And to celebrate the change, I've treated myself to a nice new color scheme for my LJ front page. Yay!

Can anyone tell me how to put a vertical line between the content and sidebar areas, and (thanks, [ profile] sreya!) make the date headers more closely resemble the ones on the old blog (which I really liked)? I know not the mysterious ways of S2.

Now I must go forth and do Christmas shopping.
Sad news on my (lack of) online status in [ profile] rjanderson_blog (direct link here).
Thanks to [ profile] abates for alerting me to this recent development. According to the official [ profile] changelog post, this means that "All accounts will now be able to add syndicated accounts to their friends list with impunity." It's still true that only paid users can create syndicated feeds, but if you find a blog or other site you Really Gotta Have on your flist, you can always ask a paid user friend to make the feed for you.

What a nice Easter present!

Which reminds me, you might want to friend [ profile] rjanderson_blog if you're at all interested in my theological, philosophical, and sociopolitical musings. Or, alternatively, just want to know how I'm getting over my latest cold and what my kids have said/done lately. Basically, anything I have to say that isn't fannish or memeish is over there. And after a long hiatus, I've just posted a series of essays -- on marriage, on Zionism, and most recently on the Passion.

And now I must get dressed and hurry off to a family gathering.


Dec. 9th, 2003 02:03 pm
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I have now updated both this LJ and [ profile] rjanderson_blog with a nifty new winter template. I've also moved all the links to my fanfics and fandom-related articles which used to be on the blog, over to my LJ front page where they belong.

Amazing what you can do when you're trying to avoid cleaning the house...

Oh, and P.S.

Nov. 29th, 2003 09:52 pm
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To follow up to my previous entry, if you have a blog and want to set up your own RSS feed that LJ friends and others can access, you can find the instructions at RSSify.
Sorry, I'm just that excited. Thanks to a chat with Jemima I managed to get the syndication feed for my blog working at last!

So if you're interested in adding Parabolic Reflections to your Friends page, all you have to do is go here: [ profile] rjanderson_blog and click on the "Add" link at the top right. Voila! My blog entries will now show up on your Friends page, within an hour of being posted. How cool is that?


Nov. 29th, 2003 10:46 am
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I've tried to add the RSS feeds for my blog and [ profile] seemag's blog to my Friends list via the "Add Other Feed" option at, but I can't seem to get them to work.

The URL I typed in for my own blog, based on the feed that Jemima kindly created a couple weeks ago (info page is here -- I chose RSS Version 1.0 from the feeds available) claimed to have one watcher already, but when I checked my Friends page, all I got were links to the links within my blog entry, and not the blog entry itself. Then I tried the syndicated feed that [ profile] sff_corgi is watching, [ profile] rjanderson, but that doesn't seem to work either...

Help! What am I doing wrong?
Just a quick heads-up for anyone interested in reading my blogback to this recent post by [ profile] sff_corgi. I put it in the blog since that's where my non-fannish stuff goes... but feel free to comment here if you have anything to say.
Thanks to the lovely and talented Jemima, my blog now has its own RSS feed. Hurrah!
Gacked from [ profile] cesario:

Sum up your opinion or impression of me in one word, leave it as a comment in this posting, and then post this sentence in your own journal.

Also, if you've ever watched American Idol or know anything about the AI judges' style of commentary, I've got a funny story in my blog.
A movie rec and a play review, plus some wibbling about an actor I think might make a rather decent Holmes and/or Snape (not that anybody's asking me about either!) are over in the blog.
Thanks to you (especially [ profile] bookaholicgirl for finding the link) and this, I got this.

I rather like it.
For those who don't want LJ accounts but like to keep track of what's going on over here, I've just added a nifty new option to this page. You can sign up to receive daily digests of posts from this LJ, sent directly to your e-mail. Nice, eh?
For those interested in such things there's an ongoing discussion on fictional gender politics, with remarks about LotR and Narnia (among others), in the blog.


Apr. 15th, 2003 02:43 pm
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Bad news about my online status in the blog.
Just posted another lengthy HP-related blog entry, this one in response to Jemima's comments on the first one. So, you can go and have a look at it here if you're still interested.
Sorry, couldn't resist that subject line...

Anyway, in response to a reader's request I've just blogged at some length about why I, a conservative evangelical Christian, have no fears or reservations about reading the Harry Potter books. Have a look if you're interested; and feel free to comment, here or there, as it pleases you.
I've just updated my blog with a spiffy-keeno new template, courtesy of In a Mood Designs. [ profile] meril and [ profile] zakhad, you may now die happy. :)


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