It has been suggested to me that I change the name of my young hero from book two of FAERY REBELS (a.k.a. REBEL in the UK). I am told that for most British people, especially of the younger generation, the name "Timothy" is considered fairly radically uncool.

I don't mind Timothy's name being unpopular, because he was born to missionary parents and raised in Uganda, and him not fitting in with the cool kids in England is kind of the point. However, if it's going to make all my young readers in the UK gag and put the book down hastily the moment they see it (as I'd be tempted to do if the hero's name was, say, "Leslie") then I suppose I would be foolish not to take that into account.

So I'm doing a poll. The first question is specifically for UK readers, but for the second I'd be glad to hear from anybody.

[Poll #1398565]

If you're not on LiveJournal, you can still participate by leaving a comment as "Anonymous". Thanks for helping me out on this.
I've found a new name for the hero in Touching Indigo now, after days of searching through baby name books and sites, the telephone directory, and eventually in despair, the thesaurus:

Dr. Sebastian Faraday.

I started out with "Faraway" as a quirky and almost-but-not-quite-right surname, but then I thought, "Wasn't there a scientist named Faraday?" so I looked him up this morning and Michael Faraday is my new hero. In addition to being "the best experimentalist in the history of science", he said stuff like this:

  • "Nothing is too wonderful to be true."

  • "Work. Finish. Publish."

  • "The important thing is to know how to take all things quietly."

  • And best of all:

  • "Speculations [about the hereafter]? I have none. I am resting on certainties. I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day."

*fangirls him shamelessly*

I also managed to convince another character who was being stubborn to change her name, so now Thea can stay Thea and it doesn't clash with any of the other main character names. Now I just have to name my villain... but he doesn't appear to care very much what I call him, as long as it's reasonably dignified.
So "Nathan" seems to be the majority favourite, currently with 39.7% of the vote. Which fits in with its being #20 on the Most Popular Names list this year, I guess -- everything old is new again. "Paul" comes in with 33.8%, and "Joel" is running last at 26.5%.

However, I note with fascination that of the six males to vote on this poll, every single one voted for "Paul". Is it a Guy Thing?

Anyway, we still haven't made a firm decision yet, but it was fun doing the poll, and thanks to everyone who participated.
Carried over from my most recent blog entry:

[Poll #530318]ETA: "Nathan" seems to be definitely in the lead, but I just looked it up and it's #20 on the Baby Naming Hit Parade as of 2004. In other words, it's trendy, and I'm already peevish that Nicholas's name has become so common, so that tends to put me off the idea. "Nathaniel" isn't as common according to the wizard, but we already know two young Nathaniels -- wait, no, three -- so that's not really a viable alternative. Bah.
Gacked from just about everybody.

If you call me... )

Boy, I have a lot of names...
I am going to be highly entertained when the episode (whichever episode it might be) airs.

Very minor (well, minor in my opinion) possible ALIAS spoiler, and my reaction thereto, cut so as not to annoy Jo )

As for the other spoiler-rumor running around... I roll my eyes and say "Whatever."

And now I just got another new idea for a Sweissfic, which is annoying because I'm still revising Knife and have no time to write it. Grrr!

Name Game

Jul. 21st, 2002 05:14 pm
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My brother Pete has teased me by accusing me of naming my sons after members of Duran Duran (Nick Rhodes and Simon Le Bon respectively). It's an amusing coincidence, especially considering that I really was a sad little Durannie in my early teens; but I was truly never infatuated with any of the band members, and if I had actually realized the parallel before I named my children I suspect it would rather have given me pause.

I have just been reminded, however, that Nicholas Rowe's middle name, like my son Nicholas's (and we never call him Nick, by the way -- another nail in the coffin of the Duran Duran theory) is James. And while I didn't consciously choose the middle name for that reason (I'm not even sure I knew it before we named our Nicholas), my liking for Nicholas as a first name probably was heavily influenced by Rowe...

Excuse me while I grin sheepishly.

P.S. It is entirely possible that Nicholas Farrell, who in his role as Horatio quietly stole four hours' worth of Hamlet out from under Kenneth Branagh's nose, may have had something to do with it, too.


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