Helping Haiti

Jan. 16th, 2010 10:43 am
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Being currently absorbed with trying to make a very tight deadline, I didn't think I could do anything to contribute to the [ profile] help_haiti fandom auction, and was feeling sorry about it. However, [ profile] sinstralpride pointed out that I could offer some signed books, and then it occurred to me that I could also offer to write fanfic after all, provided that the recipient understands I can't do it until April.

So here is my thread: Pro Author Offering Signed Books OR Fanfic. Winner makes a confirmed donation directly to a charity bringing aid to Haiti, and gets their choice of books or a commissioned story in return.


On a related but more meaningful note, the very talented [ profile] penwiper26 has continued her series of Psalm-inspired poetry with this take on Psalm 4, dedicated to the singers of Haiti. Lovely and thought-provoking, and the link to the news article made me tear up.

It always amazes and humbles me when people in the depths of sudden and unthinkable suffering can find it in themselves to praise God in song. I can't help being reminded of the apostle Paul and his companion Silas singing hymns in prison after being beaten and put in stocks for preaching about Christ; or Job in the midst of physical agony, financial devastation and shattering personal grief saying to his wife, "Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?" and refusing to curse God and die.

Those of us who live in relative comfort sometimes argue that it's impossible to believe in a good or a righteous God when disasters like the one in Haiti happen. Yet when some of the very people who are hurting the most are the quickest to turn to God in prayer and even in praise, it makes those arguments seem a little less compelling. Or at least it does to me.
I got an unexpected package in the mail from Laurie King today! And inside was a gorgeous white t-shirt with the cover of The Game on it! Plus, a nifty stand-up promotional card for the book, with the same artwork and a blurb that reads, "This game's too good for the world's greatest detective to take on alone. Fortunately, she'll have some help from her husband." (Hee.)

There's only one sad thing in all of this.

The T-shirt is extra large. Which means that, much as I love it, I'll never be able to wear it. It's not long enough for a nightshirt, and much too baggy on me to wear otherwise. It's also too big for my tall skinny husband -- not to mention that it would be wasted on him, as he's not an LRK fan...

So, I am going to take bids on this one. Not for money or anything material, but for anything else you might have to offer and think I might like: fics, fan art, vids, icons, layouts, feedback, whatever. It doesn't have to be Russell-related: in fact on the whole I'd prefer it wasn't (unless you're a web design whiz offering to do a new layout for The Beekeeper's Holmes Page, in which case I would definitely be interested).

Leave a comment outlining your idea for a bid, and once the bidding's over I'll look through the ideas and pick the one I like best. Once the winning bidder's delivered the goods, I'll mail them the t-shirt.

Let the bidding begin!


Hm. Maybe I should crosspost this to RUSS-L as well...


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