I had a great time over the weekend at the women's conference in Guelph (1 hour away) and the Writers' Festival in Ottawa (6 hours away), but I was horribly ill (as in aches, nausea, chills, fever, exhaustion, sore throat, coughing up chunks) the whole time. I'm just glad I was able to get through my 2 songs, 2 seminars, 1 reading, 6 bookstore visits (nothing fancy or scheduled, I just dropped by to sign stock) and 3 school presentations without losing my voice or fainting not-so-gently onto the floor.

Between Sunday afternoon and Tuesday evening, I drove 1400 km. I'm glad to be home -- but my launch and release party are on Saturday, and there's lots of cleaning and preparation to be done before then (like the groceries and the laundry. Oy, the towering piles of laundry.)

And I still have to get through 140 pages of revisions before May 15th... *collapses*
I bought a laptop today from a computer liquidation outlet. I told the sales guy I basically just wanted a glorified typewriter -- no Internet capability, no bells and whistles, just a workhorse that could run MS Word and let me get my writing done.

So far, it seems to be working all right -- I only hope it continues to do so for a long, long time to come. I certainly don't plan to overtax its little brain, not when I have a perfectly good desktop in the office. But it will be nice to have the option to work on the laptop when the other computer isn't a practical option.

Of course, now that I have this lovely new tool meant to increase my writing efficiency, I am coming down with a cold and feel too cruddy to write. Meh.

On a happier note, my middle son got his cast off today. The bones have healed nicely, and to his very great relief it didn't hurt when they took out the pins in his elbow. (Poor little guy, he'd been worried about that for days beforehand, and it was all I could do to reassure him.) His arm's pretty weak right now after a month of disuse, but I'm sure that soon he'll be playing happily again -- thank the Lord.
Where you're on your third day of the flu and you've got acute bronchitis and there's all this imitation-vanilla-pudding-colored goo in your lungs and you've coughed up all the stuff that was at the top of your lungs and now it's coming up from, like, the very bottom? And you have to keep swallowing or you're gonna choke, but then all the gooey stuff ends up sitting in your stomach and making you feel horribly nauseated and there's this nasty metallic taste in your mouth even though you've just eaten two pieces of toast with jam to try and get rid of it?

I hate that.


Feb. 2nd, 2007 04:03 pm
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...I don't know if this particular strain has an official name, but if it does, it must be something like "Martian Death Flu". You may have had it yourself. The main symptom is that you wish you had another setting on your electric blanket, up past "HIGH", that said "ELECTROCUTION".

Another symptom is that you cease brushing your teeth, because (a) your teeth hurt, and (b) you lack the strength. Midway through the brushing process, you'd have to lie down in front of the sink to rest for a couple of hours, and rivulets of toothpaste foam would dribble sideways out of your mouth, eventually hardening into crusty little toothpaste stalagmites that would bond your head permanently to the bathroom floor, which is how the police would find you.

You know the kind of flu I'm talking about.

-- Dave Barry, "Molecular Homicide"



Feb. 1st, 2007 09:44 am
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I am sick. Quite, quite sick. Aches, pains, feverishness, headache, shallow cough. I am about to go back to bed.

Last night's House was lame and contrived. Alas.

Despite all the lovely prompts I've been given, I still haven't been able to get my brain to cooperate when it comes to writing new stuff, sorry. However, I found some unpublished House and Wilson banter on my HD and posted it here in response to [livejournal.com profile] mistraltoes's prompt. It's something, I guess.

Now back to bed. With nothing to read. Woe!
Thank you all so much for contributing questions to my interview pile! As soon as I stop barfing (yes, really -- there's a nasty stomach bug going through our house, and I seem to be its latest victim) I will start compiling and answering.

Lying on your back with nothing to do but think for hours on end is a good way to brainstorm, but it also shows you all kinds of logistical flaws in your plot that you hadn't noticed before. I am trying to regard this as an interesting mental challenge, instead of a cue to lie down in the ashes and scrape myself with a potsherd.

Now I think I shall stagger back to bed...
Needing something to cheer me up after the horrible train wreck of FBOFW these last few days (Lynn Johnson, you have two days to pull this storyline out of the toilet. I am not optimistic), I turned to my f-list. And [livejournal.com profile] superversive, bless him, came through:

I had already read (or watched) all the really seminal English-language fantasy works of [1977], except for The Sword of Shannara. I have therefore been plodding through that distinctive if not distinguished work. It is actually a very good sort of book to read while one is sick and depressed, because it reconciles one to the brevity of life and makes death a happier prospect than it seemed before. In Heaven there are no such books, and in Hell all books will burn.

He promises to write a more detailed review soon. I confess that after suffering through the first two Shannara books (otherwise known as Brooks Does Tolkien and Brooks Does Donaldson), I am rather looking forward to it.


Yesterday I got my brand-new glasses -- lovely pink metallic frames that suit me better than any pair of glasses I've worn in the past ten years. Unfortunately, there was a pinwheel-like smudge in the centre of both lenses, which no amount of rubbing could remove. After suffering through a couple of hours of frustration and eyestrain, I ended up turning around and driving back to the optometrist's to return them. They confessed that they had made a mistake and offered to replace them, but now I have to wait another week to wear my bootiful new eyeglasses with the updated prescription again. Alas.


Remember how a couple of weeks ago I mentioned getting migraine auras without the migraine? Well, on the weekend I got the migraine without the aura. My first migraine, and all I can say is OW. I really hope this is an isolated incident, because there's nothing like blinding pain and nausea to put the kibosh on your creative energies.


In other news, I watched "Words and Deeds" (House) yesterday and actually quite liked it -- not that it didn't have its logistical flaws, and not that the behavior of all the characters was perfectly consistent with their behavior in the past, but I didn't think it was the Worst Episode Ever, or even close to it.

This is why I have come to the conclusion that I am happier out of fandom than in it. Not that I mind hearing what my closest friends think of the shows and books I enjoy, or discussing our opinions even when we disagree; but on the whole I prefer to make up my own mind about whether I like something or not, and not have it spoiled for me by people insisting that it stinks. I offer a belated bow to [livejournal.com profile] yahtzee63, who has long been wiser than I in such matters.


Got an e-mail today from Agent #2, telling me she'd received my ms. Thanks to Canada Post's parcel tracking system I knew that already, but it was nice to get a personal note to that effect. She says she's hoping to get to the book by mid-March.

I have a feeling that March is going to be The Month for my writing career, in a lot of ways. Could be good, could be bad, but something is definitely going to happen around that time.


And finally, I have tagged all my old entries up to June 2005. Go me!
I am tired. My house needs cleaning but I don't feel like doing anything beyond the bare minimum. My kids are coming down with a cold (again). I have pink eye (again again). None of the three shows I watch have had new episodes within the last week. The meal I made last night for dinner was horrible (my fault, not the recipes -- I wasn't paying close enough attention and my timing was off). The baby just woke up (again again AGAIN).

On the other hand, I have renewed my paid LJ account and upgraded to 100 icons.

It's something, I guess.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lizbee for making me the scan for this icon at my request. I love me some vintage Bill Sienkiewicz.


Sep. 17th, 2005 06:24 am
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Stupid baseball.

On a happier note, I actually got some honest-to-goodness rest last night, if you don't count the hour after each feeding where Paul yelled his head off for no discernible reason. I know babies have to fuss sometime, but could they at least do it during the day when nobody is trying to sleep?

*having dutifully eaten something and taken horrible antibiotic pills, goes off to try to sleep again*
Five people have defriended me in the past three days. O_O Since I was in the hospital and/or lying flat on my back for all that time, I can only assume it was something I didn't say...

I want to do the Introduction Meme, but right now I get tired just thinking about it. Somebody poke me if I don't do it within the next week, though. 'Cos it's cool and I'm really enjoying reading everybody's responses.

How much did the season 2 premiere of House rock last night? Not only was the House snark out in full force (that "Daddy and Mommy" line House delivers to the Ducklings nearly had me on the floor) but there were so many wonderful character touches, and Hugh Laurie seems to have mad chemistry with every single other character on the show (how does he do that?). And they sure packed a lot into that hour, with the A-story (nifty twist on the usual "Ooh, I hope House saves this person" riff) and the B-story (you know what? I like Cameron. Weird as it may be to hear this from a card-carrying INTJ, I like her for just being so darned emotionally sincere, for caring about things and people so much even when caring makes no sense and may not even be what people want from her) plus cleverly bringing new viewers up to speed on all the important background details from last season, without ever making the recapping too obvious.

(Also, how glad am I that Sela Ward says the House-and-Stacy stuff is going to cause conflict and tension but is not going to cross the line? Because adultery = so not cool.)

Re the Canadian Idol finale (of which I have only seen a few clips, like most of the rest of the season in fact, but when did ignorance ever stop me from voicing an opinion?): Congratulations, Melissa. You deserved to win, so I didn't think you possibly could. Good on you for being manifestly woman-shaped, too, instead of some fashionable stick insect. Don't let them talk you into anorexia, k? You look perfectly healthy to me. As for Kalan, it was nice to see you again, and the "Run. Run for your lives!" response to Ben's "What advice would you give to these two Idol finalists" question was perfect, especially as I suspect that deep down you really meant it. However, would you please get Peter Frampton off your head? Seriously, I was never big on the Little Lord Fauntleroy curls, but the sheer hideousness of that shaggy mop you have now is scaring me.

Today as I was unsuccessfully trying to go to sleep for the 10,000th time since I gave birth (one of the many charming sideeffects of the two antibiotics I'm on is insomnia, so you can imagine how much fun that is for someone already operating on a serious sleep deficit) it occurred to me that whatever happens in S5 of Alias, all would be perfect if at the very end of the season, we see Jack, Irina, and Sydney (with optional baby) all walking off together as one free, happy family. Because it's been all about the SpyFam from the beginning, hasn't it? Everybody else -- Vaughn, Weiss, Marshall, Nadia, even Sloane -- are optional extras: the core of the show is Sydney's relationship with her parents, and that's always been by far the most compelling storyline Alias has got.

Also, can somebody tell me when Lost premieres? ETA: Never mind, I found out: September 21st. Agh! Not soon enough!

Hm, I wonder if taking an hour to compose a LiveJournal post counts as the "resting" my nurse friend insisted I ought to be doing at every available opportunity. Well, I'm sitting, aren't I? And I had two one-hour naps today, which is all that my body seems to want to let me take...
Check my blog for details.

Read The Hallowed Hunt last night, couldn't put it down, loved it. At first I was disappointed that Bujold wouldn't be writing any more Vorkosiverse stories and resented that she'd got caught up with this new series (which was ironic, seeing as I normally much prefer fantasy to SF), and I didn't really enjoy The Curse of Chalion that much when it first came out. But I really enjoyed Paladin of Souls and I think this one has to be my favorite of the series yet. Also, a story in which a minor spoiler ) may be a Bujold first, although I had to wonder a little about further minor spoilage related to the first )

Since I have pretty much given up on this season's Canadian Idol in despair, as there is not one single contestant in the Top Ten (now eight, I guess) that I care about enough to back, let alone vote for, I decided last night to give Rock Star: INXS a chance. *shudders* Never again. Sure, most of the contestants are poised and professional on stage (more than can be said for the Idol franchise), and the live band is definitely a nice touch. But the skank factor is just way too much for me. And Brooke Burke and especially Dave Navarro make me want to run weeping into the arms of Ben Mulroney, which is a very frightening thing indeed.

Aw, the Tenth Doctor is so cute in his spiffy new outfit. Stop pouting and get over it, Billie (who looks oddly pastede on yay in these pics, especially the last one).

Is it Christmas yet?

Massive congratulations to [livejournal.com profile] james_bow, who has just landed a publishing contract with Canadian publisher The Dundurn Group for his YA novel Rosemary and Time. Way to go, James!

And finally... some cold-related TMI )

ETA another silly meme result: That wand thingmy )

Fic Happens

Jul. 22nd, 2005 09:07 am
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Yes, it really does. I wrote a good couple of pages' worth last night, and am having great fun, even if nothing has really happened yet. But trapdoors and tunnels are always fun if you ask me.

In other HP-related news, I have just seen the new EW cover and all I can say is, please will someone take a weed-whacker to Daniel Radcliffe's hair? And his eyebrows too. No, make that especially the eyebrows. I'm not sure I can sit through a whole movie where Harry keeps reminding me of Groucho Marx.

And finally, I have a cold. Blech, ack, ptooie.
First things first: Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] jalara! And congratulations on the new job!

In other news, to those on my flist still hoping to receive some kind of intelligent reply to their comments or e-mails, I'm afraid you'll have to wait another day or two -- sorry! As I'd feared, my throat was so painful last night that I really didn't get much sleep, and today I won't even be making it out to church (I had to ask my mother to call another pianist on my behalf, as my voice is now nonexistent), so I think that today my few functioning brain cells will have to be devoted to keeping an eye out on my (much healthier) offspring.

Thanks for your patience.


Jun. 17th, 2002 03:01 pm
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OK, well, after five days of staining myself and the baby bright purple, I think we have beaten the thrush. I'm still taking acidophilus capsules and eating lots of plain yogurt (makes face), though, just in case. If I were really conscientious I'd be cutting all dairy products, yeast and refined sugars out of my diet as well, but hopefully that won't be necessary.

On a happier note, I am feeling quite a bit better overall. The four of us even went to chapel last night, though of course Simon decided to stay awake and fuss through the whole service, and I had to sneak out to the foyer and feed him halfway through. Fortunately it was just a conversational report on the ongoing translation, literacy and Bible teaching work in Papua New Guinea, given by the ever-affable Bill Meerstra of New Tribes Missions, and I could still hear him from the foyer anyway. They could definitely use a more comfortable chair out there, though...

More ouch.

Jun. 12th, 2002 01:02 pm
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...and now, I have thrush.




But we're both on gentian violet now (or, more to the point, gentian violet is on us -- and just about everything else), so we'll see if that makes a difference. I sure hope so.

On a happier note, I'm hoping to have some baby pics available soon. Maybe even by tonight, if Hubby remembers to pick them up...
If you're wondering where I've been and why this blog has become so dull -- the sad fact is, I'm ferociously ill. A cold that started two days ago with a slight sore throat has progressed now to a nasty chest cough, stuffed-up head, exhaustion and full-body aches and pains. (Oh, and the sore throat kindly decided to stick around and get worse, too.) In short: blergh.

On a positive note, only one week left until I'm considered "at term" (37 weeks) and cleared to give birth at home instead of a hospital. And I finally got a hold of a woman who rents complete waterbirth tub kits. I'm just glad I'm not having the baby now, feeling like this...

Ups and Downs

Apr. 23rd, 2002 08:39 am
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Wow! Those folks at The Sugar Quill sure are prompt! I just sent the file in late last night, but here it is already archived for those who wish to hotlink or otherwise spread the news to people who don't read this blog: Lessons.

I'm sure I'll get around to putting it up at FictionAlley too, eventually. It's just that the submission process there is so much more complicated... plus I've got a headache, dizziness, intermittent nausea, and a few other symptoms that make me want to just Go Lie Down Now, so I won't be tinkering too much with the net today...


Apr. 6th, 2002 01:18 pm
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So, no sooner do I get "Lessons" done than I come down with some horrible gastro-intestinal bug that knocks me out of commission for 24 hours. Whee.


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