It took me a couple of seconds to get the joke (which shows how slow I am), but this crossover in comic form is genius.

Thanks to [ profile] zakhad for the link.
I have soooooooooooooooooo much stuff to do in the next few days. However, sometimes brilliance just drops into your lap and you have to share it.

One: Freelancer's Music Videos has updated again, and she has done a wonderful Snape vid to Simon & Garfunkel's "I Am A Rock".

Two: [ profile] kerravonsen wrote a Doctor Who / Scarecrow and Mrs. King crossover drabble. No, really. I am grinning all over my face right now.

Three: If you haven't seen Spiderman 2, and have even the slightest interest in doing so, get thee to a movie theatre, now. I've never seen such a perfect marriage of "chick flick" (well-developed characters, clever dialogue, angst, wit and romance) and "guy flick" (action/adventure, suspense, jaw-dropping special effects and Stuff Blowing Up) in a single film.

And now I'm off to bed before I fall over.


Jun. 20th, 2004 01:54 pm
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First, these Alias/HP icons are sheer brilliance. And I agree with most of the House assignments, too... though Jack has decided Slytherin tendencies. Slytherclaw?

Second, GIP! If you are wondering what inspired this particular bit of weirdness, you can find the relevant comment, and my frivolous reply, here. I finally managed to get my own icon concept -- the one that was driving me nuts yesterday -- working, but I still welcome other people's takes on the same theme. And thanks to [ profile] penwiper26 for her lovely (and fast!) effort. Lisa, what characters/fandom did you want me to write that drabble for?

Just for the record, the illustration that appears on the icon is not mine, but was taken from a pencil sketch by Anneth Lagamo entitled "The Potions Master and the Protege". Although it was labelled as Snape/Hermione, [ profile] chresimos thought it looked amazingly like an illustration for chapter six of If We Survive, and I had to agree.

Now I'm off to run some errands...

ETA: Thanks to [ profile] sinick for reminding me of the artist's name and pointing me to her gallery so I could give her proper credit, here and in the icon keywords.
First, the trivial, but obscurely heartwarming:

Somebody has a Public Crush on me?! )

Come on, whoever you are, fess up. Because I'm dying to know, now, but too cheap to pay $2-$4 to the Crush Meme originators to find out. :)

Secondly, and more importantly, everybody should have a crush on [ profile] yahtzee63. Because everything she writes is brilliant. Since she decided to do this crossover meme she's turned out a number of gems, most recently an excellent XF/XMM fic at the behest of [ profile] seemag. But I've been remiss in not pointing people to the lovely shiny crossover she wrote for me:

Truly, Madly, Deeply/HP crossover, Jamie/Grey Lady, 350 words

And with the cello too! *hugs fic*
...but I just had to share. Because I'm evil that way.

I blame [ profile] risti for this. Because she's a Clay Aiken fan, and seeing her username in [ profile] pharnabazus and [ profile] narcissam's impromptu chat session this evening inspired me with the thought that somewhere in the wild and woolly universe of HP fandom, there must be at least one fic in which Clay Aiken ends up at Hogwarts.

And yes, indeed, there is such a fic. However, I was not prepared to discover that it is not merely bad (which was a given) but in fact intentionally bad, and actually quite funny in parts. So here, for the brave (or insane), is the link:

Professor Pop Star: A Harry Potter/Clay Story.

On the way to discovering this hidden gum gem, I also stumbled across some Aiken-inspired HP artwork:

Remus Aboard The Hogwarts Express.

Um, okay, I can't say that that particular bit of casting had ever occurred to me, but...

Anyway, not that this comes as a big surprise to anyone, but HP fandom is nuts... and Clay Aiken fandom is even nuttier. Heh.
Snape family dinner party it is.

I am amused by how many people told me to finish Incarnations, seeing as I almost, almost, put that as the last option on the poll. But then I thought, "Heh, I'm sure everybody's forgotten about that one by now, and what's the actual likelihood of me ever working on it again?" so I didn't.

If anybody feels like giving me a really good idea of what should happen next (or soon) in that story, however... be my guest. You never know, it might inspire me. But at this point I think the only way I could get interested again would be if I convinced myself the last three or four seasons of XF never happened...


Jan. 10th, 2004 09:40 am
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I've just realized that there's barely a shred of HP content on the entire front page of my LJ. One would think I'd switched fandoms, or something. I haven't, honest! I'm still writing fic, at least in theory. I mean, I have that Alias/HP crossover WiP, the monumentally depressing Snape family fic (of which I've already written half of the next scene, only I keep forgetting it's there because Margot seems to have given up on me and stalked off in disgust), and...


Um, that's all I have at the moment, actually.

Agh! Maybe I am switching fandoms, or at least slowly drifting away from HP. But I loved [ profile] ixchelmala and [ profile] lizardlaugh's Funky Chess Theory With Ron=Dumbledore Bits, even if I'm not completely sure I believe all of it. And I'm working on a proposal for a presentation at [ profile] conventionalley -- that has to count for something, right?

New Icons!

Jan. 9th, 2004 12:22 am
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Because [ profile] corngirl_jo pointed me to a wonderful icon tutorial and now I can't stop...!

My latest creations: 2 Alias icons, 1 Doctor Who icon )

The icons with Jack Bristow and the Fifth Doctor are actually a bit of cross-fandom insanity on my part: the Jack icon has a quote from Doctor Who and the Fifth Doctor icon has a quote from Alias. Since they both ended up wearing glasses in a scene where they had to do surgery (Jack in "Breaking Point" and the Doctor in "Frontios"), it seemed appropriate...

And I'm sure [ profile] heidi8 will recognize the lyrics I used for the Weiss icon, if nobody else does.
[ profile] thegreenquill was wondering what had happened to this story I've been yammering about for ages, and whether there was any of it available for her to look at, so I figured, hey, why not.

The Artifact (Alias/HP crossover, set between"Firebomb" and "A Dark Turn", WiP)

It hasn't gone anywhere for a few months, but that doesn't mean I might not get inspired tomorrow or next week and finish it all off in a fevered bout of productivity. The bones of the story all there in my mind -- I just need to find the time and energy to flesh them out.

A few comments wouldn't hurt, either. :)

And yes, [ profile] corngirl_jo, there will be more Sark in this story. Probably even more than I'd originally planned, now that I'm actually starting to enjoy his character instead of finding him only vaguely amusing as I did in the first two seasons.
Wow! Thanks to [ profile] corngirl_jo, without whom I would never have known that my story "Sfumato" won two awards in the 2003 Alias Festival of Fic:

  • Third Place - Outstanding Irina Characterization
  • Third Place - Outstanding Jack/Irina Romance

    So very cool! I must finish my HP/Alias fic in time for next year's contest. They don't have a Crossover category, but I might be able to get "Outstanding Mission" if I make it exciting enough *g*.
  • GIP!

    Apr. 12th, 2003 10:08 am
    rj_anderson: (Dumbledore Irina Truth)
    Because multifandom icons are the wave of the future, and I'm totally pumped for both HP Book 5 and the ALIAS season finale...

    Oh, and if you think the colours make it look like I'm implying Irina would be in Slytherin if she weren't a Muggle, why, how clever you are! Sark and Sloane are Slyths too, naturally. Syd and Vaughn are Gryffindor to the core. Jack is a Ravenclaw with Slytherin tendencies. And Marshall and Weiss, gotta love 'em, are Hufflepuffs.
    You must check out this absolutely brilliant response to the Inappropriate Crossover Challenge, starring the gang from CSI and... well, you'll see.

    Thanks to [ profile] meril for drawing my attention to the Challenge. Think I should submit my ALIAS/HP fic?


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