It's a good thing I thought to Google my book title today! Otherwise I would never have known about this:

Browse Inside Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter

Which gives you an electronic preview of the cover (flaps included), the first 67 pages of the book, and even the Acknowledgments at the end.

I heart my publisher.

ETA 12:00 EST: Server glitch means the preview's down for the moment. Will post again when it's back up.

ETA 3:30 EST: It's working again now!
Or to put it more elegantly:

KNIFE/HarperCollins OTP!!!!!

No, wait, let me try that again. *clears throat*

I am delighted to announce that my contemporary fantasy novel Knife has been acquired by HarperCollins US in a two-book deal, and will be published by them in 2009 or early 2010, with the sequel Wayfarer to follow in another year or two's time. Many thanks to my wonderful agent Josh Adams, my savvy and enthusiastic new editor Catherine Onder, and all the dear friends and faithful critiquers who helped me make this dream a reality.

I know that a great deal of work still lies ahead before I can hold a published copy of Knife in my hands, and that there will be days when I am frustrated and discouraged and wondering what ever made me think I could make it as a professional author. But right now I am simply and enormously happy.

Now tell me, dear f-list, because I am just that lame: WHAT SHOULD I DO TO CELEBRATE?

* Apologies to [ profile] cesario for the lapse into lolcat, but I trust I may be forgiven under the circumstances.
It's been a long time since I made a public post about the status of my original fantasy novel Knife, and a few of you have expressed curiosity as to how the manuscript has been faring.

First, for those who joined my LJ late in the game, a brief recap of the book's history: )

Now you're caught up, here's the rest of the story: )

So that's where things stand at this point. Thanks to everybody who's read the manuscript, helped to edit it, or just expressed an interest in its welfare over the years. I appreciate your continuing faith in my abilities as a writer, and hope to prove worthy of it one day. But right now...

I still have work to do.

Hold me...

Dec. 31st, 2003 09:00 pm
rj_anderson: (Internet node map from
...I'm about to reformat my HD and reinstall all my software. If you don't see me for a couple of days after this, you'll know why.

On a happier note, I mailed off my original fantasy novel Knife to Major YA Publisher today. In 3-6 months, if all goes well, I should hear back from the editor who had expressed an interest in seeing the whole manuscript... and we'll see what happens then!


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