Well, I was right about it being labour...

Paul Nathan
Born September 7, 2005 at 11:20 a.m.
8 lbs., 12 oz.
57 centimetres long

Born in our ensuite bathroom's corner tub, though I did most of my labouring just walking around the house. Anyway, he's healthy, strong, and sleeping peacefully as I type. Pictures have been taken and will be forthcoming, I just didn't feel like hobbling back to the bedroom to get the camera just now.

Thanks so much to all of you who prayed and sent good wishes! The labour was fast and intense and I ache all over, but as you can tell from the fact that I'm sitting up and typing, I'm doing very well.

"Give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good; His mercy endureth forever."

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Sep. 7th, 2005 08:48 am
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I think I'm in labour, guys. Those who want more details (what, are you nuts?) can check out my latest post at [livejournal.com profile] pregnant. Well-wishes and prayers appreciated.
Well, I was right -- it was labour. And as of 6:30 this morning, I'm the proud mother of a new baby boy, Simon Philip. 7 pounds, 7 ounces, born in the waterbirth tub, and to all appearances at present, healthy and flourishing. The labour was intense, but short -- active stage was only 3 hours total. And right now, in spite of not having been able to sleep for some reason (in spite of having lots of opportunity to do so -- Hubby and the baby are both having a nap right now), I'm feeling pretty good. Certainly much better than I did after having Nicholas, anyway!

Thanks to all of you who kept us in your thoughts and prayers. "Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures for ever." (Ps. 107:1)
Well, here's an irony -- I'm having contractions. 5-10 minutes apart, about 30 seconds each. Not too intense yet (obviously not, I'm online blogging about it), but just enough to keep me from sleeping. They've been going on for over an hour now, and neither getting up and walking around nor taking a warm shower got rid of them, so I suspect they're the Real Thing.

Am debating whether or not to call the midwives back (they've already been here once tonight, checking me out when I thought my water had broken -- but I wasn't having any contractions then, and after doing a thorough exam and a swab, they decided it was either a false alarm, or the leak had closed up again).

I think I'll wait another half an hour or so... whoo, here's another one. Did I say ouch? Ouch.


Jun. 6th, 2002 06:58 pm
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In the "ohhh yessss" department: the first bunch of Niffler reviews are up at FictionAlley and some kind soul named Wazoo wrote this glowing recommendation of Epiphany. Hey, that almost makes up for me not having had the baby yet.
OK, so here I am, at my due date (well, it's supposedly tomorrow, but close enough), 40 weeks pregnant. And I actually feel quite decent.

With Nicholas, I went eight days over my due date, and I was miserably uncomfortable with hugely swollen feet and bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome, unable to sleep properly by night and staggering about by day in a perpetual state of exhaustion. This time, though, I'm still mobile and flexible, still sleeping comfortably, have very little swelling in my wrists and ankles, and no carpal tunnel at all. I really have nothing to complain about.

Except, of course, that in spite of all that good stuff, I still just want to have this baby and get the whole thing over with. And I've got all these little pops and pangs and stretchy feelings and what-have-you that make me think, "Well, something is happening..." But then, I also know that for that "something" to turn into real labour might take 12 hours, or 24, or 70... or more. So I am trying to remind myself to be thankful for the degree of comfort and mobility that I have, and also to savour the last few days (if it comes to that) of relative peace and rest in the house before the new baby arrives and turns everything upside down.

Oh, yeah, and sitting comfortably. Gotta remember to appreciate that while I've still got it, too.


Jun. 1st, 2002 06:51 pm
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Picked up the waterbirth tub this morning. Still no baby, but at least now I'm ready if and when it decides to put in an appearance...

I've had some good comments on Epiphany and made a few changes and edits accordingly; if all goes well I should have a link posted here by tomorrow night, or Monday morning at the latest. Yay!
Believe it or not, I actually finished Epiphany last night! It's with the D&L beta-readers now (though since my usual beta team are all pretty busy these days, I'll also take volunteers, if you've time and inclination -- e-mail me for the top-secret link), and when I've had the chance to get comments and do a last edit, I'll post the appropriate URL(s) here.

And that, appropriately enough, is absolutely the last thing I'm gonna write before I go into labour. I have a house to clean, a pile of laundry to do, some more casseroles to make and put in the freezer... I just hope I can find the energy (not to mention the flexibility) to get it all done in time!

Getting back to Epiphany, I can't believe I had the idea for this story back before I was even pregnant. Shows how long it takes me to get around to feeding my plot bunnies sometimes...

Tubs and Trek

May. 22nd, 2002 09:29 pm
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I've deleted my ranting about the waterbirth tub from earlier today because the problem's all solved now. I mailed off the deposit tonight. Finally. We're scheduled to pick it up on June 1st.

Oh, and the season finale of Enterprise rocked. I didn't see the cliffhanger coming, and I've no idea where it's going. Always a good sign -- assuming TPTB can follow through with a second part as good as the first.
So, I had my 38-week appointment today and everything is still going great. Blood pressure on the low side of normal, baby's heartbeat regular, position still good. I'm still feeling pretty decent, too -- able to walk easily, bend and flex without too much difficulty, and sleeping well on the whole, which is practically unheard-of for a pregnant woman at this stage of things. And today I finally got the cradle mattress I'd been looking for, and also found out that my crib bumpers and sheets could be made to fit into the cradle with a little ingenuity, so now I actually have something ready for the new baby to sleep in. Yay!
I'm finally at term -- 37 weeks! I can go for a homebirth any time now! Whee!

Plus, I got started on Whirlpool Heart last night. Don't worry, it's going to be short, so hypothetically I'll still have time to do the Snapelet fic... assuming the baby doesn't come early, that is. And I very much doubt it will.
Well, I had another appointment with the midwife today, and things are still looking and feeling good. BP normal, baby in head-down position, very little swelling (and even better, no carpal tunnel syndrome) so far. I even told her I was sleeping well, which surprised her because she says she never hears that from women at this stage! But it's true -- even though I wake every two hours or so throughout the night, I drop right back into a deep sleep again afterward. I'm very thankful for that, and hope it lasts!

Baby's heartbeat is 120, and the midwife says it seems to be fairly small and compact -- she doesn't think this one is going to be the same size as Nicholas (who was 8 lbs. 13 oz.). She thinks it might be a little girl. Well, that would give me an excuse for having bought four cute little pink-flowered outfits while garage-saleing last weekend... though I was figuring, if it wasn't a girl, I could always give them to somebody else, since they looked brand-new. Besides, my friend Brenda talked me into it. Yeah, that's the ticket -- it's her fault.

On another note, I've realized I have two plot bunnies left to feed before the new baby comes. Epiphany is that Snapelet cookie I keep putting off writing, but will really try to get to, honest. And Whirlpool Heart was an idea I had for a Vaughn vignette, even before the season finale of Alias aired last Sunday and made the concept and title even more ironically appropriate...
If you're wondering where I've been and why this blog has become so dull -- the sad fact is, I'm ferociously ill. A cold that started two days ago with a slight sore throat has progressed now to a nasty chest cough, stuffed-up head, exhaustion and full-body aches and pains. (Oh, and the sore throat kindly decided to stick around and get worse, too.) In short: blergh.

On a positive note, only one week left until I'm considered "at term" (37 weeks) and cleared to give birth at home instead of a hospital. And I finally got a hold of a woman who rents complete waterbirth tub kits. I'm just glad I'm not having the baby now, feeling like this...

Status: Meh.

May. 6th, 2002 10:14 pm
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Nothing of any consequence to report, alas. I'd hoped to write at least a "cookie" about the first Snapelet, if not a proper (albeit short) story -- but I haven't so much as written a crumb's worth yet. Nor have I done the graphic design stuff I'm supposed to be working on. And I've only got four weeks left until my due date. Bad, bad me.

Excuse me, I have to go do laundry now.

Perfect Union

May. 2nd, 2002 12:28 pm
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Hallelujah, praise the Lord, o frabjous day, etc.! My husband's union has finally reached a tentative settlement with the provincial government. They still have to vote on the contract offer, but it seems likely that they will take it -- after eight weeks on strike a lot of the workers are getting to the end of their financial rope, so they can hardly afford to turn any half-decent offer down.

Oh, it will be so nice to have Hubby home again every evening, instead of gone for four or five days at a time... especially now that I'm getting achy and cumbersome. (Lovely word, that -- "cumbersome". It sounds almost cozy. I wish it were.)
Well, the headache and dizziness never really got worse, but they didn't get better either, so I called the midwife. Since I'm without wheels at the moment, she came to the house to check my blood pressure and glucose and listen to the baby's heartbeat. Everything came up normal, so no worries there -- but when she had the Doppler on my abdomen to check the baby, Nicholas was watching and listening with wide, fascinated eyes.

"Nicholas," I said, "that's the baby's heartbeat. Do you hear it? Can you say hello to the baby?" So Nicholas obediently leaned over, stuck his face on my stomach and bellowed, "HELLO BABY!!!"

Needless to say, the midwife and I cracked up.

Anyway, after she left I took a couple of sinus pills, and the headache finally went away. Wish I hadn't misread the list of prohibited medications and mistaken ASA for acetaminophen, or I could have gotten rid of it a lot sooner...
My feet have started to swell up. Gah. I was hoping to avoid that particular symptom of late pregnancy...
Went to the midwife's yesterday for my checkup (I'm on a two-week schedule now -- oy!) and had a nice chat with her. Everything's normal as far as my blood pressure and protein/glucose levels are concerned, and baby's heartrate is about 135 with vigorous and regular movements, so everything seems to be going well.

We spent a while talking about my plans (or at least hopes) to have a waterbirth this time around -- I really wish I'd done that last time, because the bathtub was just not deep enough to let me float or even fully immerse myself, and ended up being more maddening than helpful. Well, as it turns out, Beth (my midwife) and the student assisting her had attended a home waterbirth just the previous week and were really positive and encouraging about it. So, with that and having read and heard so many good things about the concept, I feel more determined than ever to give it a try.

On the writing front, I've finally started in on "Lessons" again, and another session might well do it as far as my part of the story is concerned. After which I can happily pawn it off on Erica, and maybe have a go at that Ron plot bunny that's been plaguing me for the past week...

Yeah, you heard right, Ron. Never thought I'd write anything about the Trio, either singly or together, but I am just so fed up with Harry and Ron's quarrel in GoF being smugly held up by detractors as evidence that Ron is self-centred, unreasonable, and generally "going bad", that eventually Ron just marched into my head and said he was going to tell me why the fight happened and how he felt about it. In first-person. That should be interesting...


Mar. 3rd, 2002 03:51 pm
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I've got hot flashes and I'm short of breath. Either this is my first-ever panic attack (funny, I don't feel worried...), or more likely, it's a case of "Hello, third trimester." Bah. It's hard for me to believe there are women who enjoy being pregnant... for me, it's just a means to an end.
I used to ignore Valentine's Day -- even for the last three years I've been married we haven't done anything particular to celebrate -- but tonight seemed like a good night to go out for dinner, so we did. We (Hubby, Nicholas and I) had a wonderful meal at The Olde English Parlour and Pub, a restaurant we'd not visited before (but will surely be visiting again -- terrific food, fast service, lovely atmosphere!), then finished up with a couple of Blizzards from DQ. Burp.

Afterward, as we were lying on the sofa at home trying to recover from being thoroughly stuffed, Hubby was chatting with Nicholas about the new baby. "Nicholas," he said, "Where's the baby?"

Twenty-month-old Nicholas, who is no slouch, pointed to my stomach. "Good boy!" enthused Hubby. "Now, which do you want, a little brother or a little sister? Boy or girl?"

Nicholas considered this seriously a moment. Then he said, with great clarity and emphasis, "Doggie."

After the hysterical mirth generated by this statement had subsided, Hubby tried again. "Mama can't have a doggie, Nicholas," he said. "Just a boy or a girl. Which do you want?"

"Girl," said Nicholas.

"Are you sure? Don't you want a little brother?"

"No." He sounded very definite.

"You want a sister?"


So, that appears to settle it. We'll see if he's right.


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