigned roles in our church's Christmas play. Nicholas, who is obsessed with all things farm-related, was enormously proud to be chosen as a shepherd -- or as he put it, a "sheep farmer". Simon, on the other hand, was asked to play the boy Jesus (in the scene with the Wise Men), and was less than enthusiastic about having to be on stage at all.

However, Simon did eventually warm to his role, since I heard this exchange on the morning of the pageant:

SIMON: I'm Jesus! I have all the power!

NICHOLAS: No, sheep farmers are more powerful!

SIMON: But Jesus can do anything, so I'm more powerful than a sheep farmer!

NICHOLAS: Well, I'm going to say, "Hey there, Miracle Boy," and come over and kick you in the butt!

ME: *chokes and sporfles*

SIMON: Then I'm going to send you to the Lake of Fire!

ME: *shoots Rice Krispies out her nose*

My only consolation is that at no point during the play were Nicholas and Simon on stage at the same time, so neither the threat of bodily harm nor that of everlasting punishment could be carried out in front of the entire church audience. However, Simon did manage to look entirely bored, complete with mouth-covering yawns, when the Wise Men were presenting their gifts. "Oh, myrrh, is it? And some of that... uh, frankincense stuff? How droll. Mother, how about you just toss it over in the corner with the gold."

I can only imagine how much more interesting things will become when our youngest, Paul, gets added to the mix.
My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Milady the Right Reverend Rebecca the Feline of Much Moulding upon Carpet
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

I am supposed to be wrapping gifts. I guess I'll go do that now, then. *cough*


Sep. 28th, 2006 12:48 pm
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Can't... see... laughing too hard... tears running... down my face...

No, not over last night's HOUSE, although it did make me chortle repeatedly. Over this thread, otherwise known as When Crossovers Go Bad (in MSPaint).

I thought Cameron was brilliant, but then I saw Chase and my life was over. O [ profile] lydaclunas, where art thou?

Oh, and on a more serious note, there is a rather good Ham* vid over at YouTube, if you like-a the angst: Can't Take It.

*I generally hate portmanteau shipping terms, but sometimes they are too amusing to ignore.
Courtesy of Jinkies!:

For [ profile] lizbee, it's the best new soap on the market. Seriously, I want this stuff. The dispenser alone is a thing of beauty. And I have two boys who seriously need to acquire better handwashing skills.

Also, if you haven't seen the Chad Vader videos, you really, really must, because they are hilarious. I can't wait for Episode Three!
The Big Snit is THE best animated short ever. I am not kidding. I have been looking for this film for years.

Also, a brilliant comedy sketch by The Frantics: Boot to the Head.

Meanwhile, my two boys are running around yelling "boot to the head!" and smacking each other with my new pseudo-crocs. I fear I have created a monster. Or two.
plymouth brethren is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

Excuse me while I lie on the floor, kicking my heels and giggling madly.

On a mostly unrelated note, we have succeeded in moving all our possessions from our old house into our new, and I am still in a daze -- partly because of exhaustion, but also because the new place is just so nice and so big and I can't quite believe I actually live here. The first night in our new bedroom (a bonus room we built above the garage, with a high peaked ceiling) I said to my husband, "I feel like I'm sleeping in a cathedral."

The dining room is also humongous, and we actually have a spare bedroom for guests. So this also means that now we have absolutely no excuse not to be hospitable. I shall look forward to it, I think, once I've found a place for everything...

Fun With Names

Jul. 5th, 2002 08:24 pm
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Oh, here's another bit of useless fun I found thanks to Tiffany's blog: the amazing Hero Name Generator.

According to which, I am "The Great and Mighty Thunderball", Nicholas is "The Ruby Hurricane", and Simon is "The Remarkable Enchanter". But the best of all had to be Hubby's:

"The Brain-Busting Web-Surfer".

I'm so jealous.


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