In this case, [ profile] lizbee, who is having a birthday (or will have had, by the time she gets this, because she lives in the Antipodes where time runs counter-clockwise and people walk about upside-down). Thank you, Liz, for *mumblemumble* years of beta-reading, crackfic (and non-crack fic), long rambling AIM conversations, parcels in the mail (even though some, sadly, did not arrive), living in JKR's brain, and mutual assured fangirling. Plus just being a delightful person and a wonderful friend that I dearly hope to meet in person one day.

And now that I think of it, it is also the birthday of another splendid person and enormously talented writer, [ profile] yahtzee63. So:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] lizbee and [ profile] yahtzee63!

Read The Hallowed Hunt last night, couldn't put it down, loved it. At first I was disappointed that Bujold wouldn't be writing any more Vorkosiverse stories and resented that she'd got caught up with this new series (which was ironic, seeing as I normally much prefer fantasy to SF), and I didn't really enjoy The Curse of Chalion that much when it first came out. But I really enjoyed Paladin of Souls and I think this one has to be my favorite of the series yet. Also, a story in which a minor spoiler ) may be a Bujold first, although I had to wonder a little about further minor spoilage related to the first )

Since I have pretty much given up on this season's Canadian Idol in despair, as there is not one single contestant in the Top Ten (now eight, I guess) that I care about enough to back, let alone vote for, I decided last night to give Rock Star: INXS a chance. *shudders* Never again. Sure, most of the contestants are poised and professional on stage (more than can be said for the Idol franchise), and the live band is definitely a nice touch. But the skank factor is just way too much for me. And Brooke Burke and especially Dave Navarro make me want to run weeping into the arms of Ben Mulroney, which is a very frightening thing indeed.

Aw, the Tenth Doctor is so cute in his spiffy new outfit. Stop pouting and get over it, Billie (who looks oddly pastede on yay in these pics, especially the last one).

Is it Christmas yet?

Massive congratulations to [ profile] james_bow, who has just landed a publishing contract with Canadian publisher The Dundurn Group for his YA novel Rosemary and Time. Way to go, James!

And finally... some cold-related TMI )

ETA another silly meme result: That wand thingmy )


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