Bachelor Buttons
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This is one of those cookies that doesn't look like much on the outside, but is sneakily and indescribably delicious. Really, they should be called Ninja Awesome Hidden Jam Cookies, but according to my grandmother who handed down the recipe, they're called Bachelor Buttons.

A web search yields about fifty different cookie recipes also called Bachelor Buttons, but they are ALL WRONG and DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM. These are the one and only kind of Bachelor Buttons you need. Especially if you are looking for a buttery double-layered cookie with a bit of raspberry jam in the middle that is absolutely perfect for dunking in a cup of tea.

Yes, I said dunking. In tea. Trust me on this one.

Recipe )

Make a pot of tea and enjoy! WARNING: HIGHLY ADDICTIVE.

Gingerbread Men
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When my son came home from Junior Kindergarten excitedly waving a recipe for making gingerbread men, I confess my heart sank a little. I've tasted many such cookies, and even though they might look cute on the outside, the gingerbread was always so dry and bland that I couldn't even bring myself to finish it. Besides, who wants to spend all that time messing around with decorations and icing? Not me.

However, this one just said "decorate with raisins", so I thought hm, maybe it doesn't need icing and I should give it a try. And I did manage to find a gingerbread man-shaped plastic mould (it wasn't even a proper cutter -- I got it out of a Rice Krispies box) in my cupboard, so I worked up my courage, followed the recipe, and...


Oh my.

You definitely don't need icing for these (in fact the mere idea wounds my soul). You don't need fancy decorations, either. I raided my cupboard for currants, raisins and dried marachino cherries, and a few seconds with a knife gave me all the eyes, buttons and smiles a gingerbread man could need.

And they aren't hard, or bland. They are spicy and chewy and delicious, and the only reason I am not eating the head off my third or fourth cookie right now is because I am heroically restraining myself.

Recipe below )

Enjoy! And don't tell me you iced them or I will come after you with a wiffle bat, you philistine.
Esprits divins, chantons de la nuit sainte !
C’est cette nuit que la pucelle enceinte
Nous a produit le Verbe précieux.
C’est cette nuit que l’on a vu les cieux
Tout découverts et bien cinq cent mille anges
Chanter à Dieu d’éternelles louanges.

C’est donc la nuit, la nuit la plus heureuse,
La nuit qui donne à voir parfois son Créateur,
La nuit qui donne à l’œil du corps cet heur,
Voir et toucher son Dieu en ce bas monde
Né de la Vierge à nulle autre seconde.

Heureuse nuit, devant le jour première,
Nuit, non pas nuit mais parfaite lumière
Qui toujours luit et toujours reluira
Oh, malheureusement celui qui te dira
Dorénavant obscure, noire et sombre
Quand ton beau clair se fait maître de l’ombre.

O holy spirits: let us sing of the holy night.
On that night the virgin with child
delivered for us the precious Word;
on that night the heavens were seen
all opened, and half a million angels
were heard singing eternal praise to God.

That night is the happiest of all nights,
the night that gives every loving soul
the joy to see sometimes its Creator,
the night that gives the eye the joy
to see and to touch its God in this base world,
born of the virgin and none other.

O happy night, first night before the day,
night that is no night but perfect radiance,
night that still shines and shall forever shine:
Oh, unhappy are those who shall call you
henceforth dark, black, dim,
when your clear beauty masters the shadow.
With best wishes for a peaceful, happy and safe holiday season to all my online friends.

*As performed by the Boston Camerata on the album A Renaissance Christmas. Listen to a sample here.

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A couple days ago I was tweeting about having to make a second batch of Snickerdoodles because my Evil Family had eaten the ENTIRE first batch -- some eight dozen cookies.

Fortunately making more wasn't a big deal: I like baking Snickerdoodles. Still, I was a bit amazed that my husband and three young boys could have been quite that greedy, especially in just a matter of two or three days.

Anyway, I made the second batch. I let it sit overnight for the flavor to develop. Then I took the nice big container of fresh Snickerdoodles and opened the deep freezer to hide them away so that my Evil Family could not NOM them a second time.

And lo, inside the freezer I found...'ve guessed it, haven't you?

Yeah. Well.

The plus side is that we now have lots of Snickerdoodles?
Got two fantastic packages in the mail today, just in time for Christmas.

First, a lovely calendar from [ profile] avarill full of wild animal photographs, which my kids were very impressed by -- all the more so when I told them "Aunt Sylvia" took the photos herself!

Second, a ginormous box from [ profile] cesario, which was full of FANTABULOUS BOOTY including at least three kinds of homemade fudge (NOM NOM NOM), a copy of Writing Down the Bones, a canister of fancy tea (Ginger Peach, YUM), her old CD player (since she overheard me lamenting that mine had died) and -- AND AND AND --

Cut so I don't EXPLODE all over your Friends Page with the sheer unadulterated squee of it -- oh, and because there are pics, too )

Seriously, I am overwhelmed. Thank you SO much, both of you!
Some random linkage for a Friday afternoon:

Community plug: [ profile] housefic_meta. Right now they're looking for recommendations of "Classic" House fics, by which they really seem to mean "really well-written House fics of any sort, even if nobody's heard of them". So in the end, some useful recs could come out of this. I personally plan to submit a couple (recs, I mean). It's hard to find good Housefic.

Also, probably everybody in creation has seen the best Christmas lights display ever, but here it is in case you haven't. Snopes has the backstory -- it's the real deal, cooked up by an electrical engineer with delusions of grandeur and waaaay too much time on his hands. Now if only I could get my kids to stop playing it over and over and over...

Finally, [ profile] ursulav has just posted an amusing story about editing one of her manuscripts which I think will be of special interest to [ profile] lizbee, among others.

* * *

I should probably have mentioned a couple of posts back, since there seems to be some honest confusion on the subject, that I did enjoy GoF. In fact, I probably enjoyed it as much as PoA or more so -- definitely more than I did the first two movies, anyway. Not that any of them were actually painful to watch, IMO. Of course the books are better, but aren't they always?

The best thing about the film, though, I haven't yet seen mentioned anywhere -- costuming spoiler ). Comedy GOLD, man. I nearly spit my water all over the row in front of me.

Also, I love Neville like whoa, shiny shoes and all.


Dec. 6th, 2005 12:21 pm
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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In August [ profile] bittervillager and I robbed a bank (-50 points). Last month I donated bone marrow to [ profile] lydaclunas in a life-saving procedure (300 points). Last Tuesday I stole [ profile] cesario's purse (-30 points). Last Thursday I signed my organ donor card (28 points). In October I helped [ profile] fpb hide a body (-173 points).

Overall, I've been nice (75 points). For Christmas I deserve a pony!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username: this (S). Or this (18m).

So. cool.

But seriously, the wishlist thing? Link me to yours in comments, please. I'd like to see what I might be able to do for some of you who brighten my LJ days, even if it's just sharing some music love or hammering out a drabble or something.

Also, I think from now on LOST should just be the Locke and Eko hour. I would so watch that.
Merry Christmas to me,
I have Windows XP,
My brother, 'twas he
Who installed it for me,
Ho ho ho hee hee hee,
Merry Christmas to me!

I would have something serious and thoughtful to say, but I have company and I have neglected them shamefully, plus I must prepare for our big Christmas dinner tomorrow, so... happy holidays to you all!
I am finally starting to get to the stage in my unpacking where I might be able to fulfill some wishes -- yay!

Only, I stupidly didn't put people's wishlists in my Memories the first time I saw them, and now they are buried all who-knows-where.

So, if you see this, please have mercy on poor pathetic disorganized me, and leave a link to your wishlist in the comments for this post.

Thank you very muchly.
I was busy packing up boxes, listening to the boy's new album, and steadfastly ignoring Chapter Sixteen of my novel, but [ profile] lizbee and [ profile] cesario nagged me into doing this. So...

Da Rulz )

So, that done, here we go:

Da List )


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