I don't know why it possessed me to check Catherine Fisher's website today, but I was curious to know what her next project would be and... and...

I am also thinking seriously about a third Incarceron novel, and have already drafted a synopsis. I once thought I had said all I needed to about this world, but there has been such a constant demand for more about Finn, Claudia, Keiro, Jared and Attia etc that I have been forced to think again. And yes, now that I'm working on it, it's a very exciting prospect. But it all depends on the publishers. As soon as I know anything definite, I will post news here.

I am SO EXCITED now. And also terrified, because I am about 99% sure Fisher doesn't care about Claudia/Jared nearly as much as I do (actually, Catherine Fisher does not appear to care about romances of any kind, period, even on those super-rare occasions when she seems to be trying to write one).

But still, more of these characters and this world would be AMAZING. *hyperventilates*

It's like the mutant YA love child of Gormenghast, Tad Williams' Otherworld books, and the Hungry City Chronicles by way of Lord of the Flies and starring Jack Bristow from Alias as the Warden. The two main characters are deeply flawed but also intelligent and sympathetic, the supporting cast are varied and well-drawn, the plot is deep and convoluted without being opaque, and Catherine Fisher's descriptions make me want to lick the page especially when Jared is involved. I WANT THE SEQUEL NOW (thank goodness there will be one: Sapphique is scheduled for August 2008).

[livejournal.com profile] penwiper26, remember your post about The Queen of Attolia? I was reading this book doing the "Check, check, check..." thing as well. It started here:
Dazzled, she withdrew her eye from the lens. When she turned to face him tiny flickers of light blurred her sight, played over his tangle of dark hair, his narrow face and spare figure, the unlaced tunic under his robe.

"He's brought the wedding forward," she said.

Her tutor frowned. "Yes. Of course."
At which point I had to put the book down and say "GUH." right out loud.

Anyway, this is the kind of book that could spawn an entire fan community full of plotty multi-chapter genfic, insanely loyal factions for each of the characters and ship wars all over the place, if anybody outside the UK had heard of it. Though I hear that Catherine Fisher is going to be published in the US soon, if she isn't already -- seems she's written quite a few books and I am now going to have to track them down and read them ALL.

Do I need to say it? Recommended.


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