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She's grown so much since we got her from the shelter in September! And she has really been the most wonderful cat we could wish for.

Among other endearing traits, whenever we go out she waits patiently at the window for us until we come home. She's a very social, loving, patient sort of cat -- even when my 3 yo squashes her in one of his enthusiastic hugs. He calls her "my best friend".
As promised, picspam of our new kitty, a five-month old calico:

Isn't she lovely? )

The shelter folks named her Snickers, after the chocolate bar. Certainly her fur is all the colors of a Snickers wrapper, and my boys liked the name, so I guess we're keeping it.
I would just like to report that since I posted this message a week ago, I have written over 20,000 words.

Apparently the fear of the Editor is the beginning of all authorial wisdom, at least for me -- or the end of my authorial dithering, at any rate. And I am especially happy to report that after slashing Chapter Six and Seven to ribbons and rebuilding the entire sequence, it is a million bazillion quadrillion times better than the redundant, unfocused mess I had before. Plus, it now has one of my favorite secondary characters bringing the awesome in a way I didn't expect, which is always a plus...

Did I mention that today we also got a cat? Because we did, and she is lovely. I will spam you with pictures of her tomorrow.


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