Here it is, by semi-popular request...

War Wounds

Hope you enjoy it!


Sep. 22nd, 2003 10:26 pm
rj_anderson: (Moody Charisma)
Because I've just edited IWS 7 and came across this bit:

Imogen gave a theatrical sigh. "I suppose I'll just have to go on carrying a torch for your uncle."

"He does have a certain indefinable charisma," agreed Maud gravely.

And it reminded me of how much I lurve me some Alastor, plus this is probably the HP illustration of mine I like best, so why not?
Something just occurred to me today as I was driving the kids to the park.

Where are the Moody/McGonagall fics? I've never seen one. And now I'm intrigued by the possibility. They do seem to be roughly the same age... and some have speculated they might have been at Hogwarts together...

Now that I've thought of it, it seems so sensible that I don't know why it didn't occur to me before.
From another old HP4GU post of mine:

My favorite adult characters are Snape and Mad-Eye Moody, and my favorite of the Trio is Ron. One might think, based on that, that I'm drawn to fierce, sarcastic, bad-tempered men: but in fact I'm not...
More info behind the curtain )When I started looking back at older posts like this one, I expected to cringe with shame over how foolish and immature I was back then and how poorly I expressed myself. Well, I did end up being embarrassed, but for quite the opposite reason -- reading some of those messages, I'm struck by how well-read and articulate and bubbling with ideas I was back then, and it makes me feel horribly dull and ignorant these days by comparison.

Kids. I blame the kids. You lose brain cells in pregnancy, you know, and they never come back. Um. Yeah. That's the ticket...
Oh, how I love Sugar Quill... I only sent them the final version of this story an hour ago and it's already up.

I'm pleased to announce the posting of my latest fic set in the Harry Potter universe, called "War Wounds". It's a relatively short, single-chapter piece concerning Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody and Imogen Crump after the events of "If We Survive". Since it features my most flagrant May-December romance pairing to date, probably most of the reviews I'll get will consist of the words "Ewwy!" or "How squicky!" but oh, well.
Ahh, that was a nice nap. And Nicholas is still sleeping...

For those who don't already know, I finished my latest story last night and am ever so happy to have it done. It's a post-Darkness and Light story about Mad-Eye Moody and Imogen Crump, called "War Wounds". Once it's been approved by my intrepid team of stunt betas and edited accordingly, I'll put it up for all to see.

Currently Munching: Three squares of bittersweet TRADER JOE's chocolate, gift of a grateful D&L fan. Thank you, Jo Pitesky. Yum.

Nicholas just woke up. More later.


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