You know how spoiler )?

Now I know why that "Duelling Club" chapter in CoS was so important. Because spoiler )

This strikes me as even more interesting now that I've taken a second look at CoS, because sort of spoiler )

Ironic, no?
*jumps up and down and points excitedly at Outpost Gallifrey*

Look, [ profile] lizbee! A small S4 spoiler! )

And in other spoilery news, this about Martha )

Isn't it sad how even after my crushing disappointment with the end of S3, I still keep zipping up my anorak and crawling back for more?
In order to protect myself from HP 7 spoilers, which apparently are already floating around the web (somebody on a non-HP community I visited yesterday had a spoiler icon and was using it freely, which made me furious -- my only hope now is that it was a made-up spoiler instead of a real one), I am having to disable anonymous commenting for the next six weeks.

Since I have several regular commenters who don't have LiveJournals, I feel very sorry about this, but as usual the few jerks out there have spoiled it for all the decent people. I will restore anonymous commenting after July 21st.

Also, if you're on my f-list and you plan to read and discuss HP 7 spoilers in your journal, could you let me know here in comments so I can take you off my default view until after the book comes out? Thanks.
Turn back now if you haven't seen the latest trailer/articles or don't want to be spoiled )

I think this year I am just going to watch the episodes this season and enjoy them as they come out, while totally ignoring

a) anything RTD says about the future of the show, his own brilliance, and the exact nature of the Doctor-Martha relationship;

b) all the inevitable fan-blather about whether this week's ep was better than last week's (or last season's) and whether some line the Doctor tossed off over his shoulder in a crisis means that Martha is Better Than Rose or that Gallifrey still exists in a pocket universe or that his brown suit got shrunk at the cleaner's, or some combination of all three;

and I will be much happier and more productive in the end, I am sure.

And now back to Day #1 of the Great Fast Draft Experiment, in which I have so far only managed to write 1,000 words in an hour instead of the 2,000 I was hoping for, and now have to catch up like whoa if I'm to make my quota.
No one on my flist has in any way offended in this regard, so don't worry (yet), but --


Just so's you know. Cut tags are your friend! And no putting spoilers (that includes how you feel about what you've read) in the cut tag text either. People who do that will be killed twice for good measure.

In happier news, hey [ profile] wahlee_98, [ profile] wolf550e, [ profile] melissa_tlc, [ profile] lydaclunas and all the old HP:HOS thread gang -- Melanie/DrummerGirl/Persephone is back! With a high speed connection even! I talked to her last night on IM and she says she's planning to be online a lot more now. I'm going to try to talk her into getting an LJ. Whee!
Oh yes, oh yes, YES! YES! YES! ... Er, and a casting spoiler )

Also, speaking of JJ Abrams, GIP! I don't usually like to use other people's icons unless they were made specifically for me and therefore are not likely to be spotted in a zillion other LJs, but I have no idea where I might go about finding this screencap to make my own version. Besides, I like the lighting and Josh Holloway brings teh pretty in a truly impressive way so... here it is. Thanks to [ profile] littleasianpixi and [ profile] foriconsake.
Because Liz E. asked for it.

But only if you click here -- and you'd better not mind spoilers... )

It'll be veeerrry intereresting if I'm right about this...


Jan. 17th, 2003 10:43 pm
rj_anderson: (Jack Portrait)
Well, I posted my Evil Sloane Theory to the Spoilers forum at Television Without Pity, expecting it to get shot down pretty fast, but so far nobody's refuted it and several people have freaked out and told me that I might just be right...!

I scare myself sometimes.
After reading the latest round of ALIAS spoilers (which really don't say that much, at least not directly), I have just come up with the World's Most Evil Theory about Sloane. I haven't yet been able to think of anything from past eps that could prove it wrong, and I've thought of quite a few otherwise perplexing things that would be explained by it.

Of course, now I'm dying to toss this around with somebody and I can't find any other ALIAS fen online. Where's [ profile] avarill when you need her? Wah!


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