Oh my word, I have not even finished reading Starcross yet (in fact with all this writing I've been doing I'm not even halfway done, which means I have another whole half of the book to go, huzzah!) and I have laughed out loud SO many times.

The narrative asides to the illustrator (which said illustrator cheekily ignores or subverts), the sly allusions to everything from Star Wars (I actually choked when I got to the line about the Rebel Alliance -- and I know that sounds like a plot spoiler, but it isn't) to Sherlock Holmes, the cracktastic plot which turns out to be perfectly logical in its own bizarre way, and best of all the way it lovingly lampoons all the classic British fantasy authors I read as a kid... I can't remember the last time I had this much fun reading anything. Well, aside from when I read the prequel Larklight, that is.

I think I need to add "stalking Philip Reeve's brain NOM NOM NOM" to my Interests list. Or considering that in his better portraits he looks gratifyingly like a fortysomething, slightly geekier version of Paul McCormick, maybe just "stalking Philip Reeve", period.* :)

* Only kidding, Mr. Reeve. I have my dignity. Or at least I think I left it somewhere around here.
Oh, hurray, [livejournal.com profile] lizbee has written a fabulous review of Philip Reeve's Hungry Cities Chronicles so I can just point you to hers and not feel guilty that I haven't yet written one! Though I should also have remembered that I could point to [livejournal.com profile] jamesbow's excellent review, which was written ages ago, as well.

Now what I really must do is get on here and burble about my mad love for Megan Whalen Turner, but I want to re-read The Thief first to see if I like it better the second time. (I already know that the second and third books in the series are, unquestionably, LOVE. I just didn't warm to the first one for some reason.)


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