Recently I found myself reminded of how many amusing new words I've learned from fandom, and how useful some of them are. So it's time to share the textual wealth.

Here are three of my favorite fannish terms, with definitions and the fandom I first learned them from:

  • zapruder (v.) To watch a taped or downloaded video multiple times, especially in slow motion or even frame-by-frame. Discovered on the American Idol forums, i.e. "I've been zaprudering Clay's performance of "Grease" all week. Because I am twelve, and Clay makes you lose brain cells, y'all." Derived from Zapruder film, the home video of John F. Kennedy's assassination that launched a thousand conspiracy theories.

  • drabble (n.) A short fiction piece of precisely one hundred words, often with a humorous, ironic, or surprising twist. Discovered on rec.arts.drwho.creative. Apparently the term actually originated in Doctor Who fandom, as well.

  • bunching (n.) The phenomenon that occurs when people who started out on a journey at separate times end up all in the same place at the same time, due to flight and train schedules, limited hours of operation at tourist attractions, etc. Originated on the Amazing Race forums, i.e. "So after spending the whole night on a park bench in an effort to get the lead, Russell and Cindy ended up having to wait in line for the bus with everybody else. I love me some bunching."

    So what are your favorites?
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