I just thought of the best opening for my Snape presentation at Convention Alley. Oh, this is going to be so much fun...!

I want to put some stuff into this presentation that makes it different from the rest, perhaps different from what people are accustomed to or what they'll get in the other seminars, but hopefully not boring either. I was looking at the audio-visual requirements of the other presenters and feeling rather daunted at first, because I'm accustomed to teaching Bible to women's groups, and working without even a black (or white) board, let alone a PowerPoint presentation. And here's everybody else with laptops and screens and slideshows and other technical whatnot.

I could, I suppose, get into PowerPoint -- and probably even make some useful and eye-catching slides with it, since graphic art is What I Do, and I've played around with the program before. But even so, the idea of talking and using PP at the same time makes me feel like David in Saul's armour. Not to mention that my husband, who uses PP regularly for presentations at work, has lots of horror stories about corrupted disks and power outages and all the other things that can go wrong with a carefully prepared slideshow. So I think I'll just save myself the stress and do what I was planning to do anyway, for good or ill.

Which means it'll be just me and my notes -- well, and perhaps a handout for the audience, so they can take notes and jot down questions for the discussion time if they like. And if they find the rest of the seminar boring, hopefully they'll at least enjoy the dramatic readings...


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