I was just changing my two-and-a-half year old son's diaper when he looked up at me with his big brown eyes and said:

"You're so lovely, Mommy. When you were a little girl, you were so cute."

I think someone has been hanging around with Grandma, but nevertheless... *melts*
Here, more or less verbatim, is the text of Nicholas's first sermon, which he delivered to his grandparents and myself after sternly commanding us to sit down and listen while he "preached":

"On the first day, God created the aminals, and the juice, and all the yummy food. And then... there were people... and they turned... into a pumpkin."

I'm not sure what translation he's reading -- sounds more like a paraphrase to me.

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Mar. 27th, 2003 10:49 pm
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Oh! I remember one thing I was going to do that doesn't require much brainpower -- make a note of some of Nicholas's cute mispronunciations. Because I know he's going to grow out of them and then I'll forget. Here are the most common ones:

"Mommy, I want some breksef."
"Make Simon stop! He's playing with my trachster!"

And then there's his way of saying "I'm not" -- it isn't quite "I ain't", it's "I ant". Then there's "aminal crackers" and "chip-choc cookies".

I know there are more, but recalling them would necessitate actual thought and I'm not up to it.
So Nicholas is sitting here playing with my Lego HP Duelling Club. And he shouts, "I take you up to heaven!" and I look up, and he's holding Snape way up in the air, with another one of the Lego characters I can't identify at first glance. So I said, somewhat bemused, "Who is taking Snape up to heaven?" And he grins at me and says "Lockhart."

Okay, so that was just totally surreal...


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