Some people knit, some people play golf, some people make text icons for SHERLOCK...

Two more batches in fact, which you can find here and here.


Serial Killer
Actually, somewhat more than three, apparently. I haven't done this in ages, but I do find working in Photoshop curiously soothing, so after figuring out the new first line of Arrow this morning I celebrated by... um, making a lot of Sherlock icons. That makes sense, right?

Anyway, if you're a fan and you like text icons, you can find the pretties over in this post.

And now that I've figured out my method I can make them fairly quickly, so I will take requests if you don't see the quote you were looking for...

Icon Meme!

Jan. 7th, 2009 09:25 am
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DO YOUR ICONS MAKE A STATEMENT: Practically everything I love is British.
DO YOU MAKE ICONS: Yes, for myself.
ARE THEY ANY GOOD: I like to think so.
ANIMATED ICONS ARE: Fun when done well, annoying when not.

Coding can be found here
Okay, so I have learned my lesson about using fresh pineapple rings on my cooked ham, because if you leave the rings on overnight to let the juices soak in and then warm the whole thing up again, the ham tastes like it's been partially pre-digested.


In other news, I cannot get this week's House out of my head. I mean, I could have DEFINITELY done without certain parts of it (those of you who've seen the episode will probably have no difficulty guessing what those parts are, and most of them, alas, belong to Lisa Edelstein), and there were the inevitable bits of plot that were far-fetched to the point of absurdity. But Hugh Laurie was brilliant as always, there were some Good Chase Bits, and the foreshadowing was a thing of beauty. Spoilers )

On the other hand, my edits on Knife are going well, the pain in my arms is much better today, and I found some great pictures and made a new Paul icon out of one of them. (And no, I didn't use the mouse. This is what my pen and tablet are for, even though the pen is going wonky and doesn't always behave as it should, thanks to my toddler DROOLING IN IT.)
*dances gleefully around icon by [ profile] cheesygirl*

That's really all.

Userpic Meme

Mar. 24th, 2008 11:08 pm
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[ profile] snowrabbitses asked me to explain five of my userpics, so here are the ones she picked:

Icons and commentary under the cut )

That's the lot. Anyone else care to play?
Well, since I couldn't seem to get my head together for Touching Indigo, I decided to take the sage advice of my f-list and try doing something entirely different for a while. So I've spent the better part of the last two days looking for pictures of people who resemble my characters.

For Knife, I pulled a few pics from Getty Images and iStockPhoto that reminded me vaguely of Knife and Paul, but none of them really pleased me. So last night I started looking for photos of actors and actresses instead of models... and wouldn't you know, I found a Paul-alike almost at once. He's the right age, the right build, the right coloring -- even the right nationality. He's also stunning, but in Paul's case that's okay because I described him as good-looking in the book. (His name, for the record, is Alex Pettyfer, and he played Alex Rider in the movie of Stormbreaker they made a couple of years ago.)

So of course I made another icon.
Switched default icons, because I have finished the first chapter and a reasonably detailed outline of Wayfarer and am now back to working on Touching Indigo.

All this back and forth is messing up my headspace. I've never had two novels seriously on the go at the same time before. And it seems to take me at least a few days to get my brain to stop obsessing about the one and switch over to the other. Right now I'm in the middle part where I can't think clearly about either one... or indeed any kind of writing at all.

*sighs, shoulders pickaxe and trudges off to the word mines*


Feb. 20th, 2007 10:32 pm
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Because, like I said, Hana rocks. The other Heroes icon I just made is now on my previous post; we will not discuss how many screencaps of Peter I made or how very, very pretty they all are before settling on that one.

Ha ha LJ

Mar. 16th, 2006 03:09 pm
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It's not that I'm not grateful for the extra userpics, you understand. It's a very lovely gesture. But do you think you could have done it before I shelled out the cash for them two days ago?

The timing, as they say, is impeccable. Sigh.

Oh, well, at least I won't have to buy more userpics next year.
I am tired. My house needs cleaning but I don't feel like doing anything beyond the bare minimum. My kids are coming down with a cold (again). I have pink eye (again again). None of the three shows I watch have had new episodes within the last week. The meal I made last night for dinner was horrible (my fault, not the recipes -- I wasn't paying close enough attention and my timing was off). The baby just woke up (again again AGAIN).

On the other hand, I have renewed my paid LJ account and upgraded to 100 icons.

It's something, I guess.

Thanks to [ profile] lizbee for making me the scan for this icon at my request. I love me some vintage Bill Sienkiewicz.
Since the baby has been insanely unreasonable (for him, anyway) over the past few days, and I end up having to carry him around 3/4ths of the day and frantically rush about trying to do household stuff in the few precious moments that he's happy/sleeping, it's been pretty hard to get anything creative done lately. Also, I'm still racking my brains to figure out who I owed e-mails to after I stupidly deleted my Inbox, and trying to come up with some replies before I forget those messages entirely.

However, I did find myself strangely drawn to the first challenge at [ profile] hmdicons, and I've entered three icons of Cameron, Cuddy and Chase which you can see here. Who knows whether they'll win anything, but I'm pleased with them.

Also, since you were all so wussy about filling in my Nohari Window (no, really, I'm touched that you think so well of me and/or have such highly developed instincts for self-preservation), let me point you to my thread in the 100% Anon. Meme. Strong language warning in the meme description, though, alas.

The baby is up and miserable again. Whee. *slopes off to do maternal duty*
And I am so, so sorry...

...except for the part where I'm totally not. Because this was an opportunity not to be missed.

I will have actual commentary on recent episodes of LOST, and probably some HOUSE ramblings too, soon.
...except that Paul is now five months old, so last month's icon had to be retired, and when I looked through the newer pictures I came across a certain shot and realized that it just had to be done.

ETA: I don't have any excuse for this either, but as a Lost fan and a child of the MTV generation, all I can say is HEE!!! Thanks to [ profile] risti for the link.
The "country & western" genre and I have long occupied separate spheres, with the kindest feeling on my part being one of polite distaste. I like Blue Rodeo, but that's about as close as I willingly come to that particular style of music. So when I was flipping through radio stations the other day, I would ordinarily have breezed right past our local country station...

Except that they were playing this.

Guess what I've had running through my head incessantly for the past week and a half? And have been inflicting shamelessly on all my friends and relatives, so that they too may share my obsession pain?

I may have to buy the album. It's got nine out of nine five-star reviews on Amazon, how bad can it be?

* * *

But really all of this is a GIP, because I just made an icon out of one of the very few good bits of last week's LOST, and when I'd finished playing around with it it looked amusingly like the cover art for Kate and Sawyer's hit country single (oh, come on, you know they so would make one if either of them could sing, and if there weren't more immediate concerns like mysterious black horses, daddy issues, and self-righteous psycho doctors to worry about).

Unfortunately, with this one I've broken my general rule of not putting text on an icon unless it's legible, but JohannSparkling is pretty, so I don't really care if it's useless. (Which is also how I feel about Kate, come to think of it...)

*wanders off humming "You get a line, I'll get a pole / we'll go fishin' in the crawfish hole..."*
H. and I are finally getting around to watching last season's episodes, and it's interesting (and occasionally quite amusing) looking at these early eps in the light of later ones.

Seeing "Hunting" before "Occam's Razor", for instance -- I couldn't help thinking as I watched the latter that the way Cameron spoiler ). I also noted in that scene, though I've noticed it before, that Jesse Spencer is a really fine face actor -- you could see every one of his thoughts and feelings as Cameron was delivering her "sex is ugly" speech, even though he didn't have a single line.

But tonight we watched "Maternity", and all I can say is spoiler ) ENDED. MY. LIFE. That has to be one of the saddest moments on the show ever. I should know better than to watch stuff about babies right now. Or possibly ever.

And speaking of babies, GIP. Paul turned four months yesterday.
Me (BUM-da-BA-da-BUM)! )

Colorbar meme gacked from [ profile] angua9.

Narnia Icons!

Dec. 22nd, 2005 10:37 pm
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Two days before Christmas and this is the best I can do for my friendslist, since I can't seem to get the fic gears turning fast enough.

Four Narnia Icons (Aslan, Peter, White Witch) )

Comment and credit if taking, please -- apart from that, they're free for anybody who wants 'em.

ETA: I've brightened the lettering on #2 somewhat to make it more legible -- [ profile] sienamystic, you might want to grab it again.

Seasonal GIP!

Nov. 30th, 2005 01:07 pm
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On one of the LJ parenting communities, somebody posted a picture of their baby with their friendly neighbourhood mall Santa, and I was just blown away by how much the guy resembled my mental picture of you-know-who (no, not that You Know Who, I mean the other one). Iconage was, therefore, inevitable.


Jul. 28th, 2005 09:23 pm
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Because the Tenth Doctor is adorable and I love him already. *cuddles Ten*


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