Book #21: Hunted, by Meagan Spooner

Apr. 26th, 2017 08:39 pm
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This is a Beauty and the Beast retelling, and it was really good. I liked it because it was very nearly a straight-up retelling, but there were a lot of little nooks and crannies that Spooner put into her story, and that made the whole thing feel really fresh and interesting.

Also: sisssssssstersssssss. It was wonderful.

Actually, that leads me to a wider point: this was an excellent love story. Not romance, though it was that too, but love story. The relationships between the sisters, their husbands, their town, their was all just really great. Knowing what I know both of Beauty and the Beast and of Meagan's other writing, I was CONSTANTLY waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it never did. I enjoyed it immensely.

Also there was a tonne of magic in this book, and also people being very smart, and also valourized kindness, and I am here for it.

Concerning “Lord Trent”

Apr. 26th, 2017 10:11 am
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More than six years ago, in January of 2011, I sent my agent the pitch for the Memoirs of Lady Trent. It consisted of thirty thousand words from the first book and a document approximately three thousand words long describing the setting and the plots of the various novels. Because I am crap at outlining, while those latter synopses bear some resemblance to the final story, it’s very obvious in hindsight that I was just waving my hands in an attempt to make it look like I knew where was going . . . and nowhere is that clearer than in the figure of “Lord Trent,” i.e. Isabella’s husband.

Here there be spoilers. (Up through In the Labyrinth of Drakes, though I’d say the only really bad spoiler is for A Natural History of Dragons. If you haven’t yet read Within the Sanctuary of Wings, you’re in the clear.)

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medium-sized version of the cover for WITHIN THE SANCTUARY OF WINGS

At long last, the series is complete.

This story has been living in my head for . . . about a decade, I think. I know I wrote the first third of A Natural History of Dragons in 2007 or thereabouts, before stalling out on the plot and setting it aside. I came back to it in late 2010, sold it in 2011, the first book came out in 2013, and now, my friends, the end of the story is in your hands. (Or will be, as soon as you run out and buy it.)

I’m going to be launching a new blog series, along the lines of John Scalzi’s THE BIG IDEA or Mary Robinette Kowal’s MY FAVORITE BIT, called SPARK OF LIFE: a place for authors to talk about those moments where the story seems to take on a life of its own, with a character doing something unexpected or the world unfolding a bit of depth you didn’t plan for. For me that mostly tends to happen in the depths of the tale, when I’ve built up enough momentum and detail for such things to spring forth. But in the case of this series, it happened less than a page in, because the spark of life?

That was Isabella.

Countless reviews have talked about how the narrator is one of the strongest features of the story. I’m here to tell you that, like Athena from the head of Zeus, she sprang out more or less fully-formed. The foreword got added a bit later, so it was in those opening paragraphs of Chapter One, where Isabella talks about finding a sparkling in the garden and it falling to dust in her hands, that she came to instant and vivid life. Part of the reason that initial crack stalled out in 2007 — or rather, the reason it got so far before stalling — was because I was having so much fun just following along in her wake, exploring her world and listening to her talk. The narrative voice has consistently been one of the greatest joys of writing this series. I have an upcoming article where I talk about how sad it is for me to be done with the story, because it feels like a good friend has moved away and I won’t get to see her regularly anymore. That’s how much she’s lived in my head, these past years.

Stay tuned on future Tuesdays for a glimpse at how other authors’ stories came to life. And stay tuned in upcoming days for some more behind-the-scenes stuff about my own characters!


In the meanwhile, the book is out, and so are the reviews. Here’s a spoiler-free one from BiblioSanctum, and two reviews on one page at Fantasy Literature; here is a SPOILER-TASTIC one at (Do NOT click unless you’ve read the book or are fine with having the big discovery of the entire series laid out in full. I’m serious.) (And while I’m at it, the same goes for that Gizmodo article that shows all the interior art for the book, because spoilers can come in visual form, too. Love ya, Gizmodo, but oof. warned; you didn’t.)

Back in the land of no spoilers, you can read about my absolute favorite bit of Within the Sanctuary of Wings on Mary Robinette Kowal’s blog. It’s . . . a wee bit topical, these days. And I’m on the Functional Nerds podcast, talking about all kinds of things that aren’t this book, because they like to give authors a chance to branch out and natter on about roleplaying games and things like that.

And finally, I’m currently running a giveaway on Twitter. Name your favorite female scientist in any field (there, or in comments here), and get a chance to win a signed book of your choice from my stash of author copies. It’s already a stiff competition; we’ve had dozens of women named. (If you were wondering why my Twitter stream has turned into a sea of retweeted names, that’s why.) You have until tomorrow!

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(no subject)

Apr. 25th, 2017 10:17 am
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This morning I'm sitting here thinking about the emotional irritation/exhaustion that was yesterday, and I have some things to say about Mara Jade, about fandom, about gender issues that drive how we interact with and what we assume about certain characters and their fans. Because apparently sometime in the last decade, I've thought way too much about women's studies and gender studies, and when you start seeing things you can't unsee them.

And then possibly a post looking at ways Mara Jade could enhance canon. Because everyone assumes that if she comes back she has to be connected to Luke, but the things that made Mara Jade great had nothing to do with Luke Skywalker. People shipped them because they made a great partnership, sort of how people shipped Han and Leia, or people shipped Cassian and Jyn, or Chirrut and Baze. Like, you see a connection and a chemistry and you ship things, and then sometimes those ships are canon. But Mara Jade wasn't beloved by so many because she was in a relationship with Luke Skywalker. She was beloved because she was a fascinating character who gained her autonomy and learned to shape her future. And if anything, the de-emphasizing of the Skywalkers and Solos in the Canon EU, leaves a lot of room for Mara to be a part of other stories.

Cause I really don't know how to be a Mara Jade fan these days. There are a safe places where I can squee about how amazing she is, but I feel like outside of those spaces I feel very hesitant to even identify myself as a Mara Jade fan. But I always prefer to create content and be positive, and I'm kind of glad I revived this blog, because I miss the LJ atmosphere tbh. I like Tumblr, but stuff can spiral ridiculously fast there and I prefer this for conversation.

Rain, Rain, And Also More Rain

Apr. 25th, 2017 12:41 pm
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Five inches in forty-eight hours, by the home weather station in the garden. (I love this thing SO MUCH. I cannot even tell you how much I love it.)

The rivers are all flooding, of course, but I'm on high ground, so it's just soggy. The thing of interest to me is how my growbag + water reservoir systems are holding up. All of them are as saturated as it is possible to be now and the tubs of water are overflowing. So far, they've done fine staying consistently moist during sunny days--now we see if they drown in the rain!

So far, most of them are holding up apparently fine. One bag, which is too shallow for the tub it's in, is definitely waterlogged (but that's one out of over a dozen, so not too shabby!) The two big chiapas-inspired growbag + barrel tubs are hard to tell, because the rain also pummeled a bunch of stuff flat, so I can't tell if the tomato starts are dying from drowning or just hammered down by hard rain. The peppers in the same tubs are okay. I guess we'll know in a day or two.

We close on Dogskull Patch next week. I am trying not to think about it for fear of jinxing everything and becoming a whimpering wreck.


Apr. 25th, 2017 11:18 am
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Lest We Forget.

One day left! (For two things!)

Apr. 24th, 2017 01:51 pm
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Tomorrow, y’all. Tomorrow, Within the Sanctuary of Wings will be available from all reputable vendors of books! If you’ve been waiting for the series to be complete before you pick it up, now is your chance to start! If you know someone who has been waiting for the series to be complete before they pick it up, now is your chance to tell them to start!

My upcoming tour schedule is here, with a new item added: a May 11th signing at University Bookstore in Seattle, where I will be joined by the inestimable Todd Lockwood.

Also, don’t forget that the illustrated edition of Lies and Prophecy is currently 30% off at Kobo. Just enter “APR30” as a coupon code at checkout to get the discount. The sale ends today!

Finally, I’ve contributed a number of items to this year’s Con or Bust auction. There are three lots:

Bidding is open now, and will continue until May 7th. It’s a great organization and a great cause, so go forth and bid!

. . . see you all tomorrow!

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(no subject)

Apr. 24th, 2017 11:37 am
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In other news, I got my Hux and Kylo a Millicent yesterday.

Cause, why not?

Church notes - 23rd April 2017

Apr. 23rd, 2017 04:10 pm
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23 April 2017
Colossians 1:15 - 20
John 20:30, 31
Acts 4:12

Seven Claims of Jesus )

Doctor Who 10.02 - "Smile"

Apr. 23rd, 2017 09:49 am
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Fun fact! A modern Doctor Who episode is exactly the right length to eat a bowl of cereal, drink three small cups of tea, and apply a fresh nail wrap. The deco styling matches my new Star Wars T-shirt, but I can't quite decide how I feel about this shade of pink. Which is fair, because I also can't quite decide how I feel about this episode!

Spoilers are quoting Bowie. )

Rewatching DVDs

Apr. 22nd, 2017 05:51 pm
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Because I haven't been navel-gazey enough about my DVD watching habits of late.

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Title: Adoption
Fandom: Dark Angel
Rating: G
Characters: Alec, Max, the ‘Bag ‘Em’ unit.
Category: Missing scene.
Word Count: 642
First posted: March 2006
Summary: For that night, he pretended he was one of their unit.

Notes: Missing scene set between the destruction of the signal and giving the unit the forged papers in ‘Bag ‘Em’. Indirect spoilers for ‘The Berrisford Agenda’. With thanks to FridayAngel for the beta. All idiocies mine. [Subject to some editing in April 2017.]

Disclaimer: I do not own nor make any profit from these characters.

Adoption: shallowness )

New location/same blog

Apr. 22nd, 2017 10:20 am
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Trying a new location. I'll miss Livejournal, but this is visually similar, and it's hosted in a country whose laws I understand. So, here I am! Hope to see more people I know, and also to post more in the future.

AO3 Stat Meme

Apr. 21st, 2017 07:58 pm
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By way of [personal profile] darthneko here.

# of stories: 503 (with several to upload. Having a regular day job has cut down on my computer-noodling time considerably) from 1974 to now (with some number of the older things still to be digitized) in 158 fandoms. Lots of one-off drabbles there. Also some umbrella fandoms (Star Wars, Doctor Who, Tolkien)

Total word count: 493863, which works out to an average of 982 per fic, which is certainly higher than I would have thought. I guess the handful of long things balance out the many many short ones. 7 pieces between 46k and 15k words, three of which were co-written, so properly speaking only about half the words are mine, though I did all the editing. Longest piece: 46657; longest entirely by me: 29701; shortest: 11 words.

Breakdown by word count, not part of the meme but because I am a nerd, behind the curtain )

Total number of fandoms: 158, counting the list on my dashboard. Collapsing the 'umbrella fandoms' (Tolkien (11 total, 8 Middle Earth + 3 non-M-E, reducing it down to 4), Star Wars (6 down to 1), Doctor Who (5 to 1), Star Trek (3 to 1), Adam Lambert (3 to 1), sundry other duplications that all add up to 25 'extra') brings it to an only slightly more realistic number of 133. There are a fair number of crossover and multi-fandom things, but also a great many Yuletide and Yuletide-esque one- and two-offs. (90 one-fic fandoms, 15 two-fic, 10 three-fic, of which 125 fandoms 16 I am the only person to have written.)

Top 5 fandoms by fic count
Middle Earth: 99 Umbrella for: )
Highlander: 86
Original: 73 (I am not counting this as a fandom per se, so there are 6 in this list.)
Society for Creative Anachronism RPF: 47 Poetry )
Star Wars: 47 Umbrella for: )
Doctor Who: 45

The top 5 by absolute AO3 count are:
Highlander: The Series (86)
The Hobbit - J. R. R. Tolkien (76)
Original Work (73)
The Hobbit (Jackson Movies) (71)
Society for Creative Anachronism RPF (47)

Top 5 by Hits
1. Three Views of a Pier (Adam Lambert (Musician), Glam Rock RPF). Written for Astolat for Purimfest. She liked it, and posted about it, thus the hit count. at 989 words it is amusingly close to average wordcount.
2. Fire Dreams (North and South - Elizabeth Gaskell | UK TV). Drabble (100 words) written for Yuletide madness. I think the fact this was written the same year The Hobbit came out, and Richard Armitage became known, accounts for some of this one.
3. The Favourite (Omar Rayyan - Works). Another Yuletide madness drabble, based on a painting.
4. The Good Sex Song (or, the Art of Negotiation, Nursery Rhyme Remix) (Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold). Written for Philomythia for Remix Madness. This is mostly a poem/song with a smidgen of story around it.
5. Jessamy (Frederica - Georgette Heyer). Yuletide assignment fic.

Top 5 by Kudos
1. Let there be Spaces (Lawrence of Arabia (1962)) Yuletide pinch-hit with poetry in it.
2. The Good Sex Song (or, the Art of Negotiation, Nursery Rhyme Remix) (Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold). Written for Philomythia for Remix Madness. This is mostly a poem/song with a smidgen of story around it.
3. Jessamy (Frederica - Georgette Heyer). Yuletide assignment fic.
4. Archiater[1] in Noctem (or, the Singular Experience of Dr. Adam Pierson) (House M.D., Highlander: The Series) Remix written for Taz. Work #2109 on the Archive. Not quite the first thing I ever posted there (That would be The Seven Virtues, work #250) but within the first 20.
5. Spinning Back Around (Highlander: The Series). Written for the Highlander 20 year fest.

No piece of mine (yet) has broken 100 kudos, though the top one there is close.

Top 5 by Bookmark
1. Archiater[1] in Noctem (or, the Singular Experience of Dr. Adam Pierson) (House M.D., Highlander: The Series) Remix written for Taz.
2. Winterlight (Highlander: The Series, Adam Lambert (Musician), Glam Rock RPF). Written for the Adam Lambert Big Bang. Co-Written with Auberus.
3. Let there be Spaces (Lawrence of Arabia (1962)) Yuletide pinch-hit with poetry in it.
4. Need and Discovery (Star Wars Prequel Trilogy). Long. Originally written for the zine I did called Rituals and Meditations. (These last three are all numbered the same because they have the same number of bookmarks)
4. Champagne (Highlander: The Series, Iron Man (comics)). Written for the Highlander 50 challenge, prompt 'Champagne', well before the MCU movies came out. Remixed at one point.
4. The Good Sex Song (or, the Art of Negotiation, Nursery Rhyme Remix) (Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold). Written for Philomythia for Remix Madness.

Yuletide man, Yuletide. And other fests. Need and Discovery I am pretty sure is there because of the resurgence of Star Wars as a Thing. Champagne because it got remixed.

Break time!

Apr. 21st, 2017 05:38 pm
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(Testing out cross-posting from DW for the first time, since a few people I know have switched over exclusively. LJ's still my primary "home" though, just getting a feel for things. ^^)

As a few of you know. this last weekend started out rough with our parakeet Volly dying Friday morning. We'd helped hand-raise and tame her since she was a baby and while she wasn't free in the house as much as our previous birds (partly because she had a more naturally nervous temperament and loved interacting with people but got overwhelmed in the Big Wide World, partly because before we didn't have cats roaming loose like we do now) she was cute and cheerful and by far the sweetest-natured of all her siblings. So that was hard and unexpected.

The week since then has been just such a blessing, though. It's been almost comical how perfectly everything worked out.  

As I mentioned earlier, I passed the final exam for second-degree black belt on Saturday! :D :D :D

It was a long, crazy, exhausting day. There were about 100 candidates for promotion in all (mostly brown belts testing for their first-degree black belt), which is a medium-ish size, though only three people from my school who made it through to the final exam. This time around, in addition to some fairly recent curriculum changes that were fully incorporated into the exam for the first time, they also were trying some new ways of running various sections of the final exam. So even though the exam itself didn't start until 1:00, we needed to get down to the Cities by 11:00 to run through drills, practice timing, and get other instruction on when and how we were supposed to do what. So we were busy with that until about 12:30, quick break for water and snacks, then lining up to start at 1:00. Exam itself ended at... a little before 3:00, I think? Could've been longer, maybe. The final graduation ceremony, giving out the new belts, lasted a while longer, so we weren't done until a little after 4:00. 

Between the exhaustion and stress and the heat (holy cow, it got so hot - just sitting in the audience my mom had to go outside for a while because she got overheated) it seemed to simultaneously fly by in a blur and take forever. It is always fun to do things like that when you have so many not-karate-people relatives in the audience watching, because not only are they really excited by the cool/hard stuff we do, but you get the audible gasps of alarm when black belts do self-defense takedowns and someone hits the mat fast. (Or, in the case of the higher-level black belts, partners are wearing protective gear so that candidates don't have to pull their strikes and most people who don't do karate don't realize that 1. The chest guards are made to absorb exactly those kinds of strikes, and 2. If you hit just right, it can amplify the sound of a kick considerably.) 

Also, as usual, in order to pair up for sparring they had everyone line up by height, which put me waaaaay down at the end with the kids who were mostly 10-12. Which meant that, like last time, I had to inform the instructors that I was actually an adult and wasn't supposed to fight the children... XD Fortunately, UNlike last time, this time there was another small woman in the same boat, so that was a lot more fun than ending up paired up with someone twice my size for the exam again, especially since my fight was directly in front of the Grand Masters' table.  

So. By the time I finished the exam, I was both thoroughly wiped out and wired beyond belief with adrenaline and relief. I am so, so happy to have made it through. There were quite a few times the last few months when I really thought I might not make it, mentally or physically. But now... I'm a second-degree black belt, and wherever things go from here having come this far and kept going through all of that is something that can't be taken away. 

Anyway, after that, vacation started. ^^ I hadn't been able to take much of a break, mentally or physically, for the last four months, and Mom and Nef wanted to take a short girls' trip. I'd also really wanted to do some fossil hunting for my birthday, and the best area to do that tends to be in the southern part of the state, and we were already most of the way there having driven that far for the exam, so our whole family drove a bit further to stay in a hotel near a nature center where I'd discovered fossil hunting is allowed. 

We had quite a thunderstorm Saturday night (perfect for washing away dirt and exposing new fossils), but Easter morning was beautiful and clear. After a morning church service, we went to the nature center, talked with one of the staff to get some advice on the better areas, and hiked up to the abandoned quarry. This being the first time I'd tried any organized fossil hunting (though I'd stumbled across a couple on previous trips out west), a lot of the time was just getting a feel for the lay of the land and what the types we were expecting to find looked like in their natural environment, but we did end up finding some quite nice ones. Mostly brachiopods and crinoids, a few others I'm going to need closer looks to identify. Really, really fun and I'm not the only one excited to try it again. (One day I'd love to go on some kind of guided hunt someplace like Montana or Utah...) 

After that, the guys had to head back to pick up the dog from the kennel and be home in time for work Monday, but Mom, Nef, and I spent the next few days in the Cities. We went to Como Zoo Monday, which we haven't done in probably 15 years, and had mind-bogglingly perfect weather for it. I got tons of photos with my new camera (will probably put up a few this weekend), both of the animals and of flowers in their conservatory, where they had a gorgeous Easter display.

Tuesday was rainy, so we spent the morning shopping and decided to go to the History Museum in the afternoon - at which point we found out that not only was admission free at the specific time we planned to go, and they had a big new WW1 exhibit (which Nef was especially excited about, since it's much less common than WW2 and she needs more background research for her book) but that evening we were in time to sign up for a special WW1-themed event they had on, where they played a Charlie Chaplain movie with a live band providing music, highlighted some of the history of the era, and let people screen print their own copies of WW1-era posters. 

Wednesday morning we went to the Science Museum, where they had a special exhibit on the history of fraudulent/misconceived medical inventions (with a lot from the early 1900s/20s, again fun and useful research for Nef), we got to visit parts of the museum we loved as children, and also alllll the lovely fossils. <3 I wasn't surprised to find that the gift shop had fossils for sale, but I was surprised that the prices were very reasonable. So... I may have gotten a little overexcited and ended up buying half a dozen (plus a beautifully detailed, realistic replica of a velociraptor claw and toe bones, since the chances of my affording a genuine one are zilch XD) for the price I'd normally be able to get maybe two or three, buying them online and paying shipping - with the added bonus of being able to see them in person and select exactly what I wanted. 

While we were at the Science Museum, we also ran into my godparents' youngest daughter. My parents knew their family long before I was born, but we haven't seen them in a while - the daughter lives in Kansas City now and was just up here for Easter, so getting to talk to her was a really fun surprise.  

Also, the lavender-peppermint lotion/shower gel/shampoo/conditioner at the hotel we were staying at was amazing, and I think I may have to buy all my stuff in that scent from now on. 

So yes - very nice to have a much-needed and refreshing break! ^^

Things what are on sale now!

Apr. 21st, 2017 10:34 am
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Since you still have four days to wait until Within the Sanctuary of Wings is released, now is a splendid time to try out the Wilders series, if you haven’t already. The illustrated edition of the first book, Lies and Prophecy, is currently 30% off at Kobo; enter the promo code APR30 at checkout to get the discount. That ends April 24th, so get it while the getting is good!

And speaking of things available only for a limited time, I’ve put up a gallery for the photos currently being exhibited at Borderlands Cafe in San Francisco. If any of them look like something you’d want on your own wall, drop me a line!

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A Word For sallymn

Apr. 21st, 2017 08:10 pm
kerravonsen: Jack O'Neill: Excuse me? I think you'll find that the number of the SUBJECT determines the number of the VERB. (grammar)
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And the word is: rodomontade

n 1: vain and empty boasting [syn: {braggadocio}, {bluster}]

Fandoms of days gone by...

Apr. 20th, 2017 05:26 pm
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Yesterday I missed the showings of West Wing on Sky Atlantic so missed the glorious return of Sam Seaborn. Which I still have issues about. I mean, I get not wanting to blow the Rob Lowe reveal at the same time as everyone else who returned for "Requeim," and I love the callback to "Two Gunmen" with Josh pulling Sam out of a board meeting. But for me, and I have said this for 11 years, there is nothing, short of a full body cast, that would have prevented Sam being at Leo's funeral. And even then, he would have convinced someone to get him there AMA.

Today was " Instituitional Memory" and "Tomorrow" - I still love Kate and Will and one day will write the fic where she follows him to Oregon and they make a go of it. Because I have it written in my head! The CJ and Danny stuff really works for me and I love the Santos/Helen relationship, the banter between them the morning of the inauguration was super.

I got teary at several points during the finale, especially when Bartlet was doing his little walk around. And during his goodbye with CJ. And when CJ and Josh were in Leo's office, and during Mallory's last little look around before she left.

However, the scene at the end, where Jed unwraps the gift and it's the napkin? Big ugly cry. Huge big ugly cry, even after all these years.

I can't even right now

Apr. 20th, 2017 09:43 am
[personal profile] miladygrey
Oh my dear sweet Lord.

Saw delightful house on Friday.

Told agent we want to move forward on house on Tuesday.

Made offer on Wednesday.

Offer accepted this morning.

Tentative closing date, June 30th.


Reading Log: A Darkness Absolute by Kelley Armstrong; Silence Fallen by Patricia Briggs; Last Day on Mars by Keith Emerson; The Wanderers by Meg Howrey; Fastest Things on Wings by Terry Masear; Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill; Hunted by Meagan Spooner; A Study in Scarlet Women by Sherry Thomas; The Mapping of Love and Death by Jacqueline Winspear


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