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Jan. 18th, 2006 09:02 pm
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A while back I said I'd post links to all the drabbles and other quick-fics I'd written for the "Stump the Author" meme, so here I am making good on that promise.

Doctor Who )

Doctor Who/X-Files )

Remington Steele )

House )

I also wrote Snape/Luna for [ profile] lizbee, but since that ended up being revised and expanded into the middle part of "Opportunities", there's no need to repost it here. I still owe her a Snape/Lily drabble, however, which I plan to write as soon as I can think of a suitable idea.
I think it was [ profile] tzikeh who started the idea of talking about your first fandom; anyway, it was her Remington Steele icon turning up in my FriendsFriends list that made me stop and wibble. So, here's my contribution to the meme.

As I sat down in front of my parents' battered electric typewriter, I had no idea that the kind of story I was about to write was called "fan fiction", or that anyone else was doing the same thing. I only knew that I had an idea for a Remington Steele story, and I was itching to get it down on paper. And then it would be out of my system...

I little guessed that I would end up writing not just one but three Steele fics, or that the disease would then spread and afflict me with two Scarecrow and Mrs. King fics, an Airwolf fic, and then (horror of horrors) a crossover. (The latter, by the way, was where the Manimal element came in -- I dragged poor Jonathan and his friends off to a convention.*)

But anyway, it all started with Steele. And I was a raving, frothing fangirl about that show, I can tell you. I'm not even sure exactly what it was -- sure, Pierce Brosnan was good-looking, but I didn't have a G.P. for him or anything. I think it was just that Remington and Laura were so stylish and witty and generally cool. Especially Laura. I spent about three years trying desperately to look like her, walk like her, talk like her. I practiced her lines in the mirror. I even tried to raise my eyebrows and make my forehead wrinkle like hers. All very embarrassing in retrospect, but hey, I was only thirteen.

I was always very shippy about my fandoms, as the icon might indicate. Steele and Laura, Lee and Amanda, String and Caitlin, Jonathan and Brooke (although Manimal lasted less than one season, and even as I was watching it I knew deep down that it was a really stupid show). Cases? What cases? Helicopter? What helicopter? :)

Anyway, there are my first fandoms. Not my most long-standing or prolific (both those honours would have to go to Doctor Who), but fondly remembered, nonetheless.

*Where, as I recall, Laura accidentally stabbed Steele with a letter opener and Lee and Amanda got trapped together in a shipping crate, among other unintentionally hilarious incidents. I'm rather sorry now that I threw all those old stories out...


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