Here I am resurfacing from the wilds of nowhere (where I have been reading a great many books, and getting housework done, and other mundane but necessary things -- not that reading books is mundane, because it is actually quite awesome; but chores and such, definitely) to share with you an assortment of Things Relevant To Your (or possibly just My) Interests.


First, I think it is very important that you all learn the correct way to peel a banana.

Helpful video under the cut )

Seriously, I had NO IDEA. Why did no one tell me about this?! It's brilliant! I want to open bananas all day long now, and I don't even like them that much!


Second, the hardcover of Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter may be listed as a bargain book on Amazon ($6.80, people! Buy one for Aunt Bessie while you can!), but it is doing rather nicely in other respects -- including being nominated for the Clive Staples Award. Right now the coordinator of the awards, Rebecca LuElla Miller, is doing an in-depth survey of all the titles with links to excerpts, reviews and so on, and I have to say I've got some pretty stiff competition here!

To vote, you have to have read at least two of the nominated titles, so this isn't just a popularity contest to see who has the biggest fanbase -- it's meant to encourage the reading and writing of speculative fiction by Christian authors. And I am totally behind that, so I plan to check out one or two of the other nominated titles myself! Voting begins in August.


Third, I am gearing up for this weekend when I appear on the panel "FTW = Fandom Trained Writers" along with Naomi Novik, Sarah Rees Brennan, Karen Healey, Ali Wilgus and Peg Kerr at Infinitus 2010 in Orlando. I am ridiculously excited about this and looking forward to creating large amounts of havoc with Sarah and Karen, which you can count on Sarah to sum up in hilarious fashion on her LJ when we get back. (Or else I will be very boring and she will just have to make up a pack of outrageous lies, but she is good at that too!)


Fourth, I went to see Crowded House in Toronto last night with two of my three older brothers. This was a landmark occasion, not only because Pete and Mark are fab people, but because the last time I attended a Crowded House concert was on my 16th birthday and I will always remember that as the best concert I've ever been to in my entire life. So I knew that even though the band has aged considerably since then (and so have I), I would not be disappointed.

And oh my, I was not. It was a wonderful show indeed. AND THEN THEY PLAYED THIS SONG, which made me insanely happy:

Video from the concert )

"Fingers of Love" (link is to album version) is on the Touching Indigo soundtrack, and rightly so. The way the music crashes in on "Colour is its own reward" alone makes me see stars, and I'm not even a synaesthete. Sigh.


And I think that is all for now!

Shiny News!

May. 31st, 2010 11:15 pm
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Did you know that you can now read the opening five chapters of Wayfarer online for free? Well, you can. But there are only 22 days left until the book's official North American release -- and it should be trickling into stores before then, so keep your eyes open...


In other news, I'm going to be a guest at Infinitus 2010, a gigantic Harry Potter convention being held in Orlando, Florida from July 15-18. I'll be on a panel for Friday's Keynote Luncheon with Naomi Novik, Karen Healey, and Ali Wilgus, talking about making the transition from fanfic writer to professional novelist -- it should be great fun and I'm really looking forward to it!
[ profile] flycon2009, the international online fantasy/SF writers' convention, has begun!

Here's the opening speech from Marty Young, president of the Australian Horror Writers' Association.

There will be a discussion on the topic of When is Young Adult not really for Young Adults? starting at 12 noon EST today (other time zones: 9 am US Pacific, 4 pm UK, 3 am AUS, 5 am NZ) which you can attend here at -- no need to sign up or register for anything, just type in your name and go!

And at 3 pm EST today, as previously advertised, I'll be on the Crossing Over from Fanfic to Pro Writing panel at the same location.

It's free! It's open to all! The discussions can go on as long as you want! Enjoy!
I am poaching this entire post from [ profile] lisamantchev and altering it to suit my purposes, because I'm insanely lazy busy right now...


I am pleased to announce my participation in [ profile] flycon2009, March 13-17, 2009.

From the LJ Profile:

Flycon will be an online convention planned to have activities during the peak hours of every time zone. It will begin midnight, Friday 13th in March 2009, in Australia and roll with the sun. We are looking for panelists, authors and editors and agents to host discussions, podcasts as readings, volunteers, and for people to spread the word through the blogosphere. We will be having a couple of sites host forums and chat space, with everything co-ordinated through this Live Journal community with rss feeds, updates and eventual archiving. We will be running IRCs as well as bulletin boards, so that every time zone is covered.

Preliminary Schedule is up here.


Crossing over from fan fiction to pro writing: Pros, cons, weirdnesses, how-tos
Friday, March 13, 3 p.m. EST
Other panelists: Karen Miller, positive pat, Saundra Mitchell

They may do things differently there, but I'm reading from here: How do we, as readers, negotiate the borders between fiction and commentary, between when it's about the human condition, and when it's about us?
Friday, March 13th, 8 p.m. EST
Other panelists: Alma Alexander, Maureen Kincaid Speller, [ profile] a_d_medievalist

Author chat: Debut 2009 SF/Fantasy novelists session
Saturday, March 14th, 9 a.m. EST
Other panelists: Lisa Mantchev, Jenny Moss, Saundra Mitchell, Deva Fagan


Please drop by the community and comment on the threads with your questions and contributions! LJ means it's never too late to participate!


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