You know how spoiler )?

Now I know why that "Duelling Club" chapter in CoS was so important. Because spoiler )

This strikes me as even more interesting now that I've taken a second look at CoS, because sort of spoiler )

Ironic, no?
Gacked from the ever-wonderful [ profile] fuseno8, whose links bring all the authors to her yard -- a v. interesting article about the difficulty of translating HP into Hindi. [ profile] becominghuman, I thought of you:

Should You Address Prof. Snape with Respect?

And in other HP news, I am driving into Toronto today to have supper with [ profile] melissaanelli! I haven't seen her in person since October 2002, which is far too long, and our e-mails to each other in the last couple of years have consisted mostly of MAJOR NEWS followed by thoughtful comments like "ajhdkjlhsdkjldfsklsdkd;". But then, she's one seriously busy lady these days, for some odd reason.

More later.
Before you click on the cut below, I don't wish to sound all arrogant-like, but I did totally call one of the biggest shockers of Book 6 two days before the novel came out. So even though this is pure speculation on my part, and not based on any inside knowledge or even rumor about the contents of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, you might want to steer clear if you're hoping to be surprised.

I wanted to write this up in a more sophisticated, essay-like form, with references and whatnot to back up my ideas, but I don't have time for that right now. So I am afraid you will have to put up with a condensed version of a very informal chat I had with [ profile] cesario instead, for which I do apologize.

My predictions for HP Book 7, including the real reason Snape is so hard on Harry, the meaning of the gleam of triumph in Dumbledore's eye, and what we're seeing on the cover of the American version, among other things that could very possibly turn out to be SPOILERS )

Now I am going to go and re-read books 1-6 and cry, thanks.
In certain sectors of Doctor Who fandom there is a crack-brained theory with which I happen to agree completely that Spoilers for 'The Sound of Drums' )

But anyway, all this cracktastic theorizing has made me decide that what the fandom really needs is an awesomely bad vid of this ) set to Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney's "The Girl is Mine".

Thank you, I'll be here all week.

And on a more serious note, on my way to the SCBWI conference I figured out the plot of HP Book 7, or at least the most important bits Snape parts. I'm not kidding, either: I think I really did, in much the same way I figured out that Snape would *mumble Mumbledore* two days before Book 6 came out. But I'll save the details for a later post.
So I just ran LJArchive on my journal (no, I'm not worried about losing my LJ account nor am I planning to move, but the recent kerfuffle reminded me that it was time to do a backup) and when you look at the Word Count meter, there is one word I have used more than any other since I started posting in 2002.

Leaving out common words like "the" and "because" and so on, can anyone guess what that word is?


1. It is a noun.
2. It has more than four letters.
3. I have used this word 594 times, and the possessive version of the word appears an additional 145 times.

First person to guess correctly gets a drabble with the character(s) of their choice. (I know, I know. Try not to be overcome with my creative generosity.)

ETA: Guessed by [ profile] yunitsa. Her Snape drabble is here.
This thread is the best HP-related thing I have seen in days. And yes, that includes both the OotP trailers.

[ profile] sydpad + [ profile] twirlynoodle = genius.
Thanks to the brilliant and talented [ profile] cesario, and no thanks to Canada Post for hanging onto the package for so long --


Now I just have to find the right place to display them. Thank you thank you thank you, [ profile] cesario!
So there I was getting the baby ready for bed tonight, not thinking about anything in particular, tra la la, when all of a sudden I was mugged by two humongous HP plot bunnies. Did you think I'd pretty much forgotten about HP for the time being and was just sitting here waiting for Book 7? I bet you did. I know I did.

The premise of the first and lesser bunny )

However, the second one really freaked me out when I thought of it, and the more I thought about it from various angles the more fearfully plausible it became, until I began to think that if JKR doesn't do something along these lines in Book 7 I won't just be disappointed, I'll actually be surprised. I ran it past [ profile] lizbee and [ profile] cesario and they agreed that it was definitely worth posting for public consumption, so here it is, the plot bunny that ate the fandom )

So there you have it. Fire away.

Ha ha!

Mar. 16th, 2006 08:05 pm
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I solemnly swear that I answered all the questions on this quiz with complete honesty, or at least picked the answers I honestly thought were closest to the truth of the matter:

What Kind of Snapeist Are You? )

Also, while I wouldn't be surprised if [ profile] pauraque came up with the notion of sorting Snapeists into denominations on the Jewish model independently, I did propose this very idea on the Snapefans Yahoo!Group back on July 1, 2001. (Boy, am I old.)

<<< BOOM >>>

Feb. 8th, 2006 01:08 pm
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That sound you heard just now? It was my mind blowing. And it's all [ profile] sinick's fault.

This is why.

Get out your black handkerchiefs, Snapefans. I think she's on to something here.
Written for the [ profile] omniocular January challenge, for which I drew the names of Luna Lovegood and Hermione Granger... although a couple of other characters decided to come along for the ride.

"A timely and well-characterized story that explores the confict between duty and compassion, revenge and forgiveness in a frightened and bureaucratic society." - [ profile] omniocular

Title: "Opportunities"
Author: R.J. Anderson ([ profile] synaesthete7)
Rating: PG
Length: 2600 words
Summary: The walls have ears, and when the record of Luna's conversation with a wanted man reaches the Ministry, Hermione feels compelled to intervene.
Author's note/Disclaimer: It is surely unnecessary to point out that these characters aren't mine, except for a couple of minor ones that are. Kisses to Jo Rowling, without whom etc. And many thanks to [ profile] lizbee, [ profile] cesario and [ profile] pharnabazus for their beta-reading services.

Opportunities )

Comments and criticisms welcomed.
Some of my favorite grouchy people were born in early January, it seems. First we have Mary Russell on January 2nd, on no lesser word than that of her author editor Laurie R. King; then Sherlock Holmes on January 6th, a date not explicitly given in canon but nonetheless widely accepted among Holmesians as correct due to Holmes's penchant for quoting Twelfth Night.

We know also that Dr. Gregory House was born in early-to-mid January, and seeing that he shares a house number with Holmes, it doesn't seem much of a stretch to propose January 6th as his birthday as well. And then, of course, J.K. Rowling has informed us that Severus Snape was born on January 9th.

Is it an astrological thing to have brilliant, misanthropic, sarcastic, obsessively driven characters born in January, or is there some other logic behind it?
I am so glad I friended [ profile] buttfacemakani's journal, because if I hadn't I would have missed some truly brilliant sketches. Like this one:

Poker Night at the Malfoys

I just love Snape's smug serenity in the midst of it all.

Hope everyone had a pleasant Christmas Day, whether celebrating or not -- our family is having our gathering today and I'm on Turkey Duty, so I won't be online much.
How long has it been since I even read HP fic that wasn't written by somebody on my LJ friendslist, let alone recced it? But I came across this one today and having mentioned it to two people already, I figure I ought to post something about it here.

As I just finished explaining to [ profile] lizbee, it's a clever, well-written, HBP-compliant Snape genfic -- WiP, but the author seems to be updating pretty regularly. I have a few niggles, but that's inevitable. The best thing about the fic is how dryly funny it is, and how the author manages to portray Snape's interpretation of certain events and people as being eminently logical -- even brilliant -- yet at the same time completely wrong. She also shows a plausible flip side to many of the events we're familiar with from canon, as well, which gave the story a freshness that it might otherwise have lacked.

Anyway, enough of my promotional blather: The Diary of the Half-Blood Prince, Part I by CareCrystal.

ETA: I originally said that this fic had some bits in it that were movie rather than book canon, but I've since realized that said bits were in the books and that I am an idiot, so I withdraw the objection. Also, the latest chapter explains everything I thought was slightly "off" in the fic and the rationale is sheer brilliance, so all I can say is -- GO READ THE FIC.
I must say, this is rather good:

Firelight trembled of the space beyond concerning its properties, that reveals the superb black eyes, hitched nose, and dilute, almost bloodless lips of Severus Snape.

This came from translating the paragraph from English to Dutch and back again. I have to agree with [ profile] hedda62 -- the amusement is endless. It's like Markov all over again.
Here it is at last -- the promised post-HBP Snapefic. A very early draft of the first few paragraphs appeared in this LJ a few months ago, but there have been quite a few changes, not to mention additions, since then... hope you enjoy it!

Secrets and Lies )

Author's Note: Heartfelt thanks to my betas [ profile] lizbee and especially [ profile] cesario, whose shrewd and practical observations about characterization, tone and structure helped make this story a great deal better than it would have been otherwise. Any shortcomings that remain in this final draft are entirely my own fault.

This story follows the events of "The Potions Master's Apprentice" and "Personal Risks", and is meant to stand as a more canonically viable alternative to the popular but now unfortunately AU "If We Survive". I have tried to take into account Snape's character as presented in OotP and HBP, for whatever that may be worth. I have not addressed the question of Snape's apparent megalomania in announcing himself to Harry as "I, the Half-Blood Prince!" but my take on that scene* would be better served in essay form, or perhaps in a brief genfic.

As always, comments and criticisms are welcome. Thanks for reading!

* The short answer is that I think he was simply trying to let Harry know in the quickest and most direct way that it was his textbook he'd been cribbing off all year. Vain as Snape undoubtedly is in some respects, I really can't imagine that he'd still be preening himself on a ridiculous self-bestowed (or possibly Lily-bestowed) title that he'd used as an adolescent, especially as the term "half-blood" isn't that prestigious and any fool would know he wasn't really a prince...

Oh hey, now I don't have to write the essay or the genfic. Go me!
I just watched this again to see if it was as eyebuggingly, earwormingly horrific as I remembered, and yes, yes it was. I think the cracked-out dancing girls may actually be the worst bit, because dude, the choreography. Anyway, the only way I could make the pain go away was to share it, once more, with the rest of you:

The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.

In other and completely unrelated news (unless you think that Leonard Nimoy reminds you of Snape, which is possible in a random sort of way), I have actually started writing a post-HBP Snape/Maud fic, to serve as a more canonical alternative to the now-AU If We Survive.

I've been moving toward a less romanticized portrayal of Snape for a while -- you can see it in "Cold Water" and "Bewitching the Mind, Ensnaring the Senses", both of which were written after OotP. But the "Spinner's End" chapter of HBP was, in a strange way, comforting and confirming to me: it showed that I hadn't been that far off the mark in guessing what Snape might be like, how he might converse, in a situation where he was on reasonably civil terms with the others present and his hatred of James Potter & Co. wasn't uppermost on his mind. (Plus, so totally Snape pulling the wool over Bellatrix's eyes and manipulating the situation to play out with his and Dumbledore's planned endgame, but I digress.) So while Snape is certainly not any normal person's idea of a good date, and I can no longer imagine him in a situation like the one I wrote in IWS Ch. 3 (pity, as I rather liked that crimson turtleneck), I still don't think he is hopelessly screwed up when it comes to all human relationships.

Anyway, the fic. Don't worry, it's short -- I have not completely parted ways with sanity. But the challenge of writing Snape again, given what we now know of his personality, was too tempting to resist. [ profile] lizbee and [ profile] cesario have seen the little bits I've written so far and seem to think they're all right, so I shall continue as time and responsibilities permit, and hope to have something to post here soon.


Aug. 30th, 2005 08:20 am
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Some of my favorite newspaper comics are on a roll. Yesterday's Dilbert was sheer brilliance:

See? )

And then today's Get Fuzzy made me laugh out loud:

Told you... )

I laughed out loud on both counts, and I almost never do that.

ETA: Okay, and now I've just laughed aloud for a third time, thanks to this little comment at the end of today's Josh Reads Comics entry:
Apropos of nothing, a few months ago the future Mrs. C. and I were cooling off in a wading pool at Paramount's Great America when we saw someone walk by with a giant inflatable chunk of Spider-Man merchandising. She pointed out that it's pretty hilarious to pronounce "Spider-Man" like it's a Jewish last name, with the last syllable de-emphasized. As in, "Oy, why do we have to have Passover at the Spidermans every year? There's always this weird webbing stuff in the haroset."
Well, [ profile] lizbee, Melanie a.k.a. DrummerGirl, and anyone else I've forgotten who attempted without success to persuade me of the virtues (or at least the plausibility) of a certain ship over the years... I repent in sackcloth and ashes.

Reactions to Part III of the TLC/MuggleNet Interview )

And now that I have impressed you all with my maturity, I shall wander off and work some more on my fic.
For anyone who hasn't already seen it, [ profile] junediamanti has written a brilliant essay on the location of Spinner's End. Not only does it come with pictures (one of which, supplied by [ profile] julian_black in comments, is positively delicious -- Fred?!) but the comments are hysterical, especially this exchange between [ profile] junediamanti and [ profile] tapedeck. (And for those few left scratching their heads and wondering what the joke is about, here's the sketch they're referring to.)


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