Thanks to the anonymous benefactor who gave me my first virtual snowflake cookie of the day, as well as [ profile] tartanshell and [ profile] izhilzha for supplying the others. Very fitting on a day when we're getting our first real snowfall of the season here in southwestern Ontario...

I hear that there are storms a-brewing to the south, but at present the snow is drifting from the sky in a picturesque fashion, and the green is still showing through the powder, and I think I shall put on some seasonal music* and make a cup of tea. I might even do some baking -- Snickerdoodles, perhaps.

What about you? What special treats does your family make at this time of the year, and which one is your favorite and why?

* That would be actual Christmas carols with some dignity and meaning to them, not the annoying ditties that pass for inoffensive seasonal content. I really think that if I hear anyone's cover version of "Santa Baby" one more time, I will climb up the wall of my local department store and knock the loudspeakers off the ceiling.


Mar. 8th, 2008 07:17 pm
rj_anderson: (Christmas - Lamppost)
Seriously, this is getting old fast. This is the view from our front window, as of about half an hour ago:

Unfortunately my camera couldn't quite capture the thick cloud of horizontally blowing snow )

Note the cars half-buried in snowdrifts, the nonexistent front walk (it ought to run diagonally down to that brick post) and, if you could only see it, the completely impassible street (unless you are armed with a very large plow, which I hope will be coming this way soon).

We took the kids out this morning for a "Family Fun Day" being held in another city an hour away. Driving was slippery and the visibility wasn't that great when we left, but all I can say is, I'm glad we got back when we did.
It is January 4th and there is not a single speck of snow on the ground. The grass of our front lawn is the color of jade. Across the road, two kids are running around in shirtsleeves, and earlier this week, my oldest son went for a bike ride.

This is the weirdest Canadian winter ever.


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