Thanks to the nice folks at Inkpop, I'm their featured author this week and am doing a live chat on the site today from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. EST. I'll be interacting with aspiring teen authors in the forum, answering their questions about publishing and the creative process. If you're interested in such things, come along and check it out, either during the chat or afterward:

Creating a New World: Live Chat with Fantasy and Science Fiction Author R.J. Anderson

I wish sites like Inkpop had been available when I was a teen author, is all I can say. What a great resource for sharing works in process, getting critiques, and finding out all the nuts and bolts of publishing.
No, not the light. The film!

Mostly insignificant spoilers for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban )

On the whole, I enjoyed the film thoroughly on its own merits, not as a replacement for the book (which I think may always be my favorite of the whole series, unless JKR does something really amazing in the next two books), but just as a darn good movie. I don't care about another incredibly minor spoiler ). David Thewlis was great, as was Gary Oldman. They reminded me of all the things I loved about Remus and Sirius when I first read the book, and that was what I'd been most hoping for. You may find this hard to believe, but of all the HP adults, it's Remus who comes closest to my ideal of the Perfect Canon Boyfriend -- prior to OotP, anyway. Snape isn't even in the ballpark. And I loved David Thewlis for being freakishly tall and wearing old baggy clothes. Now I suddenly want to write for the Eleventh Doctor again...

Anyway, yeah! I can't wait to see this movie on a bigger, better screen with full surround sound, instead of in our piddly little local theatre where the sound was turned down low enough that you actually had to strain to hear it at times (I have never had that problem in a movie before -- usually I have to plug my ears for the first twenty minutes because the decibel level on the soundtrack actually hurts). Not to mention how much more fun it will be with [ profile] lydaclunas7, [ profile] avarill, and [ profile] callyperry there beside me, doing snarky and no doubt hilarious commentary. Whee! Convention Alley, here I come!


Mar. 11th, 2004 07:43 am
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Somebody new just paged me on IM, and I was in the middle of typing something in -- didn't even have a chance to see who it was or choose whether to accept the message or not before it disappeared. Whoever you were, I apologize for the inadvertent rudeness, and would you try again?

"After Six"

Feb. 15th, 2004 10:57 pm
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So as soon as I finished watching tonight's episode of Alias, I knew I had to page [ profile] avarill...

IM Reviews 'R' Us -- Cut for Mega-Spoilage )

I really am starting to worry that JJ Abrams has lost interest in this show and is too busy playing with other projects to pay attention to it any more. Rather like Chris Carter did with The X-Files. Sigh.
From a rather one-sided IM conversation I had with [ profile] firelocks tonight (she'd had to leave her computer to answer the phone):

synaesthete7: I have just ransacked Quick Quotes for everything JKR has said so far about Snape, and unless she is a Big Fat Liar, she doesn't like him. She may have a plan for him to play a significant role, even a heroic role, but she still doesn't like him.
synaesthete7: She keeps using the word "horrible".
synaesthete7: Sigh.
synaesthete7: *hugs Snape*
synaesthete7: *gets hexed into the middle of next week*
synaesthete7: *ends up head-down in a boiling cauldron*
synaesthete7: Oops.
From tonight's chat:

synaesthete7: I realized this morning that I am in imminent need of professional help. I was suddenly possessed by the urge to write an angsty romance fic (very much tongue-in-cheek, I hasten to add!) of "Blue's Clues".

Don't tell me you really want to know more... )

Yeah, I can't believe it either.
From tonight's chat log:

synaesthete7: Hey, I *finally* spent my nice $25 gift certificate to that a friend sent me for Christmas.
synaesthete7: You know what I spent it on?
hedda62: what?
lydaclunas7: What, RJ?
synaesthete7: A video called "Potty Time with Bear" and a copy of "Green Eggs and Ham".
synaesthete7: You know you're a mother when...
hedda62: Well, it's an investment.



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