For those of my readers who share my interest in children's books and publishing news, I've just created a syndicated feed for the new version of Betsy Bird's well-loved Fuse #8 blog on LiveJournal. You can subscribe here:

[ profile] fuseno8
Oh Doctor Who, you so crazy and I love you. I'm just sad we didn't get to see these moments on screen.

I really wonder what percentage of the viewing audience is going to read that post, though. If you use it as the context for Human Nature it seems to solve quite a few problems (indeed, I am cynical enough to wonder whether it was written in response to some of the reviews that have gone up on the web since Saturday) but it seems a little much to expect of the viewing audience as a whole.

On the other hand, this is Doctor Who we're talking about. Anybody who's enough of an anorak to be angsting over these kinds of plot and characterization details is enough of an anorak to be checking Martha's myspace on a regular basis as well.

Which reminds me, time to sign up to the [ profile] martha_j feed. Thanks to [ profile] thewhiteowl for bringing it to my attention.

Feed Me!

May. 2nd, 2007 11:03 am
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Thanks to [ profile] jmprince for pointing me to Editorial Anonymous: A Blog of a Children's Book Editor. I've created a LiveJournal feed for those who'd like to have the posts show up on their friendslist:

[ profile] editorial_anon

*wanders off, still snickering about the 6,000-word picture book*
For those on my f-list who might be interested, I've just created a feed for the "Sword of Gryffindor" blog, which looks favourably at the Harry Potter books from an evangelical Christian perspective: [ profile] sword_gryff.
[ profile] lizbee, I saw this and naturally, thought of you. But other squid fanciers and ocean-loving folk on my friendslist might be interested as well.

("Bone-eating snotflowers"? Now I'm intrigued.)
[ profile] lizbee, you've probably found this already, but it might interest you to know there's a syndicated feed for it on LJ now: [ profile] squidblog

Viva calamari! Or something.


Feb. 17th, 2005 09:52 am
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For those interested in keeping up with mystery/suspense author Laurie R. King's new blog via LJ, I've just created a new feed, [ profile] lrk_mutterings.

Hopefully it works.
Thanks to [ profile] abates for alerting me to this recent development. According to the official [ profile] changelog post, this means that "All accounts will now be able to add syndicated accounts to their friends list with impunity." It's still true that only paid users can create syndicated feeds, but if you find a blog or other site you Really Gotta Have on your flist, you can always ask a paid user friend to make the feed for you.

What a nice Easter present!

Which reminds me, you might want to friend [ profile] rjanderson_blog if you're at all interested in my theological, philosophical, and sociopolitical musings. Or, alternatively, just want to know how I'm getting over my latest cold and what my kids have said/done lately. Basically, anything I have to say that isn't fannish or memeish is over there. And after a long hiatus, I've just posted a series of essays -- on marriage, on Zionism, and most recently on the Passion.

And now I must get dressed and hurry off to a family gathering.

Hey, wow...!

Jan. 2nd, 2004 12:42 pm
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According to the complete list of syndicated LJ feeds it seems that [ profile] rjanderson_blog is rather gratifyingly popular. As in, page two of the list. I guess it pays to advertise.

In case anybody's interested, here are the feeds to which I currently subscribe:

[ profile] alias_media -- Just discovered this one today. Whee!
[ profile] baraita -- [ profile] naomichana's blog, because I am a lit freak and a Judaica freak, so what's not to love?
[ profile] butterbug_blog -- Now defunct, according to [ profile] yunitsa, so don't bother signing up. But it was fun while it lasted.
[ profile] calnhobbes -- Yeah, me and everybody else in the world.
[ profile] cbm_blog -- [ profile] meril's Carnival of Bargain Madness.
[ profile] comic_getfuzzy -- I never really read this comic much before I discovered the feed. Now I love it.
[ profile] davebarrycolumn -- Now I never need to buy a newspaper again...
[ profile] dilbert_feed -- Makes me gladder every day that I'm out of the office.
[ profile] foxtrot_feed -- Another comic I knew little about prior to the feed, but now adore.
[ profile] ink_penwipers -- [ profile] penwiper26's Ink and Penwipers.
[ profile] jemima_blog -- INTX's of the world, unite! Jemima's Speak Stiltedly And Wear A Yellow Shirt.
[ profile] leaky__cauldron -- If you don't know what this is, you must not be in HP fandom.
[ profile] making_light -- Fantasy publisher Teresa Nielsen Hayden's blog.
[ profile] officialgaiman -- I have no idea why I am subscribed to this, since I am not much of a Gaiman fan and have read very little of his work. But occasionally he amuses me, or posts neat links.
[ profile] seemag_blog -- [ profile] seemag's Unbound.
[ profile] thestraightdope -- Cecil Adams's The Straight Dope column.
[ profile] wilwheaton2 -- Is there a geek in the world without a link to this blog?

If you like any of these, just click over to the relevant feed page and add it to your Friends list.

This public service announcement has been brought to you by someone who is still in her pajamas and in dire need of a shower. But I did clean the house this morning, so I have a good excuse, honest...

ETA: Hm, it's been noted that the above-noted "complete" list of feeds is in fact rather incomplete, as well as (in some cases) inaccurate as to the number of subscribers. Here's a better list for those interested.

Oh, and P.S.

Nov. 29th, 2003 09:52 pm
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To follow up to my previous entry, if you have a blog and want to set up your own RSS feed that LJ friends and others can access, you can find the instructions at RSSify.
Sorry, I'm just that excited. Thanks to a chat with Jemima I managed to get the syndication feed for my blog working at last!

So if you're interested in adding Parabolic Reflections to your Friends page, all you have to do is go here: [ profile] rjanderson_blog and click on the "Add" link at the top right. Voila! My blog entries will now show up on your Friends page, within an hour of being posted. How cool is that?


Nov. 29th, 2003 10:46 am
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I've tried to add the RSS feeds for my blog and [ profile] seemag's blog to my Friends list via the "Add Other Feed" option at, but I can't seem to get them to work.

The URL I typed in for my own blog, based on the feed that Jemima kindly created a couple weeks ago (info page is here -- I chose RSS Version 1.0 from the feeds available) claimed to have one watcher already, but when I checked my Friends page, all I got were links to the links within my blog entry, and not the blog entry itself. Then I tried the syndicated feed that [ profile] sff_corgi is watching, [ profile] rjanderson, but that doesn't seem to work either...

Help! What am I doing wrong?
Thanks to the lovely and talented Jemima, my blog now has its own RSS feed. Hurrah!


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