Dear Lynn Johnson:

If your comic strip were scripted by blind monkeys, it would be better than this. I think the best thing about today's strip is the underlying message it conveys. "Those lying cheating aboriginals, they're all the same. They should stick to their own kind." Way to strike a blow against stereotypes, there -- especially after all your patronizing glorification of aboriginal culture a couple of years ago, which now takes on the flavor of Liz Takes A Trip To The Museum. Not to mention that this development makes utter nonsense of the past year or more of the Liz-Paul relationship, in which he was doing all the pursuing and accommodating, including taking a transfer to Toronto (which he manifestly disliked) in order to be close to her.

My parents stopped reading FBOFW years ago after Lynn Johnson made a blasphemous remark in a CBC interview, and my mother wrote to her with her concerns (quite politely, I may add) only to get a snippy letter back. I think they had the right idea.

Disgustedly yours,
A former reader
I've just read today's FBOFW and it made me want to scream. How disgustingly obvious is it that Warren McPlotContrivancePants is going to fly Liz up to Mtigwaki in his helicopter a day early so that she can stumble upon Suds and Chipper in all their faithless glory, and flee tearfully back to southern Ontario to throw herself into Granthony's wimpy arms?


I hope I'm totally wrong about this, but I have very little hope. Curse you, Lynnions!

On a positive note, I have library books. Lois Lowry's Messenger, Wendy Mass's A Mango Shaped Space (thank you for the rec, [ profile] variella) and Jeffrey Moore's The Memory Artists. The latter two books are about synaesthesia, so I can tear my hair out over things like Wendy's heroine being named Mia and mine being named Thea, and sink into bleak despair at the realization that everything I wanted to say in Touching Indigo has been said before and better by somebody else.

Kind of like I'm currently tearing my hair out over the fact that I cannot write a 250-word hook for Knife that doesn't confuse the heck out of people who haven't read it and give them a totally wrong impression about the story.

I can't not write, but sometimes I think I ought to take up an easier and more soothing occupation, like carving the 23rd Psalm in medieval script onto individual grains of rice.

Yes, I have a new fandom. No, really, I do. I blame Josh Reads Comics for getting me started.

It involves snarking on For Better or For Worse.

Yes, I confess to being really irritated at the thought of Liz Patterson getting together with her lame, wimpy (but recently divorced, and therefore available) grade-school boyfriend Anthony, particularly given the general awesomeness of her current boyfriend Constable Paul Wright. Long have I been tempted to leave flaming bags of poo on Lynn Johnson's doorstep every time she seems to be foreshadowing the horrorshow of white-bread mediocrity that is Liz/Anthony. Long have I also wanted to beat several of the Patterson family members with a clue stick, especially April, so it is a strange comfort to know that I am not alone.

The good thing about FBoFW fandom is that it has precious little fic, no vids, and very few ship wars (unless you count the growing number of people who think that Constable Paul is way too good for Liz, but it's kind of hard to disagree there).

Okay, so admitting to emotional investment in a comic strip soap-opera (which is, unfortunately, what FBoFW has mostly become) is a bit lame, but hey, at least it's not Rex Morgan or Mary Worth.


As you were.


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