Aug. 30th, 2005 08:20 am
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Some of my favorite newspaper comics are on a roll. Yesterday's Dilbert was sheer brilliance:

See? )

And then today's Get Fuzzy made me laugh out loud:

Told you... )

I laughed out loud on both counts, and I almost never do that.

ETA: Okay, and now I've just laughed aloud for a third time, thanks to this little comment at the end of today's Josh Reads Comics entry:
Apropos of nothing, a few months ago the future Mrs. C. and I were cooling off in a wading pool at Paramount's Great America when we saw someone walk by with a giant inflatable chunk of Spider-Man merchandising. She pointed out that it's pretty hilarious to pronounce "Spider-Man" like it's a Jewish last name, with the last syllable de-emphasized. As in, "Oy, why do we have to have Passover at the Spidermans every year? There's always this weird webbing stuff in the haroset."
For anyone who hasn't already seen it, [livejournal.com profile] junediamanti has written a brilliant essay on the location of Spinner's End. Not only does it come with pictures (one of which, supplied by [livejournal.com profile] julian_black in comments, is positively delicious -- Fred?!) but the comments are hysterical, especially this exchange between [livejournal.com profile] junediamanti and [livejournal.com profile] tapedeck. (And for those few left scratching their heads and wondering what the joke is about, here's the sketch they're referring to.)

Minor Grouch

Jul. 20th, 2005 12:18 pm
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I forgot to mention this, but it made me go "Gah!" the moment I first saw it in HBP --

In the first four books, the process of Apparating from one place to another is called "Apparition". In OotP, however, and consistently throughout that book, it is called "ApparAtion". I know, because I was grumbling in my virtual beard about it the whole time I was revising D&L to be OotP-compliant -- I had to change about a zillion instances of "apparition" to "apparation".

Now, in HBP, JKR goes back to "apparItion" again, with nary a hint that it was ever spelled any other way.

As a reader, this doesn't really matter. As a fic writer, however -- *beats head on desk*

Speaking of fic, "If We Survive" has been Jo'd in so many ways that it's easier to declare it AU and have done with it than to try to revise it, so don't expect to see an HBP-compliant IWS any time soon. However, "The Potions Master's Apprentice" and "Personal Risks" are still reasonably undisturbed, I think, so I could just go back to that point and work from there, and I do think I may give that a try. Don't expect epic results, however. I have a short genfic involving Snape and Aberforth Dumbledore, and another (which could be a sequel to, or even part of, the first) with Snape and Maud meeting for the first time after Albus's death, but I think that's all I'm likely to get out of the can before the new baby comes...
Or, in other words, the refined version of the theories I've been expounding on for the past week or so, in one handy linkable place (for those of you who've been asking if they could link). Thanks to everyone who contributed suggestions, objections, and questions for me to answer -- the idea has been much improved and refined in the process.

The [Hor]crux of the Matter: An Essay With Many Spoilers )
I'm still working on refining the ideas stated in the previous post and tying in various bits of data as people remind me of them, including spoilers ), so hopefully nobody will mistake the ideas I've stated so far for a proper systematic essay on the subject.

When I have time I hope to set things down more clearly and answer the various questions people have raised, so it might be a good idea to wait until I've made that post before linking to it (as several folks have asked if they could do).

However, if you want to go ahead and link now, that's fine as well -- just so anyone coming here realizes that what they're looking at is basically me thinking out loud and working my way through the evidence in bits and pieces, as opposed to a well-rounded and coherent argument of the sort I hope to present later.

Thanks to everybody's who's thrown in their questions, additions, agreements and objections so far! I haven't had so much fun in HP fandom for a long time.

And now I shall be gone all day, so those waiting for more info will have to wait until Monday, I'm afraid. Sorry!

I'll add more comments as I think of them.
Start Time: 9:00 a.m.
Finish Time: 11:59 a.m.
Title of Book: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

And now, for my reaction [emotions only, no specific spoilers] )

I will post something more coherent, with actual details, at a later time.

ETA: There are now some specific spoilers in the comments, so if you were hoping to just read my general reaction and are still trying to avoid the details, don't read the comments, K?
So I guess this latest answer on JKR's official FAQ to the question of how the Order members communicate (and can anybody explain to me how on earth we would have figured that out from reading GoF, the way Jo thinks we all should have???) would strongly suggest that Snape does, in fact, have a Patronus. (Ironic, since [livejournal.com profile] cesario suggested last night that it was highly possible he couldn't cast one due to a lack of happy memories, and at the time I was inclined to agree with her. I wonder what Snape's happy memory is?)

In the past, JKR has said that she can't tell us what Snape's Boggart or his Patronus are because it would "give too much away". Well, I think I know what his Boggart is -- probable HBP spoiler ). But his Patronus? Something "unique and distinctive" to him, so that nobody could possibly mistake it for anyone else's Patronus? I'm stumped.

Oh, also, I thought of another thing today while doing the dishes. What is it about domestic chores that causes me to think of wacky new HP theories? But anyway: another highly possible spoiler for either HBP or Book Seven, your mileage may vary )

I have read the back jacket copy from the US edition that was posted yesterday, but deliberately avoided reading the first chapter excerpts floating around my f-list, because I know that if I start reading any part of the book I won't be able to resist the temptation to open it as soon as I get it and then I'll be up for the rest of the night finishing the thing off, which is just not feasible when you have two preschoolers. I shall start it as soon as I wake up on Saturday morning, which will probably be early, because my brain is doing the giddy kid-at-Christmas thing already...
I am going to lj-cut the following remarks because they involve an idea I thought of two days ago and have been entertaining in my mind off and on ever since, and even though I have still yet to see or read any of the purported HBP "spoilers", this idea of mine seems awfully like something that might be one of them. So, just in case it is a spoiler, don't click on the following if you want to remain unspoiled, but...

The theory, which is mine, by Anne Elk )

Oh, and if anybody tries to post real spoilers or what they have been led to believe are real spoilers in the comments: please don't. Like I said, this is an idea of my own, not something I want to see confirmed or denied by anything outside the text of HBP itself. Thank you.
Oh, man, I thought the Conan Doyle HBP parody I linked to last night was brilliant, but the William Carlos Williams had me in fits. "Beardy"? Hee!

You can find the current list of Guardian HP pastiches here. Apparently they're updating all week.

Mad. Love.

Jul. 13th, 2005 07:38 pm
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] stmarysalice for tipping me off.
I'm trying to cut back on the time I spend online, and will probably do some more pruning of forums, communities, feeds and journals from my reading list in the near future. No ill-will is involved toward anyone involved in said forums, communities, feeds and journals; no personal judgment is intended and, I hope, no offense given. See my userinfo for more details.

* * *

I must be more excited about HBP than I thought (ah, who am I kidding -- I've already cancelled my online order and am planning to drive across town at midnight to buy the thing from a local bookseller just so I can be sure of having it RIGHT AWAY) because I spent all last night dreaming about it, one dream after another.

In the first dream, I had a copy of the book on the release date and was wandering around the grounds of Hogwarts and in and out among crowds of students and professors reading it. But for some reason the idea of brushing past a real-life Harry, Ron, Hermione and occasionally Snape was of much less interest to me than reading the actual book. Among other things, I was boggling over the fact that some of the text was highlighted in fluorescent orange and lime green, plus there was a little box on one of the pages that played a mini-movie when pressed.

Unfortunately, there was very little Snape in the dream HBP, but what there was, I enjoyed so much I made squeeing noises anyway. No big revelations I recall, just a lot of Snape being Snape in a manner I found both amusing and strangely endearing. And then, of course, Real Snape turned up and made some vitriolic comments about my lack of attentiveness, but that only succeeded in making me grin fondly at him. I guess I missed him more than I thought, or else I have been watching House episodes and reading transcripts to the extent that I have conflated the two characters, which is probably more likely. (I made my husband watch "Three Stories" and "Honeymoon" this weekend. House is H.'s new hero and soulmate, and his only regret is that he can't come up with snappy comebacks like that himself.)

There were two more HBP dreams, but I'll spare you the details, since I'm sure they bear no resemblance whatsoever to the reality of a) how and when I will get the book or b) what's in the book. I don't even feel like making predictions at the moment, except to reiterate my long-standing assertion (I've been convinced of this since GoF) that Dumbledore will die in Book Six, leaving Harry feeling more helpless and vulnerable than ever as he faces the final confrontation with Voldemort.

And now, off to make breakfast...

HB and HBP

Jun. 10th, 2005 10:15 pm
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First, I'd like to wish a very happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] shoebox2, who has recently returned to the Canadian Idol recapping scene with the advent of CI3 -- huzzah!

Second, in regard to the just-released full cover of HBP, [livejournal.com profile] lizbee and I had this conversation on IM tonight:

Possibly spoilery speculation about hands )

Make of that what you will. I feel pretty confident I'm right, though.

ETA: Further commentary on the hands thing )
We know a few new things: Spoilers and Speculations )

I was kind of meh before this, but now I'm pumped. Especially now I've seen that UK adult cover. Whee!
[livejournal.com profile] pharnabazus writes in an e-mail of a few days ago (and since I haven't seen it anywhere else on my friendslist yet, I reproduce it here):

I am dumbfounded to see that the "Snape Castle" of bad fanfic really does exist! You can see it here: http://www.statelyholidayhomes.co.uk/properties/england/snape/snape.htm

A "stately" Snape home, even. [livejournal.com profile] junediamanti and [livejournal.com profile] theatresm (among others), how could we have been so wrong?

Then [livejournal.com profile] pharnabazus adds: Also, for hundreds of years it used to belong to the "Neville" family! Unfortunately, it has in the last few years been subdivided and converted into holiday homes for Muggles...

Oh, the humanity! (Wizardry?) No wonder Snape is so touchy.

Also, HP:HBP in July? Whoop!


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