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Ever since I read DH I've been feeling a bit sad that I can never write a canonical conclusion to my Darkness and Light trilogy. I'd intended to at least write something about Maud visiting Snape's grave if that should become necessary, but even that's impossible now, because JKR's made it plain that Snape never had anyone like Maud in his life -- it was all Lily, all the time, or as he said himself, "Always." I suppose one could still try to sandwich Maud in there, but it would end up being pretty one-sided on Maud's part, and therefore pathetic at best, if not downright creepy.

However, I have just realized that JKR left me one glimmer of hope... not about Snape, but about Uncle Alastor. You see, unless I'm misremembering, Mad-Eye's body was never found. All we ever saw was his fake eye, and that could easily have popped out when he tumbled into a haystack somewhere. Yeah, yeah, I know it's unlikely considering that Voldemort himself cursed him in the face, but work with me here.

So here is the idea I don't have time to write, but it makes me feel a little better just thinking about it: After being struck by the curse, which was not a Killing Curse because... uh... Voldemort decided to use a different and less fatal curse just for kicks, Mad-Eye fell from the sky and lay terribly injured and near death until a nice witch named Imogen Crump found him, hid him and nursed him back to health. Which took a long, long time, and happened far away from the main action so nobody knew about it. Yeah. And...


Oh drat, you can't fix injuries caused by Dark curses, right?


*shakes fist in the direction of the UK* CURSE YOU, JO!


No, not really. But it was harsh of her to kill off both Snape AND Mad-Eye, I think.
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