...people in every fandom, of every kind, everywhere, are insane.

Whenever you get a large group of people together to discuss a common interest, and people are passionately interested and emotionally invested in the thing being discussed, it is absolutely inevitable that irrational behaviour will go on, flamewars will erupt, trolls will emerge, and before long the entire fandom will be dismissed as a bunch of wacked-out morons who seriously need to Get a Life.

The key to surviving in any fandom is to find a group of people who, even if they don't necessarily agree, are at least mature enough to handle disagreement sensibly. This can be difficult if a large percentage of your fandom is hormonally crazed and/or ON CRACK, but with a little searching and effort, it can be done. Then you stick with the sane people and ignore all the other stuff.

See? Much better.

No, this rant was not inspired by HP fandom. Though you can apply it there too if you like.
...but I just had to share. Because I'm evil that way.

I blame [livejournal.com profile] risti for this. Because she's a Clay Aiken fan, and seeing her username in [livejournal.com profile] pharnabazus and [livejournal.com profile] narcissam's impromptu chat session this evening inspired me with the thought that somewhere in the wild and woolly universe of HP fandom, there must be at least one fic in which Clay Aiken ends up at Hogwarts.

And yes, indeed, there is such a fic. However, I was not prepared to discover that it is not merely bad (which was a given) but in fact intentionally bad, and actually quite funny in parts. So here, for the brave (or insane), is the link:

Professor Pop Star: A Harry Potter/Clay Story.

On the way to discovering this hidden gum gem, I also stumbled across some Aiken-inspired HP artwork:

Remus Aboard The Hogwarts Express.

Um, okay, I can't say that that particular bit of casting had ever occurred to me, but...

Anyway, not that this comes as a big surprise to anyone, but HP fandom is nuts... and Clay Aiken fandom is even nuttier. Heh.


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