Having finally seen the reveal of the new 13th Doctor, I will reserve my judgment on how well this particular regeneration is going to work until I've seen Jodie Whittacker's performance and her dynamic with her companion(s). Just because it's not something I personally felt the need for doesn't mean I might not end up enjoying it in the end (see also: Missy).

Also, given that the premise of the show is built around the Doctor getting a completely new and unexpected body with every regeneration, and that the concept of Time Lords regenerating as a different sex has been a canonical part of New Who ever since the offhand mention of the Corsair in "The Doctor's Wife" back in 2011 (a possibility which Moffat & Co. have underlined with increasing emphasis at least once a season ever since), I really don't have a lot of sympathy with the people complaining that the announcement came out of left field and violates the True Spirit of the show. The spirit of Original Who, maybe. New Who, which has already spent over ten years breaking almost every unwritten taboo of its predecessor, not so much.

In fact, as soon as Capaldi's departure was announced I felt pretty sure that the next Doctor was going to be either PoC or a woman -- but not both, because that would be an even more dramatic and controversial change, and therefore far too much of a risk for cautious TV executives worried about losing large segments of their traditional audience.*

But for those who are claiming that Steven Moffat only made this move due to pressure from more enlightened third parties and would never have thought of it on his own, I'd like to share a friendly reminder that in the 1999 Red Nose Day comedy skit Curse of Fatal Death, which was written and aired six full years before the return of Doctor Who to television in any serious form (let alone under his control), Moffat had the Doctor regenerate** into a blonde woman.***

Oh, and she was the 13th Doctor too.

*As it is, I will be quite interested to see the ratings for Jodie Whittacker's first few episodes as the Doctor. Whether they go up or down or stay much the same, I think it's safe to say that a significant number of the people watching will not be the same people who watched Capaldi and his predecessors. I've already seen one post from a former fan who considers the casting of a female Doctor as the last nail in the coffin of her (yes, her) waning interest in the show.

**After starting out as Rowan Atkinson and regenerating into Richard E. Grant, Jim Broadbent and Hugh Grant in rapid succession, and don't get me started on how much I loved Rowan Atkinson's Nine and how sad I am he wasn't canon because we'll be here all evening.

***Played in this case by Joanna Lumley.

Matt Smith with Glasses
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No, really, I didn't. I mean, once New Who started up it became substantially more likely, but back when I was writing DW fanfic in the early 90's the idea of Eleven seemed incredibly far away. I mean, we hadn't even seen Eight at that point yet.

Anyway, I was whining a bit on [livejournal.com profile] calapine's journal about the casting of Some Guy I Don't Know Who Looks Funny, but then I was reminded how the first pics of David Tennant I saw made him look weaselly and weird and not especially Doctorish at all, and that I remained skeptical right up until I saw "The Christmas Invasion" but then was completely won over. And soon after that I found this picture on Outpost Gallifrey, where the New Guy didn't have weird pointy hair or resemble Robert Smith from the Cure in any way whatsoever, and suddenly all was right with the world again.

So roll on, Matt Smith! Even if you are twelve years younger than me, which is just WRONG, but then it was a shock to find out that David Tennant was a whole year younger than me and I got over it.

(And no, I am not cut-tagging this because the news is all over the place, and if you're that afraid of being spoiled by finding out about Eleven ahead of time you'll need to stay off the internets until Spring 2010. Let me know how that works out.)


Dec. 14th, 2005 09:29 am
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HOUSE Casting Spoiler )

Haven't seen the latest episode yet, but I look forward to watching it tonight.

Also, a very happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] risti!
Now even the Doctor is younger than me! *weeps*

That being said, look at teh pretty!!!

You know the skin that forms on custard when you leave it cooking on the stove too long? Yep, I'm just about that deep today. :)
So with just one episode of the new Doctor Who actually broadcast (and not only doing rather smashingly in the ratings, but already slated for another thirteen episodes and a Christmas special), Christopher Eccleston has up and decided he isn't going to keep playing the Doctor for fear of being typecast. Whoa, Chris, I understand the concern, but -- just thirteen episodes? Between McGann and Eccleston, at this rate the Doctor soon isn't going to have any regenerations left!

Anyway, now apparently, they're talking to David Tennant (i.e. Barty Crouch Jr. in the GoF film) to take over the role in the second series. When Fandoms Collide! Or something.

In other news, my computer woes of last week turned out to have their basis in a lot of very nasty spyware that my Spybot and Ad-Aware weren't apparently detecting. It was recommended to me that I stop using Internet Explorer and Outlook Express and switch to Firefox/Thunderbird, so I'm trying the latter out. It's a bit of a pain having to switch everything over, but so far, the new programs aren't bad at all...
I have just had a completely bizarre, yet oddly compelling notion to try and cast the Canadian Idol Top 11 as Harry Potter characters. Because a scarifying number of them actually fit, in looks and sometimes even in personality.

For instance, would everybody with a high speed connection watch at a minute or two of this -- it doesn't take long to load -- and tell me that this man does not resemble James Potter? A reformed James Potter, I mean, after he grew out of hexing people just for the fun of it. (People without fast connections can just have a look at the pictures here, instead.)

And then we have a definite contender for Sirius, and a pretty plausible Hermione (ignore the front page shot, but check out the pics under the "Click here for more..." portrait), maybe even a Peter...

OK, so the rest don't really fit. But man, if I could just get all the HP fans I know to watch Canadian Idol next week... Ryan would so win that competition. I mean, even if he wasn't by far the best singer and performer of the Top Two, how could you resist voting for a guy who looks like James Potter?


Jul. 23rd, 2003 01:53 pm
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I was busy last night and this morning and never got to see the pic of Gary Oldman as Sirius (with AR in the background, too?! Wah!!!), and by the time I even knew it had existed, TLC had taken it down...

Does anybody have a copy of this pic they wouldn't mind sending me in e-mail? Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease? It might not be a particularly good pic, and I don't even have an Oldman Thing, but I still want to know what everybody is talking about!
Doesn't that sound like the name of a Coen Brothers film? But I digress...

Right now a Miles Vorkosigan-centred mailing list I'm part of has been taken over by the Dreaded Casting Thread, and in the midst of blinking bemusedly over some very peculiar suggestions for actors who might play Miles, Ekaterin, Cordelia et al, I was suddenly smitten by realization.

Kevin Weisman (Marshall on ALIAS) would make a nearly perfect Miles. He's short, he's lean, he's dark-haired, he's hyper... all he'd have to do is drop the geekier aspects of the Marshall character and play up the fast-talking charm. Meanwhile, if you're looking for a tall, beautiful brunette with haunted eyes and a bit more substance than the average Hollywood stick-insect, Jennifer Garner wouldn't be at all bad as Ekaterin, either.

My fellow Bujold fans, I submit for your consideration this video clip from last week's episode of ALIAS. And for those with slower connections (though I would still really recommend the clip, it's worth it), have a look at this and this and this and this and this.

The defense rests.
Oh, and one more thing: I always knew that although my mental image of Snape had Alan Rickman's voice, he did not (and still does not, actually) look particularly like Alan Rickman. However, not until today did I realize who this imaginary Snape of mine does look like. "My" Snape is a late thirty-early fortysomething version of John Wood (one of these actors nobody has heard of, but who is in practically every movie ever made). I see Snape pretty much as Wood looked playing Professor Stephen Falken in WarGames, actually, only about ten years younger and with longer hair.

Now, oddly, my mental image of Sherlock Holmes is also a late thirty-early fortysomething version of John Wood. And yet I never really thought of Snape and Holmes looking alike, in spite of the other similarities...


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