Okay, so this isn't something that made me happy TODAY, exactly, but I still treNational Library of Wales, AberystwythImage by rj-anderson via Flickrasure my many fond memories of that late August research/anniversary trip to the south of England and Wales. Waaaaaaaales. Oh, Susan Cooper, how I blame you for writing The Grey King and kicking off my passionate love affair with all things Welsh.

Anyway, I will just shut up and let you enjoy the pretty pictures now. First off, me looking understandably happy in front of the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth. WhichGardens at Powys Castle, Welshpool, WalesImage by rj-anderson via Flickr was, not surprisingly, a thoroughly brilliant place.

Then, since I am rambling around in no particular order, we have the gardens at Powys Castle, Welshpool, which are utterly stunning and have probably been used for the setting of any number of Regency-type movies. Tier upon tier of gorgeous blooms and immaculately trimmed hedges, and magnificent architecture all around.

Oh, and did I mention the view? Yeah.
View from Powys Castle, Welshpool, WalesImage by rj-anderson via Flickr
Also, the back roads in Wales are made for midgets driving incredibly tiny cars, which we were not (and were not driving) so we had to get used to the glorious fun of driving very cautiously around all the blind corners just in case we happened to meet somRoad to Blaencelyn, WalesImage by rj-anderson via Flickreone coming head-on the other way. Fortunately, as we were travelling deep in the Welsh countryside, this hardly ever happened.

I have many more pictures from the UK trip to share, but I'll save them for some posts in the New Year...

Anyway, that's it for me. If you'd like to do the "Five Things That Made Me Happy Today" meme, consider yourself tagged; otherwise, never mind. :)
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