Contrary to William Shatner's famous dictum, this is one Trekkie who does NOT need to get a life. Believe me, I have TOO MUCH OF ONE ALREADY.

Thanks to an ever-increasing host of church and family-related responsibilities as we gear up for the Christmas season, it's all I can do to skim my carefully whittled f-list for Major Happenings. I must apologize to you all in advance for not being able to participate in any of the myriad love memes and wishlist memes that are floating around -- I hope to make it up to you at some point when things are less crazy.

But what's really driving me right now is that on top of all this, I've just found out that Knife could make the summer 2009 list if only I can get my revisions done in time. When I first heard about the possibility it seemed like a nifty thing if I could do it, but lately some reasons (which I can't go into at present) have come up for me to take the challenge even more seriously than that. So whenever I have a spare moment, I'm squirrelling myself away with my laptop and revising, revising, revising like mad.

The good thing is that I am really, really happy with the first two chapters now -- happier than I've ever been before. But it's hard and absorbing work. And I get a lot more done if I work on a computer that does NOT have Internet access, so... you won't be hearing much from me for the next little while, I'm afraid.

Erm, I love you all, and Merry Christmas?

Oh dear.

Nov. 27th, 2007 10:09 pm
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So my husband comes in from his shed/workshop*, where he's been working all evening on a barn-shaped toy cabinet for our oldest son, and we have the following exchange:

H: I thought when I started that this was going to be a small project, but I seem to have got a bit carried away.

Me: O RLY?

H: Yeah. Now I know why the Mennonites get everybody together to do these things.

Me: ... They do that for REAL barns. Not TOY barns.

H: They'd do it for this one.

Me: *facepalm*

I suppose I could go out to the shed and look for myself, but right now I'm thinking I might be happier just not knowing...

* which many visitors mistake for the house next door, or possibly a summer cottage we couldn't be bothered to buy extra property for, but that's another story.
It occurs to me that I never posted about the eye-poppingly dreadful sign I saw outside a church here in town a few weeks ago:

Sunday at 11:00

Oh, yeah, I can see serious theologians lining up at the door for that one.


More recently I came across this one, outside a local farm:


And here I thought paintball was violent.


But my favorite hilarious sign incident happened at the end of this summer, when [ profile] avarill was visiting. We made a trip into Mennonite country to look at furniture and do some geocaching, and by the time we approached our destination, we were all hungry. At which point the following conversation took place:

HUSBAND: Look for somewhere we can stop. I can't believe there aren't any restaurants around here.

ME: [reading off a sign by the roadside] Tomatoes... sweet corn... quilts... schnoodle pups.

H.: Schnoodle pups! Those sound pretty tasty. I could go for one of those.

ME: ...

[ profile] avarill: ...

H.: What?

ME: Er, I think those are actually, y'know, puppies. Schnauzer, poodle... schnoodle.

H.: ...

ME and [ profile] avarill: *bust up laughing*

The sad thing is, they do sound like they ought to be some kind of tasty deep-fried treat.
I fear to use the word "resolutions" because, you know, those are those things that are made of good intentions and always seem to get broken. But these are some goals I've come up with, and I think they're good ones, and I pray for the strength to stick to them:

  1. Go for a half-hour walk every morning, unless the weather is exceedingly nasty.

  2. Follow my Time Map for at least one week.

  3. Don't check e-mail first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

  4. Turn off the computer when I'm not using it, and use it only during the times marked out for Writing on my Time Map.

  5. Write another novel.

  6. Read at least one new MG or YA book a month.

We'll see how that goes. I have a few more ideas of things I'd like to do, but I'll save them for later...

ETA: A slightly less serious set of resolutions )
With all this talk about Mary Sues, I've been struck by a new thought.

Some people have mentioned seeing MS characters in published fiction -- Anita Blake is frequently mentioned, and of course there are other plausible candidates like Amelia Peabody, Mary Russell, and Anne of Green Gables (come on -- she's a spunky orphan with a tragic past, an unusual hair colour, and she wins the heart of everybody she meets! How can she not be a Mary Sue?*).

However, I haven't heard anybody mention an even more serious and irritating problem -- Mary Sues in real life!

Think about it. Alexander the Great? So a Gary Stu. Elizabeth Taylor? I mean, she has violet eyes**! And let's not even get started on Gwyneth Paltrow...

But that's just a tiny sample. So step right up, folks! Nominate your favorite RL Mary Sues and Gary Stus. We might even start a new genre -- RPMS fic!

*This is, by the way, mostly facetious. I like Anne just fine.
**Yes, I do know they aren't really violet. Tell that to the press, though.


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