After a week of swearing sweating and tinkering I have updated my website yet again, with a much spiffier and more-like-my-LJ design and new content (check out the logo I made for Knife!).

Only thing is, the pages and graphics seem to load slowly for some reason, even though the graphics are quite small (less than 1K in many cases, and none of them more than 17K). Any suggestions from those more wise in the ways of HTML than I?

Also, I need questions for my FAQ. Ask me questions! What do you want to know about me, about my books, about writing in general...? Even rampantly silly questions are encouraged; I might be able to use one or two of those as well. If you fail at questions, send me LOLcats or links to good fanfic. Something.
Duh -- I pointed you to all my website updates in my previous post, but forgot to ask the question that was the point of the post in the first place:

What do you think about the website as it stands? Is there something you'd like to see that isn't there, or would you like to see more of something that is?

Do you have any questions about me or my writing that you'd like to see answered in a FAQ? (I'm particularly interested in hearing from librarians and booksellers on this point -- but my readers are important too!)

Also, how do you feel about the design? Is it easy to navigate, readable, and all the other things you like to see in a website -- or are there things that you'd suggest I change?

I'd be very glad of any input and suggestions you may have to make, because I really would like this site to be the best it can be. Thanks!
I think you ought to know that thanks to your clever, information-dense, and wholly absorbing new web site, my poor children's lunch has been ruined.

I did not think it was possible to spoil Kraft Dinner, but apparently not even industrial-strength prefab macaroni can survive being forgotten and left on the stove at a rolling boil for twenty minutes. The pasta is now the consistency of oatmeal, and even after the optimistic addition of butter, milk and the legendary cheese powder, remains quite, quite disgusting.

I want you to know that this is all your fault. Or ALL YOUR FAULT, as Book 5 Harry might say.

It's just a good thing my kids didn't notice, and ate the Kraft Dinner anyway...
Oh, I feel so guilty now. But you jealous types are all so funny.

Seriously, listen. Next time you read a book you really really like by an author you've never heard of before, write that author a long enthusiastic letter telling them how much you liked the book, and why. Then tell them that you've just set up your first website and part of it is a page dedicated entirely to this book by your New Favourite Author. And that you've also started a mailing list to discuss this book. Free publicity! Authors love free publicity! And if they're a Really Nice Author, like Laurie R. King, they will give you perks to show their appreciation and make your job go more smoothly. Like Advance Reading Copies of their books.

See? Easy-peasy. Except you can't do that with Laurie, because I got there first. Mwah ha ha ha ha.

*coughs* Anyway, to answer all of you who wanted to know whether you ought to read Rudyard Kipling's Kim before you read Laurie's latest, the answer is that you don't absolutely have to be familiar with Kim in order to understand The Game, but I would still highly recommend reading the Kipling book anyway. Because it's a fun story in its own right, beautifully characterized and rich in atmosphere and full of cleverness and wit. And then you will get an even bigger kick out of Laurie's quasi-sequel, plus you'll have something to tide you over until March 2, 2004 when GAME is officially released...

There. Don't say I don't do you no favours. :)


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